When we talk about penny slots, we’re actually talking about a vast majority of best slots found online. In the US, penny is the lowest existing denomination and penny slot machines are the ones that operate on this denomination, allowing players to bet as low as a single penny per spin or at least per line, making the minimum bet size of $0.10 or so. There is a great number of these games available for play online and live and in this article we’ll offer some useful insights, penny slots tips, and tricks, to get help you enjoy your play more and potentially win more often when playing.

Important Facts about Penny Slot Machines

  • Penny slots can be played for as low as $0.01 per spin
  • Although initial bets are small, you can still bet big if you so choose
  • Penny slot games online can produce some huge wins
  • You should always stick to playing slots with the best odds

Understanding How Penny Slots Work

The basic premise of these games, like their name suggests, is that the fundamental operational denomination is set as a penny. With some of them, you can really bet as low as a single penny, wagering just on one line, while others make it obligatory to pay at least one penny on all lines, so depending on that number, the minimum bet can actually be as high as $0.50 or more at times.

So, the sole fact that a particular slot is categorized as a penny slot doesn’t necessarily mean that game is cheap to play. It merely means that the bets are calculated based on a penny denomination and go from there. You can still bet as high as $100 or more on a penny slot online, so don’t let the name trick you.

Can I Win Big Playing Penny Slot Machines?

Players new to online gambling may feel like penny slots aren’t the best way to gamble if you’re looking for big wins but this isn’t the actual situation. Many of these games offer a chance to win hundreds or even thousands of time your bet, so even if you’re betting just $0.10 a spin, you might still be looking at a potential win of a few hundred bucks.

If this isn’t enough, there are also many penny slot jackpots out there and some of these games actually give you a shot at life-changing money even when playing just a single penny per spin. Of course, you’ll need to get very lucky to hit this jackpot and these wins are a few and far between, but the chance is still there.

This can’t really be said for any of the other best casino games as even the ones with progressive jackpots will require you to bet at least a couple of dollars per hand or per spin to qualify. This is the very reason why penny slot games online are, by far, the most popular choice there is, liked by players of all tastes and bankrolls.

Penny Slot Machine Tips & Tricks

Slots in general are pretty much down to luck and there isn’t much strategy as far as the playing part is concerned. However, there are some other aspects to consider that can help you both give yourself a better chance of winning and also enjoy your experience when playing at a penny slot casino.

Be Careful about Your Bets

You can never be careful when gambling online and this is especially true with penny slots. Although the starting penny slots coins are very small, it is easy to start betting big without even realizing it. Always make sure to check your exact bet size before you start spinning. They’re not all free spins! Otherwise, you could happen to run through your bankroll before even realizing what’s happening. You wouldn’t be the first person to have this happen to them and you won’t be the last.

Study Pay-table and Bonus Features

All slots games come with an individual pay-table and various special features. You should always take a bit of time to study the pay-table and the kind of features on offer before you decide whether a particular game is worth playing or not. It is the fact that you can’t influence an outcome of any spin and that there is no way to improve your odds of winnings with most slots. However, knowing what symbols pay most and what bonus features look like will help you enjoy your experience much more and also understand the potential of a slot you’re looking into.

Look for Penny Slot Machines with Best Odds

Slots odds, also expressed as RTP (Return to Player) are the best and most obvious indicator about what to expect from a particular machine. Better odds or higher RTP mean that a game is more player-friendly and doesn’t cost as much per spin. It also means you’ll get to put in more spins and give yourself more chances to get that big win.

Thus, you should always seek to play penny slot machines with best odds. Even if some of them aren’t as exciting to play, you shouldn’t be willing to give up on a few percentage difference in odds just to have slightly better graphics or sounds. After all, when playing online casino games for real money you need to be sensible and wise when making your choices.

Know Your Budget

It is all too easy to get carried away playing penny slots at casino and start risking more money than you had initially planned to. This is a slippery slope and things can quickly spiral out of control if you aren’t careful. The initial $100 you were willing to risk can soon become $200, $300, and, before you know it, you’ll be stuck an amount that could potentially influence other areas of your life.

You should always know your limits and do all in your power not to go over them at any point. With online casinos, you can set your deposit and loss limits to prevent you from putting more money on the line when you’re not thinking straight. If you’re playing in a live casino, you should take with you an amount you’re willing to risk and maybe a bit extra and leave your cards at home. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

Penny Slots Games Online: Myths & Misconceptions

With penny slot machines being so popular with the players, it is no surprise that these games have become subject to many half-truths, misconceptions, and myths over the years. Ever since they were first introduced to casinos, players have being looking how to win penny slots and during this quest, they came up with many answers and ideas that don’t quite have a foundation in reality.

One of the biggest misconceptions about penny slot games online has to do with “hot” and “cold” machines. Namely, many players believe that there is such a thing as a hot or cold slot and you should always look for “hot” ones to play at. The reality is, however, that every single slot spin is completely independent of anything that had happened before. Thus, the fact a particular game has been paying out well doesn’t mean it will continue to do so. Likewise, a game that seems cold can pay huge on the very next spin. It is impossible to predict a behavior of the slot as it is completely governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Another wide-spread myth about slot machines is that they can somehow become “due.” If a particular slot hasn’t triggered a bonus feature in a while, players will often start upping the bets and sticking to their guns because the machine simply has to eventually trigger the feature. While it is true that more spins you play, better your odds of triggering the bonus will become, there is really no such a thing as a “due” slot. It can go another couple of hundred or even thousand spins without a bonus or it could trigger three bonuses in a row. This goes for land-based casinos, online casinos, and offshore casinos like Red Stag and Royal Ace.

Try Your Luck Playing Best Penny Slots Online

If you’re looking for the excitement of online gambling with reasonable exposure and solid winning chances, penny slot machines are the way to go. If you don’t know where to start, we invite you to check some of the most popular slots out there, like DaVinci Diamonds slot or Gonzo’s Quest. These and other games offer plenty of great action and numerous winning opportunities so you won’t feel disappointed!

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Conclusion: Fun of Playing Penny Slot Machines

There are virtually no other casino games that can offer the same level of excitement and entertainment for the same amount of money like penny slots. These games give you a chance to play as low as $0.01 a spin and still have a shot at winning big, sometimes even life-changing money. If you’re new to gambling or are simply looking for games to play without risking too much, penny slot machines are definitely the way to go. Have fun, enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to stay smart and sensible nonetheless.
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