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The casino business requires a secure and trusted payment system that is prompt, contactless, and instant. At Growth Leads, Apple Pay scores high on our global ranking for casino with Apple Pay deposit. We shall demonstrate why we adopted Apple Pay as a seamless payment method shortly.

Leading bookmakers and casinos across the United States also choose Apple Pay for the same reasons. So let’s demonstrate why you must also choose it for your online casino needs. After all, casinos that take Apple Pay are getting numerous by the day.

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Making a Payment with Apple Pay – Step By Step

Apple Pay was developed by Apple Inc. and it launched in October 2014. It was created as a mobile payment and digital wallet service to facilitate financial transactions on Apple devices and on the web. The service integrates seamlessly with millions of online portals and is a payment solution that is favored by online gamblers and reputable bookmakers.

One of the major questions that might have crossed your mind as a professional gambler is: do casinos take Apple Pay? Yes, they do. You can make easy deposits with Apple Pay casino USA, but you must do it the right way. Here then is how to go about it the right way:

  • Verify that your chosen bookmaker is an online casino that accepts Apple Pay; because a few do not.
  • Register a user account with your chosen Internet casino and fill out your profile.
  • Login to your account using an Apple device.
  • Go to the banking cashier section and choose the Apple Pay option from the list.
  • Input the cash amount you wish to deposit and choose to pay.
  • When your Apple Wallet comes up, use the Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate the transaction.
  • Your payment will reflect almost immediately in your casino account.
  • Your deposited money is available instantly for casino gaming purposes.

It should be noted that your debit or credit cards should have been linked to your Apple Wallet prior to boosting your casino account. You will be able to do this easily if your card company supports Apple Pay; and once this is the case, your banks will approve your request after adding your card details to your wallet.

Furthermore, Apple Pay can only be used to fund your account; it cannot be used to withdraw funds or winnings from your account. To do this, you need the Apple Cash card. Your casino funds can only be withdrawn to your Apple Cash card from where they can be transferred to your preferred bank via ACH transfer.

Average Time of Apple Pay for Deposits and Payouts

You’ll be pleased to know that deposits made to Apple Pay online casinos are instant. The transferred deposit reflects in your casino account instantly and ready for gaming purposes. To withdraw from your gaming account requires an Apple Pay Cash card and this takes from a few minutes to 48 hours max. However, if your withdrawal takes more than two days, you must immediately contact Apple Pay Support or the Apple Support Community for help to resolve the problem.

Apple Pay Verification Requirements

Online gambling payment methods vary, but Apple Pay remains a top choice for many online casinos. Before you can link your payment details to any Apple Pay casino sites, you must have verified Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac computer after adding a credit or debit card. Let’s take the devices one after the other –

  • iPhone: On your mobile device, open Wallet and tap on the (+) sign. Add a new bank card or enter an existing card’s security codes if you had earlier them on Apple ID or another device. Tap Next to have your bank or card company verify your card with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is ready for use once your card is verified.
  • iPad: You can also use your iPad as online casino payment options to verify your Apple Pay. Open the Settings icon on your device and go to Wallet and then Apple Pay to add your debit/credit card. Your card company or bank will verify your details and then confirm if Apple Pay can be used with it. Once this is done, your Apple Pay service is ready for use.
  • Apple Watch: To verify your Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you must first go to the My Watch tab after opening your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click on Wallet and Apple Pay and then on to adding your card. Your card company or bank will verify the card with Apple Pay, you can then tap on Next to begin using Apple Pay with casinos.
  • Mac: You require a Mac that has a Touch ID to be able to verify your cards with Apple Pay. Just open System Preferences and then Wallet and Apple Pay to add your preferred cards. You should enter the security code of an existing card that you use with Apple ID if you are prompted for it. Tap Next to have your bank or card issuer verify your card to enable you to begin using your Apple Pay.

The History of Apple Pay

Having come this far, you want to know the history of Apple Pay, right? Okay sit back and let’s go on a brief voyage. Apple Pay was developed by Apple Inc. and it launched on October 20, 2014. It was created to facilitate mobile payments and store monetary value in its digital wallet. It works across all Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac using iOS, and on the web with the Safari browser.

It does not require a debit or credit card to work, nor does it require passwords to function – the two-factor authentication made possible by its Touch ID, Face ID, and passcodes take care of this. Apple products use NFC technology to connect with POS systems, and eSE technology to perform and store financial data; the Face ID and Touch ID are for biometric authentications.

Apple Pay launched in the United States, but it is now available in almost 70 countries. It integrates easily with major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover among many others which are specific to various countries.

Apple Pay to Other Providers Compared

Apart from Apple Pay, several payment providers dominate the world of contactless payments and these include Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal. Here then is a comparison of Apple Pay against the competing rivals and areas that the leading payment provider can improve on:

Google Pay (or GPay) came into existence in January 2018 after Google merged Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single payment service. Credit and debit cards as well as gift or loyalty cards can be added to the payment system to facilitate POS transactions using NFC technology.

While Apple Pay for casino with master card deposit requires Face ID or Touch ID for authentication, GPay only requires a security code sent to the user for authentication and not fingerprint or retina scanning and PIN. It must also be noted that Google Pay uses a virtual account number for added security and not real credit card numbers belonging to users.

Another online casino debit card that a customer can use is Samsung Pay. It can only be used on Samsung devices with latest the Android versions, and they must have the Samsung Gear installed. Debit and credit cards as well as gift and loyalty cards can also be added to Samsung Pay. You can validate any transaction by placing your Samsung device close to a card reader, and authentication for online purchases can be verified with your fingerprint.

Samsung Pay is secured with MST and NFC technologies, and authentications can be done with a PIN, iris scan, and fingerprint. Credit card numbers are never used for purchases, and a user can remotely delete or lock their credit card details using the Find My Mobile feature on their device.

One other payment system that can be used for online casino gambling is PayPal. Your credit and debit card details are stored on your PayPal profile and used for making purchases. However, PayPal stores the financial details of its users very securely and its digital wallet app can be trusted for security.

While Apple Pay appears to be definitely better than Samsung Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay in terms of global availability and increasing merchant acceptance, these payment options can be used to accept payments or process casino withdrawals; but this cannot be done with Apple Pay.

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At Captain Gambling, we understand that many casino newbies worry about the security and legitimacy of certain payment methods. But not to worry, we are glad to demonstrate that top-rated casino operators choose Apple Pay for good reasons. Online casino Apple Pay is particularly popular with top-tier casinos for some of the following reasons:

According to an Apple press release, Apple Pay had more than one million credit cards registered on its portal within three days of its launch in 2014. And there were more than 220,000 vendors and merchants accepting the payment system within the United States when it launched. The overwhelming credit cards registration and vendors on the platform at its launch made Apple Pay the largest online payment facility in the United States back then.

Today, there are over one billion people and businesses using Apple Pay for daily Internet and POS transactions. This development guarantees that Apple Pay is not only secure and legitimate; it remains the Number One choice for emerging businesses and casinos around the world. With its latest wallet, users can store funds in their accounts and use it for future purchases, subscriptions, and donations.

Please be assured that Apple takes the security of its users very seriously. This covers personal information, transaction data, and payment details when using Apple Pay or when using any online casinos.

Apple Pay FAQs

It is reasonable to expect that you have some concerns related to making deposits or withdrawals with Apple Pay on major online casinos. Let’s analyze some major mistakes to avoid when making deposits so that you don’t end up losing your money or experience funding problems during deposit attempts.

Can Apple Pay be used to make withdrawals from casinos?

Apple Pay can only be used for funding purposes, and not for withdrawals. To be able to withdraw your earnings from any online casino using Apple payment systems, you need the Apple Cash card, which is only available for US residents. You can withdraw your casino winnings to your Apple Cash card and then transfer it to your local bank account or use it to make further purposes.

Are there fees involved with using Apple Pay to make deposits?

No. Apple Pay does not charge any fees for boosting your casino gaming account. However, if you fund your Apple Pay wallet using a debit/credit card, you may be charged up to 3% on your deposit. But using Apple Pay for deposits into online casinos is free and attracts no fees whatsoever.

What is the minimum casino deposit using Apple Pay?

Every online casino has deposit limits, and you must not fund your account above the limit at any particular time. Each casino has its funding limits, and you must review this before making any deposits. Some casinos accept as low as $10 and others as high as $50; but you must know the minimum deposit limit for each casino before funding your gaming account with Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay at just any online casinos?

More than 50% of businesses in the United States accept Apple Pay for payment purposes. This means that not all businesses or casinos accept the payment system just yet. You must first investigate if your preferred casino accepts Apple Pay before proceeding to make deposits with it.

What are the processes involved in making casino deposits with Apple Pay?

Once you have registered with a chosen casino, go to the payment section and select Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit – not greater than the limit of the particular casino – and then authenticate the deposit using Face ID or Touch ID. Your payment reflects immediately in your account and can be used for betting.


Having established that Apple Pay is the best payment system for funding casino accounts and making online purchases, you must note that between 8 and 12 different credit/debit cards which include online casino visa card can be stored and used with your Apple Pay account. Apple Pay transactions are authenticated with Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID, eliminating the need for security PINs and digital patterns.

Apple Pay does not also require credit/debit card details for verifying or facilitating any transactions, ruling out the need to share personally sensitive data; this means that transactions can be made anonymously without any personal identifications. Needless to add that Apple Pay is a contactless payment solution that is usable at POS terminals activated for contactless transactions.

Casinos with Apple Pay Deposit 2021 FAQs

❓ How do I know if my online Apple Pay casino USA withdrawal has been successful?

When signing up to your new online casino, take time to review any terms and conditions associated with your preferred payment method. We at CaptainGambling suggest looking out for which payment terms are accepted, how long deposits and withdrawals take, any fees associated with your chosen banking method, and if you can unlock bonuses and promotions using your preferred method. Of course, you could take some of the hard work out by reading through one of our dedicated operator reviews. Here, our CaptainGambling experts uncover all you need to know about an online casino’s payment methods, and much more.

💸Does my online casino Apple Pay deposit unlock any bonuses or promotions?

When taking advantage of our online casino reviews or bonus comparisons, readers will uncover a whole wealth of knowledge relating to the terms and conditions surrounding a platform's sign-up offers, promotions, and any rewards programs available. Of course, we understand that individual promotions require individual requirements. With this in mind, we would always advise double-checking whether your online casino with apple pay deposit contributes directly to your chosen promotion, what the minimum deposit is, and what wagering requirements are needed to unlock some bonus funds.

💯How do I know which Apple Pay online casinos are legit?

Here at CaptainGambling, we look into a wide range of variables when curating our operator reviews. We consider many different attributes that determine the legitimacy of a betting operator, including security & licensing, sign-up bonuses, usability, and payment methods. When looking further into the payment methods of your  online casino, Apple Pay, PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller are a good indicator that your chosen site is legit. 

🤝 Can I place a limit on my online casino Apple Pay deposits?

Any reputable and reliable betting operator will offer its users the chance to take advantage of some responsible gambling tools. These tools allow online casino customers to place deposit limits, time limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion and provide many professional helplines for those who need them. We at CaptainGambling are advocates of safer gambling, which is why we ensure all of our reviews and comparisons only feature 100%, legal operators.

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