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Fantasy Basketball Advice 2021


Fantasy sports is massively popular across the world. There are countless leading sports that are catered for. They will tailor their offerings depending on your specific needs and preferences. It is a great way for you to pit your knowledge and experience with your given sports against the best in the business.

You can battle against your friends in a league to see who will come out on top and earn the bragging rights for the next years. You can also partake in a public paid league where you are playing against some of the best in the game for serious sums of cash. There are many millionaires made each and every year as a result of their skill in fantasy sports.

Fantasy basketball is massively popular. The sheer number of games that take place on a weekly basis means that it is a great way to get your fix of your favorite sport. You can further enhance the experience of watching these games by getting involved in a NBA Fantasy basketball league. This article will walk you through the basics of playing Fantasy basketball and what beginners should keep in mind when they are starting off in this space.

Fantasy Basketball Advice Quick Points

  • It is important as a new Fantasy basketball that you understand the basics before you look at strategies
  • It is good to avoid rookies in the early rounds, as well as focusing too much on one position
  • You want to take dependable points scorers in the early rounds and use your knowledge in the later rounds to identify potential sleepers
  • Players who can play in a number of different positions can give you a lot of flexibility

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now

Fantasy Basketball advice

When it comes to Fantasy basketball there are many different approaches and strategies that are taken by experienced players. However, if you are just starting off in this space or you need a refresher course, this article will walk you through the fundamentals of taking part in a Fantasy basketball league. It will arm you with the necessary information you need to try and make a success out of your league. Over time with experience, you will be able to embrace more complex strategies and techniques into your gameplay.

The main thing is that you enjoy the Fantasy basketball experience and not take it too seriously when you are first starting off. The basic idea is the same as all types of fantasy sports. You pick a roster of players and you manage this team during the course of the season, scoring points when the players make positive actions in a game.

Different Fantasy basketball platforms will have different ways in which points can be scored or how many points are scored for certain actions. Most of them will award points for the likes of free throw percentage, points scored, rebounds, blocks, assists, steals, three pointers made and turnovers. Some leagues will also include points for the likes of offensive rebounds.

Types of drafts

Leagues can come in many different shapes and forms. A NBA fantasy draft league will see you and the fellow league members draft players to your roster in a traditional draft method. The person who gets the first pick of the first round will then have the last pick in the second round and so on and so forth. Sometimes these will be live drafts where all players need to be online in order to select their desired players. A more objective and fair approach is to have an automatic draft. This means that you select your desired players in order and the platform will assess the rankings and picks for each player and automatically draft the teams.

Some leagues will be of an auction format. This means that you are given a certain amount of virtual money when starting off and you can then spend these funds bidding for players against your fellow league members. This is often a fairer format than a draft as everyone has an equal chance of getting the same players, depending on how they spend their budgets.

Types of leagues

There are many complex strategies involved in conducting your draft picks.  Some leagues will be in a head to head format. This means that each week you will be pitted against another team in your league in a head to head format. Therefore, whoever scores the most points between the two teams at the end of the week will get a win on their record.

At the end of the season, the teams with the best win records will then advance to the play-offs. These teams will play one another until a final champion has been found. Other leagues will simply be determined by the total number of points teams have by the end of the season in a standard league format.

The sizes of the leagues vary depending on the given circumstances. Generally, a league will have about 12 teams. Some will go as low as 6 but a dozen teams is usually the ideal amount. It is not as tough when there are less teams in a league because then teams will have more quality players to choose from. The more teams there are, the scarcer the good players will be, which means that your research and analysis will be needed a lot more to find value picks and potential sleepers that could add a lot of value to your team.

Useful advice to keep in mind

Now that you have the basics of Fantasy basketball down, you should embark on learning a few simple strategies. You should make sure that you know all of the details of your given league as the rules vary from league to league. Know how scores are toted up as this will determine your strategy for acquiring players. Certain players will score better in certain categories, so you want to have a horses for courses approach.

Be well prepared

You should be well prepared for the drafting of your team. You want to have your rankings already pre-defined and not be reactive depending on who other players choose. It is important that you get on board some consistent and dependable players in the early rounds. They will form the backbone of your team going forward. During the later rounds you can try to find sleepers and value picks that have a lot of upside potential.

You should make sure that you are not drafting too heavily in a given position, particularly in the early round. You don’t want to waste picks on players that are going to be sitting on the bench gathering a dust a lot of the time. You should take a nice balanced approach to picking your team. It is also useful having those players who can play in a number of different positions, as they can help tie your team over from week to week if injury or suspension strikes.

While a lot of rookies can seem enticing, it is worthwhile being wary in this regard. The NBA is a big step up from other leagues and it can take a while for these players to get up to the required standard, if they make it at all. It is better in the early rounds to avoid rookies and wait until the later rounds if you see some value in one of these players. Finally, it is important that you are not thinking like a fan and simply picking your favorite players or people from your favorite teams. Make sure that you are objective and you have a good reasoning behind each of the decisions that you make.

Fantasy Basketball is a lot of fun

Fantasy sports is only becoming more popular. Fantasy basketball is ideal because there are so many games to be played and so many different scoring statistics. Therefore, you can really dive deep into your analysis and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The process of getting started is very easy and there are many great fantasy basketball platforms for you to choose from and get started playing today.

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Conclusion: What are you waiting for?

As you have seen through this article, the process of getting started in fantasy basketball is very easy. You will quickly get the basics down and be ready to pit yourself against your peers. This could be one of the best decisions you ever make

Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now
Best Fantasy Sports Sites Check Out Now