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Best Fantasy Soccer Sites US 2021


Fantasy sports are very popular no matter where you go in the world. The leading sports are all looked after on these major platforms. You can really enhance your experience of following your favorite sports by partaking in fantasy sports. You are able to justify all of the time you spend checking out news reports and analysis content. You can use this knowledge in order to earn bragging rights over your group of friends. You can also try to earn nice levels of profit by putting money on the line and battling against the general public in large leagues.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and there is a huge amount of interest in fantasy soccer as a result. There are countless numbers of the best fantasy sports sites out there today for you to choose from that it can sometimes become an overwhelming process trying to find one that best suits your needs. This article looks at some of the best fantasy soccer sites that are on the market today. This takes a lot of the work out of your hands.

Fantasy Soccer Key Points

  • There are many fantasy soccer platforms out there today
  • You have a choice between free to play and paid leagues
  • You have the ability to earn decent sums from the paid leagues
  • Most platforms have quality mobile offerings that allow you to manage your team on the go

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now

Assessing fantasy soccer websites

When it comes to deciding what the best fantasy soccer sites are and which ones are best suited to your needs and preferences, there are a number of different variables you need to consider. You what to be using a website that is easy to use, that is accessible seamlessly on your mobile, is reliable and that gives you access to a variety of features to help you pick your team. All of these variables come together to help you decide on a final offering that you will use.

Fantasy Football Manager

This is a free to play website that offers you monthly and season long contests. It is well suited for casual and experienced fantasy soccer players alike. There are two types of offerings on this platform. The Amateur option only has a limited number of features. You will need to upgrade to the Pro version if you want to avail of all of the features. A unique part of this offering is also selecting a manager that will contribute towards your points totals. You will have to pay when you have made a certain amount of transfers in a given month. Overall, the experience is too costly for the average player and generally there are better options elsewhere.

Fantasy Premier League

This is the official fantasy soccer offering from the English Premier League and is arguably the best fantasy soccer website out there. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that you are going to have access to the best data in the space today. As fantasy soccer is one of the best forms of advertising for the league, they are always investing in their platform and offering some great prizes for their free to play offering. The process of setting up leagues is very easy to do and you can partake in numerous different leagues. You will select your players on an auction basis, with their values changing over the course of the season depending on their recent performances. The scoring systems are well proven and reliable. There are countless different stats and forms of analysis for you to look at.

Some people will find the system of awarding bonus points as being a bit frustrating due to its objective nature. You also need to be actively managing your team to ensure that you are changing your captain on a weekly basis so you are maximizing the ability to double your points.

The platform updates regularly and is never going to let you down in this regard. You do need to be aware that approaching the deadline to the start of the season that the platform can sometimes become slow due to the massive amount of people trying to set their teams before the deadline. Overall, this is the best fantasy soccer platform in the game today that you can play for free. There is no doubt that it is one of top fantasy sports sites around at the moment. 


FanDuel is the second biggest pay for play fantasy sports platform in North America, making it one of the top fantasy sports sites around. They cater for many different sports, including fantasy soccer. They have a coach corner section which gives you in-depth analysis on your potential pickups and team changes that might be good to implement. They allow you to buy-in to league for as little as $0.25 if you do not want to play the free games. You can play against your friends or you can partake in the competitive public leagues.

Many millionaires have been made over the years thanks to FanDuel, with more than $1 billion set to be paid out in 2019. When you sign up for a new account with FanDuel, you will be able to get a free entry into a $5 fantasy sports league. You will also get your money back on your first $5 or $10 fantasy soccer league entry. This means that you are going to be able to use the platform without any risk, allowing you to learn the ropes without any risk. This is certainly a good option for you if you are looking to play in a paid league.


DraftKings rules the roost when it comes to paid fantasy sports platforms in North America and can be consider right up there as the best fantasy soccer website. They have been in business since 2012 and they are constantly going from strength to strength. Their fantasy soccer platform sees players being given a budget of $50,000 in virtual funds. They then use these funds in order to select their eight member team. You need to choose players from 3 or more teams.

You can play in these leagues for as little as $0.25 and these could be leagues that last a day, a week or for the entire season. They deal with massive amounts of money at DraftKings and is always a great option for those looking to potentially profit from their fantasy soccer expertise. They have a decent mobile fantasy soccer app offering that will allow you to look after your team on the go. Draftkings is just generally one of the best fantasy sports sites out there at the moment. 

What the future holds

Fantasy sports is riding on the crest of a wave that does not look like stopping any time soon. People love the fact that they can use all of the information and knowledge they have built up over the years about their favorite sports to potentially profit. They can also simply play against their friends and earn bragging rights for the next year if they finish out the season on top of the rankings. There are many great fantasy soccer websites for you to choose from. This is an exciting time to sign up for one of these platforms. Our fantasy soccer tips might help you raising your odds.

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Conclusion: Great selection of options
There are countless top quality fantasy soccer platforms in the space today. This article looks at some of the most popular options, whether they are free or paid leagues. The choice in your hands as to which one you want to go with. You can see where the respective platforms fall short and where they excel. This is an objective review so you can make your decision by weighing up the various facts.

Fantasy Soccer Sites USA FAQ 

⚽ Which bookmakers offer fantasy soccer betting?

Fantasy soccer has become extremely popular amongst online betting enthusiasts. There are a number of online betting sites that offer fantasy soccer as a betting option. At, we bring you in-depth reviews that include all possible sports and betting markets available to the public. This way, you’ll find the best betting site with fantasy soccer in the USA.

❗In which US states is fantasy soccer betting available?

It is important to remember that online betting is only available in certain states across the USA. As such, it is not possible to place bets on fantasy soccer events in every state in America. Our coverage of online betting at will outline which states you’ll be able to access fantasy soccer betting, and more.

👉How do I sign up to fantasy soccer sites in the USA?

The best online bookmakers will include fantasy soccer in their sportsbook section. All one needs to do is create a valid account and navigate to the sports betting lobby. From here, it’s possible to bet on all the latest fantasy soccer events. Creating a valid account is straightforward. Our bookmaker reviews will outline exactly how to go about creating an online betting account with a range of different providers.