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The Best Sites For College Fantasy Football 2022

Looking for the best sites for college fantasy football? Then look no further as we've picked an awesome shortlist of amazing college fantasy football sites!

We tested each fantasy site in the US to make sure that it covered college football, and compared them to see which is best for you. Keep reading to see how you can pick a fantasy sports site, get a top deal like the FanDuel bonus and enjoy the best in fantasy college football betting!

College Fantasy Football Key Points

  • College fantasy football recently became legal
  • The college games is often more exciting and higher scoring than pro games
  • With 120 teams, you have much wider choices of players for your team
  • You can win life changing sums through leading fantasy football platforms
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Underdog Fantasy DFS Bonus
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  • Well designed DFS website and mobile app
  • Generous welcome bonus for new customers
  • Great fantasy tournaments for the NFL and NBA
ThriveFantasy DFS Bonus
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  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fun, streamlined approach
  • Good selection of markets
Monkey Knife Fight DFS Bonus
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  • Plenty of fantasy sports to choose from
  • No salary cap hindrance
  • Seamless drafting process
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FanDuel Fantasy DFS Bonus
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  • One free NFL entry each week
  • Rookie contests for newcomers
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Jock MKT DFS Bonus
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  • Great game formats
  • Easy to understand
  • Great community support

Getting started with College Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a massively popular pursuit across North America and in the world as a whole. It is an ideal way in which friends can get together and compete against one another in a friendly competition. Alternatively, you can pick your fantasy football talents against thousands of others in large leagues where millions of dollars are up for grabs. While there is always going to be a bit of luck involved in fantasy football success, there is also a lot of skill that is needed to consistently perform to a high level.

You can choose from sites that are exclusively for free and the paid platforms that also have a free fantasy football app. You will have access to a lot of quality analysis and data that will help you to best choose your teams and set them up for success. These platforms have many different features for you to play with.

While pro football is usually the more popular form of fantasy football, college football is also a popular pursuit for fantasy football enthusiasts. This article looks at different ways in which college fantasy football can even be more enjoyable to play than the pro football alternative

Most people that are fans of fantasy football will probably be familiar with NFL fantasy football and how it works. However, college football is pretty similar when it comes to learning the ropes. The popularity of college fantasy football is ever growing. This has happened since the Supreme Court made the decision for those in the fantasy football game to start to use the names of college players for fantasy offerings. Therefore, this is an exciting and different way for you to get your fantasy football fix. There are many aspects to college fantasy football that trump what you will experience when dealing with the pro side of things.

Where college fantasy football trumps pro fantasy football

One of the things about pro fantasy football is that a lot of the time the same names are going to be performing to a high level again season after season. There are certain quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers that you are also guaranteed to perform well once they do not get injured or suspended. Therefore, this can get boring as you are just looking to choose from the same shortlist of players year on year. While there will be bolters in pro fantasy football each year, they will be less pronounced than in the college fantasy sports game. This is because the college football scene changes so rapidly from season to season. You have new players coming in, other players graduating or going to the pro ranks. Therefore, there are going to be new story lines every year, a lot more room for potential bolters if you do your research and you always have fresh debates about the merits of different players.

You also have the potential to earn some crazy points when games go to overtime in college football. A standard enough performance can turn into a massive one if a game goes to overtime and the team tags on a few more touchdowns. Therefore, there can be a lot more swings in the standings and it is easier to catch those players that have built up decent leads in your league standings.

Great scouting

Playing college fantasy football will also give you a massive leg up on future years when you are playing the pro fantasy football variant. You will be able to know which players coming out of college are ones to watch for and what their potential may be when they get to the pro game. This will allow you to get a lot of value out of your draft picks in the lower levels in the pro version, which is going to go a long way towards you dominating your leagues.

Very exciting

College football in a lot of people's eyes is also a lot more exciting than pro football. The games are generally a lot more open and offensive. Players have more space to make plays and there are a lot of variants of plays used. You will often be at the edge of your seat when you are watching a college football game. There are also a lot more teams that are part of the college fantasy football offering.

In total, there are 120 different teams in comparison to the 32 teams that are in the NFL. Therefore, there are a lot of different styles you can consider in the college game, as well as a wide breadth of players to pick from. Often times in the NFL fantasy drafts, everyone is vying for the same players, whereas it can be a lot more open when it comes to the college game due to the sheer selection of players. This adds unpredictably as you can generally guess what the initial 25 or 30 players in an NFL fantasy football draft will be. With the college game, you will be seeing a huge variety from leagues to players and with different participants.

On average, there is a lot more scoring in college football games, which makes for more points. Therefore, you are always going to be in with a shout of making a significant comeback if you have a good run of a few weeks, no matter how far back in the standings you may be. You also are spoilt for choice with so many games to watch. Every day of the week almost you can watch college football games, so you will never be without a fix.

The advantages are obvious

Fantasy sports are massively popular in North America and in the world as a whole. They are a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite sports, teams and players. It makes games a lot more entertaining to watch as you can see how your players are performing and see what players you could potentially pick up for your team. You can also earn bragging rights over your friends when you are partaking in a league. You can also make it a profitable pursuit by using pay to play platforms such as FanDuel and DraftKings. You can in potentially life changing sums on these platforms on a regular basis. Therefore, you should make the most of these opportunities and sign up for one of these platforms today.

Conclusion: A good insight

As you can see, college fantasy football has a lot going in its favor. It is often times more open and exciting than pro football. You also have much more selectors of players with the college game so you aren't always vying for the same players with other league members. Overall, it is going to be an exciting experience and may convert you from the pro game if you give it a chance. Worst case scenario is that it gives you a lot of knowledge about up and coming players that will be hitting the pro ranks in the coming years.

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