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Fantasy Sports Sites US 2020

Fantasy sports have never been more popular than they are right now. The daily fantasy sports craze has taken over America and thousands of sports fans left and right are joining the game at the top fantasy sports sites on a daily basis.

Our goal at captaingambling is to help players get the best possible gaming experience every single time. This is exactly why we reviewed all the best fantasy sports sites in the industry and came up with a conclusive list of the finest platforms where players can get the best fantasy sports service. Keep reading, find out what went into our reviews and which sites you should sign up with the next time you want to play fantasy sports.

Fantasy Sports Sites Key Points

  • Legal and licensed fantasy sports sites
  • Choose from dozens of fantasy sports
  • Play massive guaranteed fantasy contests
  • Get the best bonuses & tons of extra value

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now

How we choose the Best Fantasy Sports Sites

Our team of dedicated professionals has spent hundreds of hours testing, reviewing and rating dozens of different fantasy sports sites in order to save players from having to do the research themselves. Instead of learning from their mistakes, players now get to simply read our reviews, check out our ratings and already know which sites are the best to play at.

We wanted to make sure that we run a review process you can trust in full, which is why we tested every fantasy sports app ourselves and rated them all in a range of important criteria. The goal was to create reviews that would paint a full picture of fantasy sports operators, so we looked at the following aspects of each:

  • Fantasy Sports Offer: One of the first things one notices when they sign up with a new fantasy site is the variety of fantasy sports offered by the operator. This was the first criteria we looked at as well, as we wanted to find sites that offer not just fantasy football and baseball but also other sports like hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR and more.
  • Prize Pools: The top fantasy sports sites offer many contests which can be played by thousands of players at the same time. Such contests automatically create massive prize pools, so we examined the top prizes available at each site and the average prize pools that the site has to offer.
  • Bonuses & Promotions: Another important aspect of the fantasy sports experience are the various promotions that many operators offer. We looked at bonuses players can pick up on signup as well as further promotions that they can benefit from down the line. The more promotions, the more we liked the site and the higher we rated it.
  • Customer Service: No good online gaming site can work without a dedicated and high quality customer support department, which is why we tested this area of service as well. We chatted up the support agents via live chat, phone and email to find out more about the response times and quality
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: Few things are as important when playing online fantasy sports for real money as the quality of the banking department. We made deposits, requested cashouts and tested out the different payment methods available to find out how fast they get processed and what the best payment methods were at each site.
  • Limits & Payouts: Minimum and maximum deposits, cashouts and wins were another point of interest. Every site imposes different rules, so we wanted to give you a clear picture of what you can expect if you join a particular fantasy website.
  • Usability: The quality of the desktop site interface and the mobile app of each operator were another important point to take a note of. We looked for sites that are easy to navigate and offer plenty of user friendly features and options that make playing at the site easier.
  • Devices & Apps: Finally, we looked at the mobile apps and the availability of the operator on different devices. Ideally, we wanted the site to be available on desktop, Mac, iOS and Android to cover all basis and allow all players to enjoy the experience.

These eight elements make up a fantasy sports site in our minds which is why we used them as our testing criteria. Of course, there were other things in the mix as well, as we looked at the security and safety protocols used by the operators as well as the legality of the site in various states. More on this below.

Legality of Fantasy Sports Sites in USA

Unlike sports betting or casino games, fantasy sports are considered a game of skill in the USA as Congress passed an Act which clearly stated so in 2006. After this federal level document was passed, fantasy sports spread through the country like wildfire, but some states still decided to ignore this law and make daily fantasy sports not permitted at the state level.

Various states have different laws, which is why some apps and sites may be available in one state and not available in another. To help players out, we checked out the legal situation of all the fantasy sites that we reviewed and made a clear rundown of all the states in which the site is to be avoided.

Our advice regarding the legality of the fantasy sports is to play only on sites that clearly offer the service to players in your state and to avoid any sites that may have an issue with players from your state playing there. Trying to avoid restrictions by using VPN or other similar services can only get you in trouble and it will not be possible to make cashouts without confirming your identity and address.

Some of the states in which certain fantasy sports sites are not available include:

  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Delware
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Washington State

In order to be on the safe side, we recommend checking out our detailed reviews of each operator, as well as the legal terms and conditions which can be found on the sites themselves. This way, you can avoid accidentally signing up for sites you are not supposed to or wasting time trying to access a site that is restricted in your state.

Picking a Fantasy Sports Site

With so many different fantasy sports websites out there, it can be difficult for players to decide which site to sign up with. Each operator has its upsides and downsides and despite our detailed reviews, we understand that this is a personal choice every player has to make on his own.

We believe that our extensive operator reviews will help players make up their mind, but we recommend having a look at multiple sites and deciding for yourself which of them is the best fit for your personal preferences and taste. We provide a fantasy sports cheat sheet which helps new players to anticipate at events.

Players who are looking for a stable and safe option should look at DraftKings or FanDuel as the two top operators in the industry who offer the biggest choice of contests and plenty of massive guaranteed prize pools. However, many other new fantasy sports sites as well as those that have been around for a long time also offer good service. Players who have state related restrictions can use the filters in our comparison to quickly access only the operators that are available in their state. Some players would even like to host their own events. Those should look into a fantasy draft board.

Choose your Fantasy Site Here

Dozens of daily fantasy sports sites are available to players across the country and are waiting for you to sign up and start your journey. Our comparison of the top rated fantasy sports sites offers a detailed list and ratings of all the top operators out there. Check out the comparison, use the filters to find the best sites for your state and sign up with one of the top rated sites today. Our fantasy sports strategy is a support for new and advanced players.

We guarantee the safety and quality of service of each operator on the list, as each of them is licensed and operates legally within the US. We only promote legal American fantasy sports businesses which offer the highest level of service to fantasy sports players. Two of the most popular championships are the NFBC and the NFFC.

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Conclusion: Best Fantasy Sites Around
The fantasy sports industry is growing by the day, with new sites introduced all the time. Our detailed analysis of the top fantasy sports sites is here to help you, the players, find the best places to play and the finest selection of fantasy sports. Sign up today and get your fantasy sports adventure underway.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now