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Latest Greyhound Betting Tips Australia 2023

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Publish Date: 09/04/2021
Fact checked by: Megan Jonson

Free Tips for Greyhound Betting

Our experts know greyhound racing through and through. We're big fans of the sport and analyse the latest stats to bring you free greyhound betting tips, offering genuine voices and value.

As experts in the field, we analyse performance histories and likelihoods based on wide-ranging information that we've carefully scanned to provide you with the latest greyhound betting tips Australia. Covering bet types, race research and form, continue reading to see how our greyhound betting tips for today will play a considerable, positive role in your betting experience.

A brief guide to greyhound betting – Key Pointers to get you started

Before we head to the track, or at least to the bookies, it is worth going over some key considerations before looking at the greyhound betting tips for today. Our experts devise some of the most sought-after and free greyhound betting tips, and this is their "starter" checklist below:


An important factor to look out for, but often overlooked, is the age of the greyhound. This acts as an insightful starting point for predicting the dog's performance in a race. Racing dogs are typically at their best at three years of age and should be no younger than two at the time of the race.


Our second free betting tip for Greyhound Racing is to check the greyhound's history as a race dog. Scanning through the greyhound's recent records is imperative to deciphering its current form. Pay close attention to their most recent races and if there has been any string of 'unlucky' losses or a clear winning streak with faster race times.

Research the race

As important as picking your greyhound winner, identifying the race and the track your greyhound will be racing on is equally as important. There are varying different races, which means your chosen greyhound could have never run at the given distance before. Research the race type to make sure you can predict how well your greyhound will perform in the specific field.


Choose a greyhound that has an easily traceable, consistent race pattern. Other dogs can set records and break the fastest times on a whim but do not always regularly give a good performance on the track. Opting for a dog with a more regular race pattern ensures a smoother run when choosing a more likely winner.

Staying within your limits 

Always remember that there are no guarantees with betting. One of our best greyhound betting rips for today, and always, is to ensure you stay within your limits. The best way to predict a win is to stay up to date with the latest greyhound betting tips Australia. It is of utmost importance to keep strict control on how much money is placed on bets and take extra care to manage your bankroll well.

Main factors of importance when placing bets – Research into the best greyhound betting tips for today

Find the value bet 

A lesser-known strategy, but an important one, finding the value bet is the secret to increasing your chances of success. Finding the value bet means utilising the predictions of a bookmaker to your advantage. A bookmaker's job is to study the form and consistency of the greyhounds to forecast a race's outcome. We highly recommend continuing to read our Latest Greyhound Betting Tips Australia guide and focus on the strategies we use to complement this.

Pre-made accumulators 

It can be attractive to place bets which seem like a sure win. Pre-made accumulators are inviting as they are positioned to seem like a safe, seemingly winning bet, which guarantees a profit. However, as easy as they may seem to top up a payout, it's always most important to conduct your own research into the race dog's form and the track itself. Your money is at stake, and research is necessary to create a well-formed, rounded decision.

A saturated market

Greyhound betting is extremely popular and is part of a larger, saturated network. With the wide range of races available to bet on, along with a plethora of betting forums themselves, we recommend conducting extensive research before committing to a bet.

Why trust our betting tips? The most reliable free greyhound betting tips available

Reliable, consistent sources within greyhound racing are hard to come by. We provide the latest greyhound betting tips Australia based on an extensive range of knowledge from experts, along with a workshop of tools providing us with the understanding of statistics and comprehensive, in-depth insight, which is imperative when deciding on your bet.

We pride ourselves on providing you with free greyhound betting tips, which include the various tools needed to set you on course to make a more educated, considered decision, leading to more successful, winning bets. Take a look at our latest betting tips Australia for more detailed research!

We work within a wide range of markets, spanning free betting tips for golf, free betting tips for football and tennis betting tips for today, just to name a few. Our successful recommendations are based on many years of experience within the field. With these free greyhound betting tips, you're sure to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the sport and the predictions and insights needed to cast better assumptions on the dogs and tracks.

Our extensive archive of resources includes high level, in-depth information, with unrivalled information spanning form, strategies and up-to-date info on recent success, box form and betting styles allowing us to present you with some of the best free greyhound betting tips around.

Our key to success: Our secret to providing the most consistent greyhound betting tips for today

We combine a range of different methodologies to help us compile the research needed to cement our position as an industry-leader when betting on greyhound races. Dog form, track and consistency are all analysed extensively to bring you the free greyhound betting tips that we provide to ensure you can make an informed betting decision that leads to a better chance at success. Statistics, facts and research are all used to substantiate our understanding of key betting factors, which are often overlooked by many others.

Factors we pay close attention to include some of the most unforeseeable races' outcomes, taking into account a highly in-depth analysis of likelihoods, including even the most unpredictable of events happening during races.

Research is key

Our main goal is to help you create the best-informed decision possible on greyhound betting. Our experts put in tremendous effort to ensure we are broadly matchless across the available betting platforms on our understanding, stats, and helpfulness. We also use our unrivalled tools to look into race trends, dog records and the many other factors which affect the potential outcome to consider. These overall trends can be based on a wide range of variables, so we tailor our advice to suit this across the board.

Key details for greyhound racing are always at the utmost importance of our research and are thoroughly processed and taken into account. Consistency, age and form are all factors to consider. We carefully analyse our research with a fine-tooth comb to assess the different outcomes and how the track, schedules, and dogs themselves affect your choice and your chosen bet's performance, as this can be significantly influenced by track type, race dog history, and recent race schedules.

Things you should think about before placing a greyhound bet – Form, funding and fun!

Before viewing any greyhound betting tips for today, it is essential to remember to pay close attention to your own strategy and research.

Checking the type of race and track is just as important as choosing the dog, so make sure your decision encompasses not only the dog but the place, length and history of the track. Has the dog you're betting on ever run on this track before? Are they used to the distance? What was their last result on a similar or same track? These are all things to consider before making a final choice. Of course, backing a consistent winner, or a steady race dog with regular results, is all well and good, but this isn't the only way to find success. Keep an eye out for underdogs, or even up and coming choices who have been noted as ones to watch, who possess lesser-known, unexpected talent.

If you regularly bet on greyhound races, it's good to keep in mind an idea of what generally works for you or hasn't in the past. You can save a backlog of ideas that have previously worked for you and take them on to use as knowledge on your future bets. Remember that taking a tactical approach can have a significant impact on your winning streak.

Your approach is individual to you, and we advise that you keep a check on how much fun you take away from your greyhound betting habits. If you find that your finances are becoming negatively damaged by betting, and you're struggling to keep on top of the amount of money on bets you can comfortably place, it could be time to ease off. Please only bet what you can afford, and once the fun stops, so should the bets.

Our top tips for finding your favourite bookie for greyhound 

High-performing software

Always check the quality and speed of the website you use to make your bets on. High-quality betting platforms usually take much less time to navigate and learn to use, giving the user more time to focus on their strategies to place winning bets.

Withdrawal terms & methods

Not all bookies release funds in the same time window. It is worth researching how long it takes to withdraw winnings after you've been successful from a bet. Some lower quality bookies take a longer time to process payments due to slower systems and processing, whilst some have a quick turnaround process. This can also depend on the amount won, so it's important to check terms and conditions here too.

Streaming options

A lot of bettors prefer to experience live streaming relating to the bet they've placed. The top-tier providers will often offer a live stream of your greyhound event so you can follow the action as it happens and make in-race bets.

Is your account secure?

Bookies generally use PayPal, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies and vouchers. It is worth considering the number of options a website has, which adds to its overall security and credibility as a bookie's platform. It also allows you as the user to keep on top of which spending methods you choose to use and maintain an organised account of which money is going where.

Useful Greyhound betting tip vocabulary – "And they're off…"

  • Bettor - A person who places bets on a greyhound race
  • Bookies - An abbreviation for bookmakers
  • Juice - Commission, which bookies sometimes charge
  • Underdog - the greyhound who is expected to lose the race
  • Straight bet - a simple bet where the bettor predicts which greyhound will win the race
  • Place bet - A lower payout bet for choosing a dog that will win second or third place.
  • Stand out - A bet which allows you to bet on a dog coming in the top three.
  • Each way bet - A bet that allows you to win two payouts if your dog comes first. A combination of place bets and win bet.
  • Across the board bet - A combination of win, place and show bet. All three bets are placed on the same greyhound. In a tiered system, if your dog comes in first, you take all three bets. If second, you win place & show. Third, you'll win show only.
  • Exacta - Predicting first and second place greyhounds correctly in the right order.
  • Quinella - Predicting first and second place greyhounds in either order.
  • Trifecta - Prediction first, second and third place greyhounds in the correct order.
  • First four - A high paying bet which involves correctly predicting first, second, third and fourth place greyhounds in the correct order.
  • Parlay - A high-paying three-race bet where you must predict the first place greyhound correctly in each to win.

Conclusion – How do we predict our free greyhound betting tips?

Our free greyhound betting tips are meticulously curated with a range of helpful information to educate and progress your knowledge of the sport. We compile this information so that you can go on to make successful greyhound racing bets and consider our experts a reliable source of knowledge on the latest trends.

For the best experience with greyhound racing, it's worth consuming as much knowledge about various betting options, dog forms and terminology as possible, and we aim to provide this with our latest greyhound betting tips Australia.

The various wide-ranging types of research into dog age, form, bet type and track type mean it's worth spending some extra time looking into and learning about all the details that contribute towards your future successful bets, and we hope that by sharing our expert knowledge, we will help to ensure your future bets effectiveness in the sport.

If you fancy a flutter on something other than the races, be sure to check out our Australian Rules Football betting tips too!

Greyhound betting tips FAQs

🌟 Is it possible to bet on more than one race?

Our free betting tips for greyhounds guide at CaptainGambling AU covers a variety of betting terminology to help broaden your knowledge and understanding of the sport. In our  latest greyhound betting tips guide, we also discuss different markets such and bet types, including stand-out, quinella, each way & accumulators 

🌎 Where can I watch my greyhound’s race?

Some of the top-end betting operators have started to incorporate a live data and live stream feature for its users to watch all their betting action unfold. Due to betting laws, this is not accessible in all countries as of yet. Live streaming is also a great way to confirm that your chosen bookie has a high-performing platform. To find out which bookies offer the best sportsbooks, be sure to consult our latest greyhound betting tips and guides here at CaptainGambling AU.

💲 How to pick a winning greyhound?

Greyhound betting is an extremely popular form of betting. With the wide range of races available to bet on, we recommend conducting extensive research into a dog’s form, track type, weather conditions and more, before committing to a bet. Not sure where to start? Our latest greyhound betting tips will help you get your footing. 

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