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Latest Horse Racing Betting Tips Australia 2024

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Publish Date: 09/04/2021
Fact checked by: Megan Jonson

Free Betting Tips for Horse Racing

Welcome to our guide to the latest horse racing betting tips Australia! If you’re new to horse racing betting or you’ve recently moved to the Land Down Under, or if you’re just looking for free horse racing betting tips, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll go through all of the essentials when it comes to our horse racing betting tips for today, including everything you should consider before placing a horse racing bet, how to analyse the daily betting market, as well as our top tips for finding the best bookie for you. If you’re looking for more than just free horse racing betting tips, you may want to take a look at our detailed guide for current betting tips across all betting markets.

A brief guide to horse racing betting - Odds and bet types explained

When it comes to odds, you will likely see them formatted as either fractions or decimals.

When it comes to fractions (e.g. 4/1), the second number represents your stake and the first number your return. Meaning every £1 you bet, you get an additional £4 back. So if you bet £5, you will get £25 back (£20 return plus your initial stake), and if you bet £25 you will get £125 back (£100 winnings plus £25 stake).

Decimal odds factor in the initial stake. So 4/1 becomes 5.0 - using the first example above, a bet of £5 will get you an overall return of £25. Now we’ll quickly go over the different types of bets you can make. For this guide on the latest horse racing betting tips Australia, we’ll stick to the basic and more common options:

  • Single: A straight win bet.
  • Double / Treble / Accumulator: Two or more outcomes in different events.
  • Each-Way: Half of your stake goes on your selection to win and the other half for it to place.
  • Forecast / Tricast: Predicting the order of the horses in first and second place / the same but including third place.
  • Reverse Forecast / Combination Tricast: Predicting the first two / three horses in no particular order.

There are many other more complicated bets, including Trixies, Patents, Yankees, Lucky 15s and more. These generally consist of multiple selections and multiple bets. For example, a Patent involves three selections and seven bets - three singles, three doubles and one treble.

Main factors of importance when placing horse racing bets - Keep an eye on the board

The board is always changing, so don’t take your eyes off it until the gates open, especially if you placed an ante-post bet (a bet placed at least a day in advance of the race or event).

Once the race starts, the starting price (otherwise known as the board price) is displayed, but before then prices can change drastically. So if you’re confident about your bet selection and suddenly the bookie offers longer (better) odds, then you’ll probably want to double down by making the same bet again.

Also look out for non-runners. These are displayed on the board with the symbol ‘NR’. This means that your chosen horse will no longer be taking part in the race. If this is the case, you will usually get your stake back, unless you made an ante-post bet too far in advance.

Why trust our betting tips? - What makes us reliable

How do you know you can trust our free horse racing betting tips? What makes us experts when it comes to horse racing betting in general, never mind the latest horse racing betting tips Australia?

Well the answer is simple, we call ourselves experts because we’ve garnered experience and - dare we say it - expertise, on both sides of the bookie’s counter.

That’s right, we’re not only avid punters ourselves, but we’ve also taken our fair share of bets too. So when we divulge our free horse racing betting tips and discuss the industry in general, it’s not just from a gambler’s perspective, it’s also from the viewpoint of the operator.

Our key to success: the tools we use to analyse the daily betting market - form is your friend

We all know that form is important no matter the sport. In horse racing betting, the record of a horse’s performance in previous races is listed in the race card. Here’s a breakdown of how this works:

  • 1-9’ = the position the horse finished (‘0’ means it finished outside the top 9).
  • ’ = separates racing seasons.
  • /’ = an extended absence.
  • P’ or ’PU’ = pulled up by the jockey and didn’t finish.
  • C’ = won on that course before.
  • D’ = won over that distance before.
  • CD’ = won on that course over that distance.
  • BF’ = was the favourite but didn’t win.
  • F’ = fell.
  • R’ = refused to jump.
  • BD’ = brought down by another runner.
  • U’ or ’UR’ = unseated the jockey.

Form is listed with the oldest race on the left and the most recent on the right.

Things you should think about before placing a horse racing bet - it’s about skill, not luck

There are a lot of people who see horse racing betting - as well as greyhound racing betting - as apart from many other types of sports betting. Speaking of greyhounds, why not check out our greyhound betting tips for today?

“While choosing which football team or basketball team is going to win,” they brazenly say, “you take into account each team’s ability and form, as well as many other factors; it takes a certain skill to pick the winner, whereas picking a winning horse is simply luck.”

The truth is, horse racing betting is every bit a skill as any other type of sports betting, if not more.

So we’ll use this section of our latest horse racing betting tips Australia guide to discuss what research you need to do so you don’t embarrass yourself in your local bookie or online.

The horses 

The best way you can tell if a horse is likely to win a race is by going off its form. Did it win last time out? Has it performed its personal best in recent races? Has its performance been improving over the last few races? Has it done well on this particular track in the past?

But even a horse in poor form can win, and one in good form can lose. Check if a horse has been moved class recently - maybe a poorly performing horse has been dropped down to a lower class, or a horse with an impressive win streak has been moved up to higher class races.

There are also horse racing bettors - some of whom are undeniable experts - who prefer to pick their horses by eye. This is a difficult skill, but not impossible. Here are some free horse racing betting tips to keep in mind when looking for a potential winner:

  • If a horse stands proud with its head held high, that’s a sure sign of confidence.
  • A visible shine to a horse’s coat is a sign of good health.
  • Look for defined muscle tone.
  • The girthier its sternum, the more room for its heart and lungs.
  • Sprinters tend to have straighter, more heavily muscled shoulders than long distance runners.

The jockeys

Jockeys also have their own preferences when it comes to courses, and you’ll see by checking the stats who performs well where.

This is partly down to how the jockey handles the horse, as certain dispositions suit certain track conditions better; another factor is the trainer’s choice of jockey, as they will aim to pair their best-suited horse and best-suited jockey together after taking all of the factors of the race into account.

The trainers

Until you look into it for yourself, you’ll be surprised exactly how much of a correlation there is between stables and race winners.

Just as a horse’s and a jockey’s performance can vary depending on location, different trainers excel at preparing their runners for certain courses. You can often tell which trainer prefers which track or event by how many horses they have running.

In fact, here’s a free horse racing betting tip for you: if you compare stable winners by month or course over a few seasons, you’re likely to notice a pattern.

An example: At Randwick, James Cummings has won the second-highest number of times for the last four seasons and placed the second-highest number of times for the last three seasons, usually with a relatively high win and place percentage compared to any of his competitors (this is taking into account trainers who have had more than 100 starts in the season).

So if you notice that a trainer has a great track record for the race you’re planning to bet on, odds are one of the horses they’ve trained is your best bet - sorry for all the puns!

The race - Type, surface & distance

The type of race, surface of the track, and distance to run all affect how a horse performs.

There are two types of race: flat and jump. Flat races are a straightforward sprint to the finish line, while jump races are, well, self-explanatory. Jump races are split into two categories: hurdle, which are a minimum 1.1m high; and steeplechase fence (known as chase), which are at least 1.4m high.

There are three types of track surface: turf (which is the most popular option in Europe), dirt (the most popular in the US), and synthetic. Like a tennis player who prefers grass to clay, a horse will have a preference of which surface it runs on.

Each surface can also vary depending on its condition. A turf track, for example, can range from heavy (wet) to firm (dry), depending on how much moisture is on the ground.

As for distances, flat races can range from 400m-4km, though most commonly 5-12 furlongs. As for jump races, hurdles can be 3-5.5km while chases are 3-7km. Just like runners, some horses are better in a sprint and others in a marathon.

Our top free horse racing betting tips for operators

Below, we've outlined 4 tips for finding the best horse racing betting operators so that you can put the latest tips into action.

Compare the odds offered against the operator’s closest competitors

The better the odds, the more your returns. Makes sense, right? Many operators have best odds guaranteed offers these days, so don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Check the operator’s betting markets

Can you bet on your favourite courses? Does the operator accept every type of bet, like Jackpots, Goliath Flags and Union Jacks? You don’t want to be restricted with your bets.

Make sure the operator is fully licensed and legit

There are many online bookies out there that just scam their customers until they’re caught, so the legitimacy of an operator is the most important thing for you to determine before you decide whether or not to invest your time, effort and hard-earned money.

Find out which payment methods the operator accepts

Imagine if you prefer transferring your funds via PayPal, and after choosing and signing up to an operator you discovered that it doesn’t accept PayPal transfers. Don’t waste your time!

Useful Horse Racing Vocabulary - “Back a Nag on the Nose With a Pony” in No Time

In the final section of our latest horse racing betting tips Australia, we’ll touch on some of the slang terms you’re likely to hear in the bookie’s or at the track. Here’s a list:

  • Score = £20
  • Pony = £25
  • Ton = £100
  • Monkey = £500
  • Track Rating (known as the Going in the UK) = the condition of the track - whether it’s firm or heavy (turf), fast, slow or sealed (dirt), etc.
  • Banker = a definite winner (if there is such a thing).
  • On The Nose = backing a horse to win.
  • Photo Finish = a result so close that photographic evidence is needed to determine the winner.
  • Blanket Finish = a close finish involving several different horses.
  • In The Frame = a horse finished in the top four.
  • House Edge (aka Overround) = the mathematical advantage the bookie has based on the odds they’ve provided.
  • Giving you all the skills you need for horse racing betting

In conclusion, horse racing betting takes a lot of skill, and there are many things you need to think about as you weigh up the field. These include the horse’s ability, form and appearance, as well as its jockey and trainer. Hopefully our latest horse racing betting tips Australia have given you an insight into exactly how it works. Good luck!

However, if after reading our guide you’ve realised that horse racing betting isn’t for you, there are a few other popular sports that you may want to think about betting on. So be sure to take a look at our guides on the latest cricket betting tips Australia, our basketball betting tips for today, and the latest rugby betting tips.

Free Horse Racing Betting Tips FAQ

🌟Which is the best online bookie for horse racing betting on the Australian market?

There are many online bookies available for Aussies, each with its own pros and cons. Read our guide to the latest horse racing betting tips Australia for our top expert tips on finding the one that’s right for you.

🐴What should I keep in mind when making a horse racing bet?

There are many things that you need to think about before placing a horse racing bet, from the appearance of the horse’s coat to the surface of the track and many things in between. Take a look at our guide to the latest horse racing betting tips for Australians for full details.

🏇 Where can I learn more about horse racing betting strategies?

Interested in learning more about the in’s and out’s of horse racing betting? Check out our guide to the latest horse racing betting tips Australia at CaptainGambling AU. We’ll share our tips on what to look for among the horses, jockeys, and the trainers themselves.

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