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We at have worked within the online gambling industry for long enough to know that payment methods are a crucial aspect of any gamblers’ experience. Casinos with credit card deposits are popular options.

But not all online casinos will accept credit cards as a form of payment, and it can be difficult to find online casinos with credit card deposits that are trustworthy and high-quality. Luckily, there’s no need to struggle with finding online casinos that take credit cards anymore - just browse through our credit card casino list to find them!

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Making A Payment With A Credit Card - Taking It Step By Step

If you’re looking into credit card casino sites and gambling payment providers then it’s likely that you already have a credit card. However, we’ll briefly go through the process of obtaining one and using it at an online casino just in case.

The first step to getting a credit card is to choose your preferred bank and check whether you’re eligible for a credit card there. Once you’ve chosen one, you’ll need to apply for it and likely send over proof of identity and other documents - but this is less likely if you’re already a customer of that bank.

Once the credit card is sent to you, you’ll need to sign it and change your PIN at an ATM. Then, you can start using your credit card.

On your preferred online casino, such as Platin Casino or Hyperino, head over to your settings and banking information. Here, you should have the option to choose a preferred payment method. Select credit card, fill in your details, and make your deposit!

Average Time Of A Credit Card For Deposits And Payouts - Speedy Processing

When faced with inviting welcome bonuses and exciting online casino games, it’s completely normal to want to start playing straight away. Online casinos that take credit cards allow you to do this. When depositing using your chosen online casino payment methods, your funds should be available in the next few moments or minutes so you can start playing immediately.

However, cashing out is a slightly different story. When you’re taking your winnings out of your online casino account, you can expect some delays of around 3-5 days. This waiting time can consist of a standard 48-hour pending period which is standard for the majority of online casinos, allowing them to check over information before allowing a withdrawal, as well as your credit card company’s processing times.

The reason why deposits can be instant but withdrawals take a little more time is because casinos don’t actually receive your deposit from your credit card straight away, but they allow you to play with a form of ‘cash advance’ while the transfer is processed to avoid inconvenience to players. When it’s the other way around, this courtesy doesn’t apply.

Credit Card Verification Requirements - How To Get Started With Your Credit Card

We’ve briefly covered this above, but you will need to verify your identity in order to get a credit card. Some key documents or details that you may need could be:

  • Your address history (where you’ve lived) for the past three years
  • Your income history
  • Your employment history
  • Your outgoings
  • Your bank account details

These can vary depending on the bank that you apply for a credit card with. You may also need to complete a credit score check - be aware that rejected credit card applications could affect your credit score. Savvy gamblers will perform credit score and eligibility checks before applying for credit cards in order to negate the chances of this happening.

The History Of Credit Cards - Where It All Began…

Have you ever wondered where credit cards actually came from? Unlike some other payment methods, credit cards have been around for a fairly long time - or, at least, the concept has. Let’s go back to the US during the 1800s, when ranchers and farmers were given credit coins by merchants. Since their profits would primarily come in with the harvest, these farmers could purchase essential supplies then pay off their debts when they sold their crops or produce.

For something that looks a bit more like a modern credit card, we can turn our attention to Charga-plates. These were used from around the 1930s-60s and would be issued mainly by department stores to their customers, who could only use the Charga-plate as credit at that specific store.

Then, we come to an actual card: the Diners’ Club card, or Diners’ Charge Card, used in the 1950s. This functioned much like a limited modern credit card, where customers could use the card for credit at several stores. They’d get a bill for everything that they bought at the end of the month, and the stores would be charged between 2-3 percent of each purchase as a service fee.

The first bank-issued credit card was the BankAmericard, issued by the Bank of America in 1958, although you may know it better as Visa - the renaming happened in 1976 when Bank of America began working with other banks who wanted to offer similar services. Another big name, Mastercard, debuted in 1979. These two companies have remained as some of the strongest competitors within the credit card industry, although other names like Amex and Chase have broken into the market. Research from Statista suggests that, in 2018, there were ‘approximately 1.1 trillion credit cards in the United States’, clearly suggesting that they’re a favored payment method not only for online gambling, but also for everyday life in the US.

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Credit Cards Compared To Other Providers - Is Older Always Better?

It’s undeniable that credit cards are one of the oldest methods of payment that online casinos will take, considering the fact that online technology is moving so quickly and new gambling payment providers are popping up almost every day. They’re also quite secure, especially when compared to other methods, meaning you can be sure that your funds won’t be lost or stolen between you and the casino. You’re also likely protected from fraudulent casinos and scams, should you fall for them, when you pay via credit card - but check your card’s individual terms and conditions for more details on this.

Where the credit card falls short is the relatively long processing times for withdrawals, especially when deposits are instant, at anywhere between 3-5 or even 1-5 days. This can change depending on the number of business days during the transaction and your credit card provider as well as the time the online casino takes to check over your withdrawal. Gamblers with poor credit scores may struggle to obtain a credit card in the first place, and you will incur interest on your credit card spending.

To sum up, it’s important to read through the terms and conditions of your credit card and ensure that you fully understand the financial obligation that you’re taking on when you apply for it and use it in online casinos. There can be excellent bonuses for card users who begin playing at new online casinos, but the rewards come with risks that you must take into consideration.

For gamblers worried about safety and security, credit cards may be an excellent option. Depending on the issuer, they should offer fraud protection that you may not get with providers like Paypal (or may struggle to get, while banks have been historically accepting and understandable around fraud issues and refunds). We at have expert testing in place that ensures the top online casinos credit cards work at will always be legitimate and secure, keeping your gambling deposits and winnings safe.

It can be difficult to know whether your card details are safe when you’re online. We recommend looking for online casinos with secure (https://) connections - some browsers will display green text saying ‘Secure’ next to a green padlock on https:// connections, although not all browsers will do this. Above all, however, you can trust the online casinos that we’ve listed here, since we at would never knowingly recommend an unsafe, unsecured casino. When paying or withdrawing by credit card, your funds will be secure and legitimately transferred with our top operators.

Conclusion - Final Thoughts On Online Casinos & Credit Cards

So, we’ve covered the established history of the credit card (and other credit payment methods like credit coins and Charga-plates) and the pros and cons of using one for online gambling. But what do you really need to know about credit cards and online casinos? Credit cards are one of the more secure payment methods, as you’re likely to be protected from online fraud.

They’re widely accepted (but not in the UK) for online gambling, and allow you to begin playing immediately as deposits do not take much time at all thanks to a cash advance between you, your bank, and your credit card company - which you won’t even notice! They’re a highly popular payment method in the US and we’d advise that they’re one of the safest and most secure payment methods for online gambling that you can use.

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Credit Card FAQ - Your Credit Card Questions Answered

💳 Can You Gamble Online With A Credit Card?

There are various gambling payment providers available to online gamblers. Different online casinos may not accept some methods and some payment methods themselves may reject being used for online gambling purposes.

The answer for UK gamblers is easy: no. Or, at least, UK gamblers can’t use credit cards issued in the UK to gamble due to laws changing around using credit cards for online gambling. However, gamblers in the US will need to check different criteria to see if they can use credit card casino sites for online gambling - our credit card casino list can guide you through the process!

💭 Which Online Casinos Accept Credit Cards?

Gamblers who don’t make use of our guide to online casinos that accept credit cards in 2021 may find it difficult to work through this question without resorting to trial and error. Online casinos have different rules and you may find that these change from region to region.

However, our credit card casino list provides online gamblers with a variety of operators, like an online casino with American Express deposit or other methods  and some of the best bonuses for using a credit card with an online casino that we could find. Looking through the operators that we’ve found should make your search a lot easier.

💰 Who Are Online Gambling Credit Card Issuers?

Credit card casino sites and credit card issuers are two separate entities - your online casino likely won’t have the ability to issue you a credit card. Instead, you’ll go to a credit card issuer for this service. These companies have been working in the credit industry for many years and will be able to check whether you’re right for one of their credit cards. In our credit card casino list, we mention some of the top providers of credit cards and even the history of credit and credit cards.

💸 What Is An Online Gambling Credit Card Cash Advance?

The exact ins and outs of money transfers can often be confusing, even to people who regularly use payment methods like credit and debit cards every single day. How does the money go from your credit card company to other places, like shops and online casinos? The answer is that it is transferred through a process that can take some time - but online gamblers often aren’t interested in waiting for their deposits to process. Online casinos often choose to speed up the process. We elaborate on exactly how and why they do this in our credit card casino list. Find out more about cash advances, deposit methods and even finding a Venmo Online Casino here at

👮 Do Credit Cards Protect Me From Online Gambling Fraud?

Many online gamblers, both newcomers and experienced, are afraid of falling victim to online fraud. The thought of losing a lot of money in instants, with you being unable to do anything about it, is undoubtedly terrifying. However, this is rarely the actual situation with online gambling fraud, especially when you protect yourself by using a credit card for your deposits and withdrawals. You will have to be careful and review the terms and conditions of your credit card, but we cover all of this and more when we look at the top casinos that take credit cards in 2021 and even an online casino with PayPal.


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