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Casino Slots Games: Best Slots To Play In The US In 2024

In today’s gambling market, online and live alike, slots are by far the most popular form of entertainment. Equally attractive to casual players and high stakes gamblers slot games have the kind of wide appeal that you just don’t find with other games found on a casino floor. These machines are simple to play, they don’t require any knowledge, and can produce big wins on any single spin of the reels.

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    Online Slots Games

    Casino slots came to be several decades ago although they were a far cry away from what we have today. First slot machines were based on mechanical reels and featured only a single payline. Yet, even in this basic form, players were attracted to them.

    As time went on and technology allowed for new developments, slots started to advance, introducing more paylines and better features. With the advent of videoslots, based on virtual instead of physical reels, game creators were given an opportunity to start making games that truly appealed to the players, ushering the slots era.

    Slot Machine: How It Works

    Modern-day casino slot games vary in terms of themes, graphics, and other details we can see with our bare eyes. However, most slot machines feature a rather similar underlying process that serves as the basis for the game operation. The piece of software that makes the slots tick is called a Random Number Generator (RNG).

    The RNG works in a conjunction with slot reels, i.e. it produces random numbers, which are then translated into one of hundreds of thousands of possible reel positions. So, when the number is produced in the background, the slot machine already knows what the outcome will be. Spinning reels and colorful symbols are there simply for our entertainment. This is also why there is no actual effective strategy to slot machines that could deny the house edge.

    The Random Number Generator cooperates closely with another concept that is crucial to slots, namely the Return to Player (RTP). RTP of a slot is usually shown as a percentage and it determines how much money that goes through the game is distributed back to the players in the long run. So, for example, a casino slot with RTP of 96% stands to return 96 dollars for every 100 dollars it takes in.

    This is a short explanation of how slot games work. Of course, things such as RTP are calculated over millions of spins and don’t have much effect on any individual session. You can still win big or lose money every time you sit down to play but understanding the RTP and playing machines with higher RTP on average will result in more winning sessions overall.

    Things to Look Out for In Any Slot Machine

    While it’s obviously almost solely important that you enjoy the time you spend spinning the reels, slot machines have many distinctive features we use to compare them to others – seeing ultimately how entertaining they can be as well as how good potential payouts they hold.


    While RTP represents the long-term return of money put into the slot and promises no immediate gain for a single player, it’s obviously important to play machines offering high returns as this gives one a bit of the edge casinos hold over the players. Many argue even the best online slots RTP gives false hopes in lowly rated machines but they will still not play a game that does not hold such a promise, which is indicative of the importance this calculation has.


    Possibly even more important aspect for players searching best online slots for big wins is volatility or variance. Volatility denotes the possibility or rather frequency of payouts, where lower grades offer more payouts of smaller value while high volatility means alarms don’t go off as often but when they do – they usually mean big wins.

    More experienced players will often opt for volatile games with greater potential for big wins while casual casino-goers tend to like less volatility, which can keep one going without breaking the bank but are usually unable to offer dazzling jackpots.


    The stakes players can invest for a single spin will largely determine the type of players who spin the reels to start with. This means the higher the minimum stake goes, the less appealing it will be to beginners with small bankrolls who want to have fun without bankrupting in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, the higher the maximum stake stands, the more attention the slot will get with high-rollers who enjoy the thrills of big money spins. Take your bankroll into consideration when choosing a slot machine to play on!


    The number of paylines and the potential payout for every single symbol might not be easy to grasp at first but examining the paytable is of utmost importance, as this is the only way players can know what they’re hoping for – from winnings on the table to free spins and bonus scatters. Paytable will have instructions and rules on how features are triggered explained and this serves as a great way to learn the ropes of best online slots USA.

    Design and Bonus Features

    Great design and interesting gameplay will keep players returning to any game and slots are no different. It’s important for the latest gambling sites to feature slots that have a complete package of easy interface with on-point controls together with appealing graphics, as this means a lot to the overall experience with any slot.

    The bonus features and extra games will be just as important, as it doesn’t take long to understand how much of an impact they have on the payouts as well as the overall diversity offered if one sticks with one of the best online slots with free spins for a longer time. So what are the best online slots for US players we just keep returning to?

    Some of our favorite bonus offers at the moment are the DraftKings casino promo code, which gifts new members with a  $35 no deposit bonus and the latest promo code for FanDuel casino that gives you $500 extra to play with.

    Online slots may be among the most popular casino games in existence but when it comes to the USA in particular, the legal situation is quite complicated. Overall, the US Government doesn’t have a particularly favorable stance towards online gambling and online casino slots are, in particular, the point over which regulators in many states can’t find the common language.

    Several US states, such as New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and, more recently, Pennsylvania, have regulated their online gambling space. This means that players are free to enjoy various casino games, including casino slots, on a variety of properly licensed and regulated operators. With these states, online casino slots aren’t an issue and players can enjoy a variety of titles from many popular and trustworthy slot creators.

    In all licensed jurisdictions, be it the US or any other part of the world with strict gaming laws, all online casino slot games undergo strict tests and controls before they’re released to the public. These games must prove fair and fully random before the regulator will allow them to be featured on online casinos.

    For the players, it is very important to always play only with the suppliers whose slots have been properly checked and verified by these licensing authorities. This is the only way you can know for sure that the game’s RTP is truly as advertised and that there’s been no tampering of any kind with the game’s source code.

    Different Types of Slots

    While there are thousands of different casino slots out there, with all sorts of themes, various paylines, in-game features, etc., pretty much all of them can be divided into four main groups, with certain games belonging to more than one at the same time.

    • Video slots are a common name for pretty much all slots found online today. These games feature virtual reels (instead of physical ones) and usually offer various slots bonus features such as free spins, pick & click games, and similar. Video slots are characterized by nice graphics, smooth gameplay, and opportunities for big wins.
    • Fruit machines are a term used to describe older games based on the original idea for casino slot Although these days these are also (mostly) video slots in essence, they feature classic symbols, like various fruits, bells, bars, and 7s, usually offer fewer paylines, and no special bonus features except for occasional free spins or multiplier wilds.
    • Adventure slots refer to online slots with a sense of adventure, i.e. allowing players to actually progress through the game, unlocking new parts of the game, uncovering new features, developing their characters, etc. Adventure slots are a new breed of gambling games, where the boundary between classic gaming and gambling is blurred and slots become more like traditional video games. These games are particularly popular with newer generation players who expect and demand more from their gaming experience.
    • Jackpot slots are the ones where players can win a separate jackpot in addition to standard line wins. Sometimes, these jackpots are awarded for making a particular combination of symbols while at other times jackpots are awarded randomly and it is impossible to say when a player is going to win until it happens. In this group, progressive jackpot slots take a special place. These are the games where the jackpot is accumulated across the network of different casinos offering the same game and the progressive pool is filled by all players playing the particular slot across all casinos. Some of the most popular games of this type often feature seven and even eight-figure amounts.

    Some fun games to play include 88 Fortunes, Berry Burst, Big Prize Bubblegum, Black Diamond, and Cash Spin.

    The Most Famous Developers of Casino Slots

    With online casino slots being so popular, it is no surprise there are dozens of companies out there whose primary business relies on developing and launching new slot games. In this large group of game providers, there are several companies that stand out from the rest, both in terms of quality and quantity of games they produce regularly.

    • Microgaming is one of the best-known and largest developers of online casino slot games. The company has been in the business since 1994 and over the years, they’ve produced several hundred gaming titles available across dozens, if not hundreds of online casinos. Their portfolio includes some of the best known progressive jackpots such as Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis.
    • NetEnt is another hugely popular developer of casino slots hailing from Sweden. The company has been set up a couple of years after Microgaming, in 1996, but they’re easily in the top three of all-time slot makers. With more than 200 gaming titles under their belts and with more than 200 casino operator partners, NetEnt produces visually pleasing and entertaining games, often based on popular movies and TV shows. NetEnt also features some of its own progressive jackpot slots, the most popular ones being Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods.
    • IGT (International Game Technology) is one of the oldest companies in the business. Founded in 1990, IGT is a Nevada-based company, which started off creating slots primarily for land-based venues, later branching into the online arena as well, creating online versions of some of their most popular games. Some of their titles, such as DaVinci Diamonds are hugely popular, especially with old-school players.
    • Playtech was founded in 2007 and it is based out of Isle of Man. This game developer may have been somewhat late to the party but their range of games has quickly more than made up for it. These days, Playtech offers a variety of slots with many different themes, from myths and legends, to superheroes and pop culture. While their slots are often not that impressive in terms of graphics, in-game features and the winning potential make them well worth the time and money. There are several progressive jackpots from Playtech as well.
    • Konami is a name very well recognized in the world of video games but since 1978, the company has also started looking into gambling, creating ties with a number of casino operators in the US. It wasn’t until 2005, when the company moved its seat to Nevada, that Konami had actually started producing slots. They were initially focused on the land-based markets but have since, like many others, expanded into the iGaming world as well. Players familiar with the live gambling scene are probably aware of some popular Konami titles such as China Shores. Konami has mainly held to the US, having only recently ventured into Europe as well, via partnership with some of the major online casino operators offering their services on the continent.

    Top 5 Casinos Offering Slot Games

    With online slots being so popular, it is no wonder that many online casinos focus primarily on these games, offering players exactly what they want. These days, a modern operator will offer anything from a few hundred to couple hundred slots for players to enjoy. If you’re looking to play a particular slot online, you should have no problems finding at least a few sites that offer this option for free and real money alike.

    Of course, while most casinos offer a decent selection of slots, there are other things to also consider when making your decision, such as their welcome bonus and other offers, all of which come into play as they can significantly boost your bankroll.

    The Top Online Slots Revealed

    DaVinci Diamonds: Search for Lost Diamonds

    DaVinci Diamonds is a slot released by IGT back in 2012 and it still represents one of the popular slots with casinos across the web, focusing on the works of the famous painter Leonardo DaVinci and featuring a number of bonuses.

    The game offers an RTP of 94.93% with five reels beautified with diamonds and masterpiece paintings, hiding 20 payline to look out for. The slot machine has Wild scatters and a special Tumbling Reels feature, which has all symbols on a winning line disappearing and replaced with those above – potentially creating new winning lines.

    The coin value starts at just USD 0.01 and this has surely added to its popularity, suited for a wide range of players and offering a maximum payout of 25,000 coins for a payline of five Wilds.

    Divine Fortune: The Quest for Divine Treasures

    Divine Fortune is a more recent release from NetEnt but it’s taking players even further in the past, focusing on the riches of ancient Greece in a five-reel 20-payline slot. It also offers a progressive jackpot together with Wilds, Wild on Wild feature, re-spins, and more.

    Divine Fortune boasts a mystic approach to the Mythological creatures here and offers a rock-solid RTP of 96,59%. The bets, on the other hand, range from low USD 0.20 to a high USD 100 and while the high-rollers could enjoy more – it’s fair to say it’s well suited for different kinds of players too.  The game still attracts a lot of attention despite no great graphics work and there sure is a great reason for it.

    Eggomatic: NetEnt’s Amazing Machine

    Speaking of great graphics and animation works, NetEnt surely has boasting rights as it created a couple of titles that could easily compete with many Android and iPhone games. Eggomatic sure is a unique segment in any casino out there, featuring robo-chickens as symbols and an egg dispenser on the right which are bound to catch one’s attention.

    With five reels and 20 paylines, the game offers a 96.48% RTP and features a special kind of wild triggers – where a conveyor belt takes eggs across the reels and players need a Wild on those reels to break open the eggs – with a number of special features in the offer, including Free Spins, immediate coin winnings, and Spreading Wilds. A fun game worth checking out even in 2019!

    Gonzo's Quest: Back to the World of Indians

    Continuing down the same path of great animation works, we meet NetEnt’s Gonzo who takes players through the jungles of Peru in search of El Dorado and its precious gold. Gonzo’s Quest was released back in 2011 and still continues to attract great attention from casino-goers, pairing funny animations and thrills of big wins – with an RTP of 95.97% largely boosted by the now-famous Avalanche feature, where symbols cascade down after wins and a multiplier boost up to x5 with each new winning line in a single spin.

    High volatility means great winning potential here and this has been turning heads for almost a decade now, as Gonzo’s Quest remains one of the fan favorites across platforms and casino providers. As with many of the best slots online, you can check out our in-depth review here at Gambling Hero.

    Starburst: The Secrets of the Universe

    Starburst surely is one of the best-known slot machines famous for its rather simple astral design and flash reels, creating an overall futuristic feel together with the soundtrack and effortless controls as players connect symbols including diamonds, 7s, and BARs.

    The slot features ten paylines across five reels and boasts an RTP of 96.1%, where winning lines can be created in both directions and not only from the left to right as with many modern slot machines. There are no Free spins or special features but Wilds will expand over the whole reel and initiate a re-spin for the other reels, which does add a great bonus feature and further increases the winning potential of this classic.  The lower volatility means smaller wins but these come in steadily, which often adds to an easy-going and enjoyable experience.

    Wheel of Fortune: Spin the Wheel & Win Big

    Wheel of Fortune is another famous title which bodes well in 2019 and has become one of the IGT’s fan favorites over the years, featuring five reels and 30 paylines with an RTP of 96.6%. The game is more rewarding the more you play it, as players get to trigger On Tour Bonus features multiple times to unlock different rewards including Free Spins, Letter Board Picker feature and more.

    Filled with unique features, the game has a lot of genuine fans who often return to it which makes it hard to deny IGT’s success here. Spin to Win will let you choose a letter from the word Wheel and automatically award a cash prize, for example. A game definitely worth checking out!

    Online Casino Slots FAQ

    How many online casino slots are there in total?

    It is hard to say the exact number because there are so many developers producing new games every day. Some of the best online casinos out there offer north of 2,000 titles and there are at least this many overall.

    How does a slot machine work & how can I know it is being fair?

    All slots are based on a Random Number Generator, which makes sure the outcome of every single spin is truly random and independent of any events before or after. The fairness of the RNG is tested and verified by licensing authorities and independent auditing companies, which vouch for their test results.

    Is there a way to play online slots free?

    If you want to know how to play free slot games, this is quite easy. Most casinos usually offer all of their slots in free and real money modes, so a majority of machines can be played and tested without having to invest or risk any real money.

    What kind of slot games are there?

    There are all sorts of slots with various themes, game features, etc. However, all slot games can be divided into four main groups: video slots, fruit machines, adventure slots, and jackpot slots.

    What are jackpot slots? Why are they special?

    Jackpot slots are games that feature an additional jackpot prize that can be won on top of any standard base-game hits. The jackpot is won either through a particular combination of symbols or completely at random.

    Try Your Luck Playing the Best Casino Slots!

    Whether you’re an experienced gambler or someone just starting with online gambling, casino slots represent an excellent way to both have fun and potentially win a significant amount of money relative to your stakes. With slots being so simple yet exciting and thrilling, they are truly a game for everyone.

    So, if you’re looking to have some fun, waste no time and check out our suggested best online gambling sites and find the one that is just right for you. Check out what slots they have on offer, try them out for free, and once you’re ready, you can shoot for the stars and try your luck playing for real money!

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