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Online Poker in USA 2024: Find The Best US Online Poker Sites Where You Can Legally Play

Last Updated on 25/05/2024
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

Online poker in the USA is becoming a massive business. All types of great companies will be offering it. And a lot of scam companies will try to get into the mix. That's why you need someone like us to answer the question 'is global poker rigged?' As well as tell you what the best US online poker sites are.

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Best U.S. Online Poker Sites

When you play online poker in the USA you only want to go to the best sites that are available. There are a lot of online poker sites around but some are better than others.

The best US online poker site for you might not be good for someone else. We all have our own unique tastes and preferences. Some people like to use online poker apps to play. Some prefer their laptops. There are people who want to grab great bonus offers. Others are looking for tournaments.

That's why we offer you a range of different online poker sites for you to choose from. Simply try a few and see which one works the best for your unique needs. All of the sites we recommend are fully licensed, completely legal for online poker and a ton of fun. The differences are minor but could make or break you.

Read our reviews and then decide which site is going to work out the best for your own self-interests.

What Makes An Online Poker Site Great?

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to decide which is the best online poker site in the USA for you. When evaluating an online poker site you have to decide what really matters and what isn't all that important to you. Only then can you decide which one is the best US online poker site for you to play at.

Here are some features we consider very important when choosing the right online poker site for your needs.

What Are The Bonuses Like?

Every online poker site has different bonus offers, such as the poker no deposit bonus. Usually, these are in the form of no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses or both. Take a look at how much money they are offering you. Check out how many times you'll have to play through their money. Pay close attention to their terms and conditions. All of these things come into play when trying to determine the best online poker site in the USA. Some casinos are very generous. Some are not. We show you the differences between the two.

Do They Have A Live Poker Option?

Many of us are happy to play virtual online poker. But the best US online poker sites will also have an option for a live casino. This means that they use cameras to take you into the casino. You can see the cards turn over. You can talk to other players and even the dealer. Many people greatly prefer the live casino experience when they play poker online. If that's you then you definitely want to find the best online poker site in the USA with a live casino.

Does It Have An App?

Many of us are happy to simply play online poker sites from our desktop or laptop. But many other people like the chance to play online poker at US sites while they are on the go. If they are stuck in an airport or a train station they want to be able to log in and play. For them, this is the best online poker. Those people will need a site that has an app that allows them to play the casino from their phone or another mobile device. We'll let you know which casinos they are and just how good their app is.

How Is Their Customer Service?

Customer service matters. It can make you one of the be best US online poker sites or one of the worst. All sites do well by their customers when things are going great. What makes the difference is how they treat you when things start to fall apart. We tested out all of the customer service options at all of the online poker sites. We took note of which ones treated us well and which ones left us flat. Then we pass that information on to you so you can decide for yourself which is the best online poker in the USA.

Are There Online Poker Tournaments?

This won't matter for new players. But for people who have been playing poker for a long time and want to test out their skills nothing else is more important. You want to be able to log into your online poker site and compete against the big guns. If you win you'll take home a big prize and a lot of cash. That's why we'll let you know which of the best US online poker sites have tournaments and just how much cash you can claim from them. If you are a newer player you won't care about this and will simply want to look for which sites have the best bonus offers. Searching for providers who offer online tournaments? Check out our BetMGM online casino guide or Betfair poker review.

Deposit Methods

In order to play online poker for real money, you need to be able to put cash into your account. Every casino has different options for this. You want to find an online poker site that caters to your needs. We'll tell you exactly what your deposit options are for each and every site. If you like to use your credit card we'll tell you which of the online poker sites in the USA will let you. Same if you want to use PayPal to make your deposits. We'll show you what casinos will allow you to use bank transfers when you deposit your money – and which ones will let you use e-wallets. This way when you are picking the best US online poker site for yourself you'll be sure to know if you can put money in or not.

Withdrawal Features

In the same way that you want to know that you can put money into your online poker site, you want to make sure you can take it out when you win. All the casinos have different ways of handling this. Each one will hold onto your money while it verifies who you are and that you have the right to withdraw it. We'll let you know how much time you should expect this to take. Then depending on how you made your deposit your withdrawal time will also vary. It could be as little as a day or as long as 10 days. You can then decide for yourself which is the best online poker site for you.


Many online poker sites set limits on how much you can withdraw. This could be set by day, by week or by month. For most people, most of the time this will not be a problem. But for high stakes players or for regular players who happen to have a really good day it could be a big problem. Knowing what the limits are for online poker in the USA is therefore important. We'll tell you exactly what the limits are and for what time period they cover. Then you can figure out if these limits work with your strategy.

How Easy To Use Is The Site?

It should go without saying that the usability of an online poker site is a top priority. Is the site easy to navigate? Are the buttons intuitive? Does it load quickly or take a long time. Is it easy to hit the wrong button and end up placing a big online poker bet when you wanted to fold? All of these are legitimate questions that you have the right to have answered for you. We tested out all of our best US online poker sites and will give you real information on just how easy or hard to use they are. Navigation is essential to any good online casino site.

How Easy Is It To Register And Sign Up For The Site?

When you want to play online poker you generally just want to get to playing as quickly as possible. You don't want to have to fill out a ton of forms. You want to see the cards fall. Some sites let you register and sign up fairly easily. Some ask you for a ton of information. We evaluate all of our sites when trying to come up with the best online poker sites in the US. We'll take into account just how difficult their registration process is when we give you a review for a site. In reality, some sites ask for much more information than they actually need. Usually, this is for marketing reasons only. Sure they have to gather some data on you but you don't want to have to give them more than they need to process your transaction. You can find out the process of signing up to sites in our operator reviews, such as our Pala casino review and PokerStars casino ratings.

The Best Bonus Offers From Online Poker Casinos

For most people, the difference between a great casino and a lousy one is going to be how good their bonus offers are. When you have two casinos that both have the same level of usability and interface and one will give you $1,000 and the other one will give you $250 guess which one we'll recommend. That's an easy poker tip for you. Players want to be able to keep playing. The best US online poker sites know this. They will give you as much money as possible to do so. What is also important, however, is how many times you have to play the money through. For example, a free $250 that you only have to play through once is better than $1,000 that you have to play through 20 times. We'll show you the difference so you can make an educated decision before you start playing online poker.

Our Top Online Poker Recommendations

We spent a lot of time and money doing our research into what we recommend as the best online poker sites. We want you to have a good time playing. That's always been our goal. We look at everything and take all the pluses and minuses into account. Then we provide you with an honest review of each and every site.

The following list is the result of our hard work and effort. It breaks down what is good and what is lacking at each and every online poker site. Then you can evaluate what we found out and make your own decision. Of course, where you choose to play will be different for everyone.

For some people, they may simply prefer the look of one site over another one. Some people are looking for the best welcome offers. Some want tournaments. There are people who only want to play on their desktop or laptop. Others want to play on the go and want the best apps possible to play poker online.

Because each and every person comes to play online poker with different expectations some people will not like a given site we've suggested while others will think it's the best online poker in the USA.

Our advice is to try out several of the sites we recommend. Then once you find a site that you like to stick with it. The final answer will be different for everyone but you should all be able to find a site that works for you. Have a read of our Unibet casino review or FanDuel casino review for two highly-recommended operators.

Online Poker USA FAQ 

📊 Are The Odds Different On Different Sites?

No. Poker is a straight-up mix of skill and strategy. The odds of a given card turning up at a given time are the same on all sites. And the payoff is the pot – the sum total of what everyone has bet. Therefore the odds of winning and how much you will win are the same on all online poker sites. That's one aspect you don't have to worry about when choosing the site you want to play on. Check out for all our gambling needs.

🔎 Is The River Or The Flood The Same On All Sites?

Yes. In every game of Texas Hold 'Em, we know about the river is always five cards. Players place their bets before they see the first card in the river and then after each card is revealed. There is no variation we know of with a four- or six-card flood or river.

❎ Should I Be Worried About Other People Cheating?

All of the sites we have reviewed are licensed to operate in the United States. That means they have deep encryption on their sites. Therefore it would be virtually impossible for anyone to manipulate the cards they have or to see what cards you have. Therefore unlike poker in the real world playing poker online has eliminated any possibility of cheating interfering with the game.

❓How Is Online Poker Different Than Poker In Real Life?

When you play poker in real life people will be observing you. This is to determine when you make unconscious physical characteristics when you are bluffing. Some people touch their nose. Others look away. There are a million “tells” that can signal that you are bluffing. When you play poker online you eliminate any chance that you will give off a tell. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on the strategy of the game and not worry about your body giving you away.

🔞 How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Online Poker?

In every state that has currently legalized online poker in the United States, you must be at least 18 years of age. People who are underage are not allowed to make online bets. If you are discovered to have placed a bet while underage the casino may keep your winnings. They may also tell authorities about you. You can wait until you are 18 years old before you make your first wager.

💸 Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Online Poker Winnings?

Yes, you do. The IRS requires that all winnings are taxable. That means that anything you win will have to be reported on your tax return. Of course, the amount you will be taxed will be offset by the amount you lost. But if you win a huge tournament you will certainly have to pay some tax on that money. The IRS considers casino winnings exactly the same way they look at you getting a paycheck.

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