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Fantasy Football App 2020


All across North America and the world as a whole fantasy sports has a massive audience. This ranges for all different types of sports. Fantasy football is perhaps the most popular sport for fantasy football and it is one of the sports where this sector first really came to prominence. It is an ideal way to put your knowledge about your favorite sport against your friends and peers alike. It can win you bragging rights and even serious sums of cash if you play your cards right.

There are many different varieties of fantasy football out there today for you to choose from. There are also many different platforms. Therefore, it can be a bit overwhelming initially when it comes to choosing which platform is best suited to your specific needs. Luckily, we have guides that will allow you to quickly see which are the best fantasy platforms for your needs.

Mobile apps are also becoming ever more important for fantasy football. It allows you to check the latest team and players news no matter where you go, as well as allowing you to quickly make trades, select your team and interact with your fellow league members through the message board.  There are different aspects that go into making a good fantasy football app offering.

Overview of Fantasy Football Apps

  • Most platforms have a quality mobile app offering
  • They are often easy to use and have most features
  • Some apps will be more suited to beginner players

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now

Getting started with fantasy football on mobile

Most of the popular mobile devices are going to be supported by fantasy football platforms. They would not want to lose out on a significant slice of their audience because they do not support a given mobile device. Once you have ensured that your specific device fits the needs of these platforms, you will be able to get down to the nitty gritty of the selection process. Some people prefer to engage in casual fantasy football leagues with their friends and therefore some of the free to play sites might be better suited for their needs.

Others will want to put some money on the line and be in with a chance of making a nice profit, so there are platforms for this also. You also want to ensure that a given app supports all the features you will need. You may like doing your research and analysis on this app, so make sure that it has capabilities allowing you to do so properly.

Here are some of the leading mobile apps for fantasy football in the space today;

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo was one of the first fantasy football platforms and it holds a special place in the hearts of many fantasy football fans. They still are number one in terms of the number of players using their platform and have more leagues than any other fantasy football platform. Their official app will cost you $5 in a one-off cost. The main applicant of this app is to allow you to interact with your given league. However, you can also sees states, analysis from experts and conduct mock drafts through the app. The app also integrates other fantasy sports that you may be playing, so you can quickly change between these leagues as you wish. Some people regard the Yahoo fantasy football app as being one of the best in the space today. This is because it has a very clean design and is intuitive to use. It won’t take you long at all to learn the ropes in this platform. The chat room gets a lot of action between friends in their respective leagues.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

This is a free app from ESPN who are one of the leaders in sports media in the US for many years. While a lot of people have their criticisms about this app, it is still the second most popular app for fantasy football, lying only behind the Yahoo offering. This is because there are a few features missing that are available on the desktop platform. Aesthetically the app is nice and it is very easy to navigate around.

It lacks in analysis capabilities, as well as not having an abundance of data for you to use in order to sort out your team. One of the main positives is that you can see everything you need on a single page when the games are in motion. You will get quick updates in real-time as well as being able to enable push notifications so you are always going to be alert to the latest goings on. This is probably an app that is best suited for more casual or new players who do not want to be overloaded with different features.

NFL Fantasy Football

The NFL has been embracing fantasy football as it really adds to the watching experience. It makes people interested in games and gets them tuning in on a regular basis. This is why they have invested heavily into their fantasy offering. Their fantasy football app is a bit lacking. While you are able to see video highlights and schedule your rosters for weeks in advance, the performance of the app is not where it needs to be. It appears to freeze often and there are often a lot of bugs. Scores will not update in real time either. It can also be tough filtering through players and sorting through them. If they can get the back end of the app sorted out, then there is massive potential for this app. The video packages really brings something to the table that you do not really find elsewhere.


DraftKings is the leader in paid fantasy sports. They have a top quality mobile app offering for their players. They were one of the first parties to release an app initially and they are always looking at ways in which they can innovate and make changes for the better. The design of the app is very simple but it makes the text pop out. You will have access to most of the features that you will see on the desktop platform.


FanDuel is just behind DraftKings in terms of their dominance of the paid fantasy football market. Their mobile offering is actually somewhat superior to their main rivals. This mainly comes down to interface issues. The DraftKings app can be a bit clunky to use, whereas the experience on the FanDuel app is very smooth and easy. The overall experience is very polished and there is nothing you can really point to that is particularly subpar.

What to do next

With fantasy football being so popular and important to so many people, it’s only natural that there is going to be a good mobile offering that is on offer. You can always be in touch with your friends on the go, messaging back and forth on your league forums and chat board. If you are out and about and get the news that one of your players is injured, you can make a change to your team on the go and not compromise your points scored. Therefore, if you are playing fantasy football, it makes absolute sense that you use the mobile app of your respective platform.

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Conclusion: Mobile apps constantly improving
Mobile apps have never been better. They have the same capabilities as a lot of desktop platforms and they allow for a seamless experience across the board. More and more people are relying on fantasy football mobile apps to get their news, updates and to manage their team. When you are on the go, there is no better option. This article looks at the best apps out there today for fantasy football, as well as talking about the key attributes you should be looking out for.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now