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What Is A Fantasy Draft Board 2022?

Welcome to our guide to fantasy draft boards. Take a look below and see why a fantasy draft board is an essential part of all successful DFS gaming.

You may think that you can get by without a fantasy draft board. But our guide has found that a fantasy draft board is just as important as getting an awesome FanDuel bonus. After all, you'll need to be organized if you want to succeed with your DFS bets. Keep reading to see how to use a fantasy draft board in the best way!

Whether you play them online against complete strangers or live against your peers and friends, fantasy sports are a ton of fun. However, a good fantasy draft can’t be organized without a solid fantasy draft board, which is why you are going to need to buy or build one if you are intending to host a fantasy draft anytime soon.

Fortunately for all the fantasy sports aficionados out there, the market is quite flooded with different fantasy draft board options, as more and more drafts are being held across the USA every year. We take a look at some popular options as well as digital versions of fantasy draft boards that some people like to use to host their drafts.

Fantasy Draft Board Need-to-know

  • Fantasy draft board is a necessary part of a fantasy draft
  • Fantasy draft boards are easy to make
  • Plenty of options are available on Ebay as well
  • Download a digital fantasy draft board and host on your computer

What is a Fantasy Draft Board?

A good fantasy draft starts with some good logistics and one of the major parts of that is a solid draft board. While many draft organizers still opt to build a fantasy draft board to keep things the way they always were, others simply elect to buy one of the many boards that are on offer on sites like Amazon or Ebay.

A fantasy draft board is actually quite a simple thing and all it needs is predetermined slots for all the teams that will be participating in the draft and each player that a team will select. Depending on the sport the draft will be for and the format of the competition in question, the board can have more or fewer player slots. While modern fantasy boards often also come with color coded cards to be inserted into the board, many drafts simply use different color markers to mark various types and positions of players.

Whether your draft is one that will be played out on a handmade board or one purchased online, the results of the draft should be pretty much the same. People who are planning to organize a draft at work or among work associates may want to opt for the slightly more professional feel of a purchased board, while neighborhood drafts are usually the most fun on handmade boards.

If you have ever been in a fantasy draft before, you probably know how a fantasy draft board looks, but you may not know where to buy a fantasy board yourself. We recommend looking it up online and looking through Ebay for good deals on used boards or new boards that are being sold on sale.

Digital Fantasy Draft Boards

It seems that more and more things are becoming digital in this day and age and in that spirit numerous software companies have also created digital versions of fantasy draft boards, which can be used to organize live or online fantasy drafts.

Downloading solid fantasy draft board software gives one a chance to organize a draft on any terms they please. Such software can be used locally on a computer to host a draft among friends or online to host a draft for a group of people who simply can’t come together.

Digital fantasy draft boards were created in order to help people come together with their friends and colleagues across country and the world and still host a draft without having to be in the same room. Unlike physical draft boards, digital boards can offer plenty of options from color coding to stats displays, making them an advanced version of the classic fantasy draft board.

To make things even more convenient for team owners who potentially have to be away from their computers during the time of the drafts, draft organizers can now even use a fantasy draft board app, which enables mobile participation in the draft using a phone or a tablet.

The modernization in the area of fantasy drafts has really become apparent over the last few years as the daily fantasy sports and other innovations in the industry have also made a significant improvement. With the current state of technology, it is likely that most fantasy drafts will move online in the near future, but there is nothing like a good old live draft with all the owners gathered in one place, so if you were planning on hosting one, you should go right ahead and forget all about the digital fantasy drafts.

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Hosting a Fantasy Draft Party

Fantasy drafts can be incredibly fun, especially if held in a live location and with a lot of people who are friendly and have a healthy dose of competition in them. In order to make the draft work, one must make some preparations, which of course include setting up the fantasy draft board, but that is not the only important element of the preparations.

If you are planning on hosting a fantasy draft anytime soon, here are a few basic tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Pick owners with care: No fantasy draft can happen without the team owners. If you are organizing a league, make sure to invite people who are competitive but will not cause trouble at the draft or take things too seriously. Pick friends and coworkers who you know are good sports in general.
  • Make the rules clear: It is very important for a fantasy league that all the rules are clear from the start. The point structure, the prizes, the buyin fees and trade policies must all be determined before the draft begins so that the owners can keep them in mind while drafting their lineups.
  • Make it a party: Traditionally, fantasy drafts turn into parties. While the draft may not take too long, it is expected that people will spend some time on small talk before the draft and many times party long after the draft is complete. The draft usually happens only once per year, so make it count and let your friends remember it.
  • Prepare all the equipment: The fantasy draft equipment including the draft board and the player cards should be ready by the time the draft starts. Make sure you are not missing anything before you begin so that the draft goes smoothly and without hickups.
  • Mind the time: Make sure that every owner has enough time to make up his mind on the draft, but don’t let anyone take too much of other people’s time. There are usually 10 or more owners in the mix, so you have to make sure that everyone uses up a fair share of time.

These are just a few of the most important tips that you should keep in mind in order to keep your fantasy draft fun and exciting for everyone. Also keep in mind that things can get a little tense during the draft so don’t worry if someone gets into a small argument. After all, the competitive spirit can often make people act more passionately than normal.

Keep the Fantasy Going

Fantasy sports are a game that can be played in many different ways, and you have a chance to play them all. We have given you the basic tips on how to host a fantasy draft at home and create or buy a fantasy draft board, but if that single fantasy draft is not enough, make sure to also check out our list of the top fantasy sports sites where you can play daily and season long fantasy sports contests against other managers from all across the country. Fantasy sports apps are available to play on mobile and winning margins when playing fantasy sports for real money can be very lucrative.

In any case a good daily fantasy strategy is needed for a long term success.

Conclusion: Fantasy Draft Boards for Everyone

The modern market is flooded with different options when it comes to fantasy draft boards. Old school fantasy lovers may want to just build their own board, but there are plenty of boards to be bought on Amazon or Ebay as well. Alternatively, you can download a software or app to your computer or phone and host your draft live or online without using a physical board at all.

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