Best Fantasy Sports Sites: Top 10 Daily Fantasy Websites 2022

What is the Best Fantasy Sports Site?

Welcome to our guide that helps you find the best fantasy sports site in the US. Take a look below to see our pick for the best in DFS betting!

We'll reveal what fantasy sports betting is and show you what knds of things you should be looking for in any of the top fantasy sports sites So that whether you want the biggest number of sports, or just want to get an awesome FanDuel bonus, we'll help you out!

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Underdog Fantasy Bonus
100% up to $100
Underdog Fantasy Highlights
  • Well designed DFS website and mobile app
  • Generous welcome bonus for new customers
  • Great fantasy tournaments for the NFL and NBA
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Underdog Fantasy Review
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ThriveFantasy Bonus
ThriveFantasy Highlights
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fun, streamlined approach
  • Good selection of markets
Accepts Players in:
ThriveFantasy Review
***** Visit Site
Monkey Knife Fight Bonus
Monkey Knife Fight Highlights
  • Plenty of fantasy sports to choose from
  • No salary cap hindrance
  • Seamless drafting process
Accepts Players in:
Monkey Knife Fight Review
***** Visit Site
FanDuel Fantasy Bonus
200% up to $20
FanDuel Fantasy Highlights
  • Excellent platform design
  • One free NFL entry each week
  • Rookie contests for newcomers
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FanDuel Fantasy Review
***** Visit Site
DraftKings Fantasy Bonus
DraftKings Fantasy Highlights
  • Claim to being the best fantasy sports platform
  • Widest selection of sports and competitions
  • Quick daily fantasy competitions
Accepts Players in:
Credit Card
DraftKings Fantasy Review
***** Visit Site
Jock MKT Bonus
100% up to $100
Jock MKT Highlights
  • Great game formats
  • Easy to understand
  • Great community support
Accepts Players in:
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Jock MKT Review
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best fantasy sports sitesOf course, players who play online fantasy sports are not confined to a single site and are completely allowed to play on different sites at the same time. Nevertheless, choosing the best fantasy sports sites to play at can be a crucial decision that will help a player win or lose before they even get started.

If you know how fantasy sports work, than you understand what factors are in play. For starters, the player should choose a site that offers many competitions for the sport they prefer, whether it be football, hockey or another less popular fantasy sport.

The job of our fantasy sports sites comparison was to rate all the major fantasy sports sites and give them each a final rating based on a long list of important factors. This does not mean that the number one ranked site is the best for everyone and we suggest reading the extensive operator reviews before jumping into the action.

Whichever sport one prefers to watch and deems himself an expert in, it is likely that there is a fantasy sports league out there that they should be a part of. The top fantasy sports sites offer football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey and other competitions, each with its own competition formats and scoring systems.

  • Fantasy Football: The NFL is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the USA and daily fantasy football is by far the most popular of all daily fantasy competitions. In fantasy football, players get to build lineups of NFL players, compete against others and find out if their understanding of the league and the statistics is better than the next person’s, which makes watching the NFL incredibly more entertaining.
  • Fantasy Baseball: Players who prefer baseball over football are also in luck, as baseball is another popular sport at major fantasy sports sites. Whether one prefers to pick a season long team or play the daily fantasy competitions, there is plenty of fantasy baseball going on at all times. With small entry fees and massive guaranteed prize pools, fantasy baseball competitions guarantee fun for all and profits for the best players out there.
  • Fantasy Basketball: Somewhat less popular among fantasy sports players is fantasy basketball. Still, major fantasy sports betting operators offer plenty of basketball competitions as well, both on daily and season long basis. NBA fans now have a chance to compete against each other in hundreds of tournaments going on all year and rewarding the most knowledgeable basketball fans with massive prizes and a place at the top of the leaderboards.
  • Fantasy Soccer: Soccer may not be America’s number one sport by a long shot, but this does not mean that fantasy soccer leagues are not a thing. In fact, soccer in the US is booming and more fantasy soccer competitions are bound to open up with every passing season. At top fantasy sports sites, players can already participate in regular soccer competitions and put their understanding of the beautiful game to the test.
  • Fantasy Hockey: If you prefer the chilly vibes of hockey over the green fields of football, baseball or soccer, fantasy hockey leagues are out there for you. Join season long or daily fantasy hockey competitions and pit your NHL squad against thousands of others in a true test of knowledge, skill and guts. Hockey fans need only join a fantasy sports site and the action can begin.
  • Fantasy Golf: One of the simplest and least popular is fantasy golf. However, the fans of the PGA and golf in general will still have plenty of competitions to look forward to at major fantasy sites as there is at least one competition open at all times. Draft a team of professional golfers, compare their results to those of other teams and win by predicting which players will manage the least strokes in a given tournament or the whole season.

8 Criteria for a Good Online Fantasy Sports Site

Fantasy sports sites can be compared in many ways and in our rating we have come up with 8 major criteria which we used to determine the quality of the site. Each operator got a rating in each of the criteria and a final rating was extrapolated from these. Based on this system, we have made sure that our comparison is pure and factual and not influenced by subjective opinions. The main rating criteria we used include:

  1. Fantasy Sports Offer: One of the main criteria for a good fantasy sports site is that it has a versatile and extensive offer of sports and competitions that players can enter. This is why it is the number one rating criteria on our list.
  2. Prize Pools: After all, fantasy sports are played for real money, making the size of the prize pools in the competitions a crucial factor. We check every site to see what kind of guaranteed prize pools are on offer.
  3. Welcome Bonus & Promotions: For players, the added value of bonuses and promotions can be significant. We rate bonuses and promotions the operator offers and add them to the equation of the final rating.
  4. Customer Service: Another important aspect of any gaming site is the customer service provided. We examine each operator’s customer support methods and quality and we add this to our rating.
  5. Deposits & Withdrawals: The number and versatility of payment methods, the speed of cashouts and fees associated with banking are all taken into consideration to make sure the players get the best experience possible.
  6. Limits & Payouts: Whether one plays for fun or wants to enjoy some high stakes action, the limits for wins and cashouts are quite important. We look at what kind of limits the operator imposes and we rate the site based on how many different types of customers will be satisfied by these limits.
  7. Usability: A critical factor in determining the quality of a fantasy sports site is the usability of the actual site or app itself. We look at the layout of the site, the different functionalities and the quality of the mobile app to determine if the site is easy to use and user friendly.
  8. Devices & Apps: Finally, we make sure that the site is available for as many different devices as possible. We look at support for major devices like PC, Mac and major mobile phones and tablets. If the operator offers downloadable fantasy sports apps in the Google Play and App Store, we examine them in some detail.

5 Criteria for Good Daily Fantasy Sports Site

Are you looking for a top rated daily fantasy sports site? If so, you need to look at many different aspects of the best daily fantasy sites out there to determine which ones are the best to play at. To help our players out, we have compiled a list of the top five criteria you should look for in a fantasy sports site.

#1 Selection of competitions at the best daily fantasy sites

Fantasy sports is quite an extensive concept, with many different sports, leagues and competitions that the most popular fantasy sports sites have. Depending on which sport a player knows bets, they will want to find a site that offers a good selection of competitions in that particular sport.

The top rated fantasy sports site offer a fantasy league for the entire season in different sports as well as daily fantasy tournaments in which players can compete on a regular basis. We recommend finding the best daily fantasy sites at which you can find the biggest selection of tournaments for the buy-in range in which you wish to compete.

#2 Usability of top daily fantasy sites & mobile apps

Another important factor for a fantasy site is the way it looks and feels to play at. Most top rated fantasy sports sites nowadays provide a functional and usable layout which players can easily get used to, but there are some differences and players should find a site that suits them the best.

Depending on personal preferences, some players may want to play on their mobile devices, which is why top fantasy sports sites offer mobile apps or instant play versions. Check out the mobile compatibility of the best daily fantasy sites before you start playing if mobile play is your preference.

#3 Prizes & extra value at new fantasy sports sites

When playing fantasy sports for real money, players are always hoping to win and keep their bankroll going up at the most popular fantasy sports sites. This is why it is important to play at a site with solid guaranteed prize pools and potential overlays which offer additional value.

Another great way of finding good value in a fantasy sports site is through promotions and bonuses. Check out the welcome package the site has to offer as well as other promotions that existing players can make use of. This way, you get to maximize the value of every dollar you invest into fantasy sports.

#4 Banking & support at fantasy sports sites

Banking is a very important aspect of the top daily fantasy sites as you want to make sure that you can get money in and out of your balance as quickly and cheaply as possible. Before you commit to playing at one site, make sure they offer your preferred payment method and are fast on the cashouts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may need help with your account sooner or later, which is where the customer support department comes in. Check out the support methods on offer at the top daily fantasy sites as well as the average response times and the quality of the agents employed at the site as soon as you join.

Once you are sure that the site has everything you want in terms of gameplay, support, banking and value, extras can also come into play. Do the most popular fantasy sports sites offer other forms of gaming such as slots, poker and sports betting? Can you play these other games legally in your state?

Except for other games, many fantasy sports sites offer forums and communities in which players can share tips, strategies and opinions regarding fantasy sports. Such resources can be invaluable to the players and should be considered as a valuable additional offer.

Why You Can Trust CaptainGambling To Find The Top Fantasy Sports Sites

There are many sites out there that claim they are trying to help players but in fact only worry about their own interest. captaingambling, on the other hand, is a company fully licensed by the state of New Jersey and our mission is to compare the top daily fantasy sites based on objective and unbiased information.

Each review you can find on our site is objective, up to date and not paid for, which means we can provide truthful and complete information without any need to embellish the truth about any new fantasy sports sites. Players who use captaingambling as their source of information on the online gambling industry can be sure that they are always getting the highest quality info free of charge - especially with our dedicated online sports betting comparison. We've also got state-specific comparisons too, such as our best West Virginia betting sites guide.

If you don’t believe you can trust us, try the service yourself and check out our detailed comparisons. You will quickly find that all the information provided is correct and that we do our best to always provide only info we gathered through extensive and detailed analysis.

top fantasy sports sites

While the legal situation of online gambling in the USA is quite a complicated one and varies from state to state, fantasy sports are a different story. Exempt by the UIGEA from the general restrictions on online gambling, fantasy sports are accepted at a federal level as a game of skill. For this reason, fantasy sports are legal in the vast majority of states.

Despite this federal stance on fantasy sports, some states still choose to classify most popular fantasy sports sites as gambling, which is why players in states such as Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho can still not legally play at online fantasy sports sites. The legal situation in most states is quite clear, but some sites still choose to operate only within a number of select states in which online gambling is also regulated.

In either case, players need not fear any kind of prosecution for playing online fantasy sports, as the game is legally a game of skill, as determined by the UIGEA. Players who are looking to play should, however, make sure that the game is allowed by their state government and should only play in those states where new fantasy sports sites are sanctioned.

To help our players, we at captaingambling have made it possible to filter sites out by state, which is a quick way of knowing which fantasy sports sites offer competitions for players in your state. Use the filter option in this comparison to find the best new fantasy sports sites for your state quickly and effectively.

Preview of the Fantasy Sports Market - Top Daily Fantasy Sites

The fantasy sports market has exploded in recent years, with many previously anonymous sites becoming massive billion dollar operations. The game is expanding at an unprecedented level thanks to the massive potential for outreach that exists in the modern world. As this expansion goes on, new fantasy sports sites are getting some backlash from lawmakers in certain states and face logistics problems across the USA.

While the fantasy sports analytics are showing that the game is simply too popular to fail, a decline of the current numbers an expansion trends is quite likely. Already, we are seeing some drops in numbers compared to the all-time highs, which was to be expected given the rapid expansion was simply too fast to keep up with.

With online gambling in general getting closer to legalization in many states, it appears only a matter of time before fantasy sports are legal in all states. This will likely take some time and a lot of investment from the top fantasy sports companies. Nevertheless, the future of fantasy sports seems bright and positive.

Whether you fall into the group of players who prefer to play daily fantasy sports or those who are content with the yearly fantasy sports draft, all current and many new options are likely to be available for many coming years. captaingambling offers advice on fantasy sports and operators.

Looking for more sports? Check out our horse racing sign up bonus guide.

Important Questions & Answers about Fantasy Sports - Finding the Best Daily Fantasy Sites

Whether you are new to fantasy sports or are simply curious about the specifics, there are quite a few questions you may have about the game. We tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to the fantasy sports for all our players.

How fantasy sports work?

In every fantasy sports competition, the participants pick a team of players from a group of upcoming sporting events. For instance, a competition may be for the entire season of the NFL. All players are awarded points based on their real life performances in the events, and these points are compared to determine who the winning players are.

What fantasy sports are there?

There are many different fantasy sports out there and more are emerging by the day. Currnetly, the most popular fantasy sports in the USA include football, baseball and hockey but sports like soccer, basketball and others are also in the mix.

Who can play fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports don’t require any physical effort so they can be played by quite literally anyone. Any fan of sports can get involved and play fantasy sports for real money and stand a chance at real cash prizes.

When did fantasy sports start?

Fantasy sports drafts have been around for decades, but it is not until the recent emergence of daily fantasy sports online that fantasy sports have become a mainstream entertainment and a multi-billion dollar industry.

Are fantasy sports legal?

Yes! Fantasy sports are a game of skill, as stated in federal law. Players in most states can play 100% legally at a great number of fantasy sites. Lawmakers in some states are still pushing against fantasy sports, but it is likely they will be completely legalized in the USA in the near future.

Why fantasy sports is not gambling?

Unlike casino games or sports betting, fantasy sports are not gambling because players compare their points against each other and compete in a fair competition. There is no house edge or points spread and the operator of the competition only charges an entry fee, while the best players can actually win money in the long run.

What are daily fantasy sports?

Daily fantasy sports are modern fantasy competitions that allow players to compete in events shorter than the whole season. For instance, daily fantasy competitions often include only one game or several games happening in a single day.

How do I pick my squad?

Picking the fantasy squad is where the skill kicks in in fantasy sports. Players are allowed to choose anyway they want within the predetermined budget and good understanding of the sport in question allows a player to gain an edge over the competition.

Where should I play fantasy sports?

This fantasy sports sites comparison is a great place to start with picking your site. Check out the best sites that are legal in your state and start playing today.

Can I get a bonus?

Yes! Just like other forms of real money gaming, fantasy sports sites award players with bonuses and promotions that can significantly increase their general gameplay value.

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