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NFFC 2020

NFFC is an abbreviation for National Fantasy Football Championship, a series of high stakes fantasy football competitions that take place year round at one of the top fantasy sports sites in the world. Hosted by SportsHub, NFFC is arguably the most prestigious fantasy football contest, with all the top fantasy football managers competing for the […]

NFBC 2020

For many years, fantasy baseball has been the favorite pastime of many Americans, but with the introduction of NFBC (National Fantasy Baseball Championship) it became so much more than that for thousands of hopefuls each year. NFBC is a year-round competition made up of multiple leagues and contests, which promises to make the best players […]

Money Fantasy Leagues 2020

The rising popularity of fantasy sports cannot be denied and there are many reasons that so many people are getting involved with the game. However, one of the main reasons is surely the fact that there is plenty of money to be won in money fantasy leagues all over the internet. Fantasy sports can be […]

Fantasy Sports Sites US 2020

Fantasy sports have never been more popular than they are right now. The daily fantasy sports craze has taken over America and thousands of sports fans left and right are joining the game at the top fantasy sports sites on a daily basis. Our goal at captaingambling is to help players get the best possible […]

Fantasy Sports App 2020

As the popularity of fantasy sports in America is growing, it is becoming more and more important for operators to allow their users to have access to fantasy sports platforms at all times. While the desktop platforms may offer the best gameplay quality, the important of a fantasy sports app for an operator cannot be […]

Fantasy Draft Board 2020

Whether you play them online against complete strangers or live against your peers and friends, fantasy sports are a ton of fun. However, a good fantasy draft can’t be organized without a solid fantasy draft board, which is why you are going to need to buy or build one if you are intending to host […]

Fantasy Sports Cheat Sheet 2020

Daily fantasy sports are a growing industry, with more and more players signing up with the top fantasy sports sites by the day. Being a game of skill, the game is not easy to win at, as so many talented and knowledgeable fantasy managers are entering the market by the day. For that exact reason, […]

Daily Fantasy Strategy 2020

Daily fantasy sports have been occupying the minds and souls of countless Americans over the last decade, with the introduction of daily fantasy sports really turning the game from an occasional hobby of the few into an all-out madness for the masses. While they are certainly fun for anyone to participate in, daily fantasy sports […]