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Youwager Offshore Casino 2021

  • Foreign online bookmaker
  • No legitimate gaming licenses
  • History of poor business dealings
  • Numerous reports of unpaid cashouts
  • Bitcoin as only real payment method for Americans
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Established well before the time of the major online gaming expansion, Youwager Casino has been around in some form since 1994. This certainly makes Youwager one of the true industry veterans, but that means little since their business practices have been shady at best for years. For all the years in the industry, the casino does not even feature a single gaming license on display, which is a rare case of a long standing online casino with no license whatsoever.

Youwager Casino features a very basic looking site, with several different platforms which include casino games and a sports betting platform. Our goal with this Youwager Casino review was to find out whether the operator has anything valuable to offer as well as whether American players should even consider playing there. Unfortunately, the lack of any gaming licenses is reason enough to avoid the site, but we went out of our way and conducted a full review as we do with other, licensed casino sites.

Safe to Play Here? Is Youwager Casino Legal or Not?

Offshore casinos in general have a reputation of dealing with their players in less than transparent ways, and Youwager is no exception. The operator has been working without any gaming license for over two decades, which alone tells us everything we need to know. Literally every reputable gaming site out there has acquired licenses over the years, leaving Youwager completely outside of the question when legality is concerned.

Not only has Youwager Casino continued to service international players in countries where licenses are not really a requirement, but they have also continually accepted business from Americans. US government only allows operations that have state licenses to operate within the country, which means that Youwager Casino has simply broken laws and hidden behind the international curtain to avoid prosecution.

What Players are Risking

By playing at Youwager Casino, or any other offshore casino for that matter, the players are putting themselves in harm’s way needlessly. The operator is not a legitimate American casino and their lack of licensing altogether clearly indicates that they believe they can handle all potential disputes themselves. This leaves a lot of room for manipulation, biased rules interpretation and countless other negative scenarios.

While we are not saying that Youwager Casino will steal your money, instances of unpaid cashouts and blocked accounts with funds still in them are a common occurrence with offshore casinos. In fact, it would be fair to say that all offshore casinos have a poor policy of dealing with player disputes and it is a fairly regular situation that players are completely ignored if a dispute does arise.

While playing with licensed online casinos, players have a recourse if they believe the casino to be mistaken. An unregulated operator like Youwager, on the other hand, can simply act in any fashion they choose without any course of action a player could take to rectify the situation.

In addition to risking loss of funds, players are also risking legal problems, as sending deposits into offshore casinos helps them continue their path of tax evasion and such deposits could even be seen as criminal themselves as money laundering charges may be brought in cases where bigger sums of money are transferred.

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Operator Check: Youwager Casino Legit Test

Being unlicensed and running from an offshore location, Youwager Casino is clearly not a site that we can recommend. Nevertheless, we decided to run a full operator test on the casino to make sure we were not missing anything and to find out just what kind of a service the operator provides its players in general. Here is what we discovered.

Casino Games: Questionable Games Quality

While many offshore casinos are doing their best to ensure a decent quality of casino games by employing companies such as BetSoft or Real Time Gaming as their main software providers, Youwager Casino went with a significantly lower quality Amigotech, a company that has been involved in multiple scandals regarding games fairness and has never really made it onto any mainstream casinos.

The selection of games includes what you would expect to see at most online casinos, with a few hundred slots such as Party in Wonderland and Dog Father which offer bleak copies of the more popular games by other providers. In other areas, players can play casino games like roulette, poker or blackjack, all powered by the same software company.

Live Casino: Three Games with Live Streams

The Amigotech live dealers platform is also no match for the bigger and better software providers out there but at least the casino does provide live dealer games. The three games on offer are baccarat, blackjack and roulette and these are streamed live around the clock directly from the provider’s studio. While these game appear to be fair, there is always a question regarding this software provider due to its history.

Bonuses: New Bonus Every Week

When it comes to bonuses, it appears that the operator provides a nearly endless stream of bonus offer. The Youwager Casino bonuses start with the 200% welcome bonus, which also awards 20 Youwager Casino free spins on top. However, this is not where bonus action ends, as players can apparently play with an active bonus the entire time.

Every day, a slots reload bonus worth 100% up to USD 500 is available, which means players can keep playing videoslots with bonus cash non-stop. Additionally, a weekly reload bonus worth 150% up to USD 450 is available every Tuesday. Overall, the amount of bonuses at the site is quite impressive, but the wagering terms and maximum cashouts associated with these offers are far from amazing.

Payment Methods: Bitcoin as Main Payment Method

Youwager Casino does not officially display the payment methods which are available, but the one clear thing is that Bitcoin is the primary payment method meant for American players. This is the only payment method that American players can use to smoothly deposit at offshore casinos, but we highly recommend not using Bitcoin for casino deposits as the crypto currency is not safe to use and can cause numerous problems for the user.

User Interface: Unorthodox and Unimpressive

The user interface at Youwager Casino looks quite unimpressive at first sight and is quite a bit different than most other online casinos. Overall, the site is relatively easy to use but it looks more like an out-dated gaming site with no real money options than a proper online casino. The casino is not fully optimized for all devices and runs slower than most competing sites, making Youwager Casino desperately in need of a software overhaul.

Customer Service: Multiple Lines Available

In terms of customer service, Youwager staff is quite available as multiple telephone lines, live chat and several email addresses are all available. With this many different possible service lines, players can choose how they wish to approach the casino and can get support quickly at any time of day. The support staff appears to be helpful enough so customer support may just be one of the redeeming qualities of Youwager Casino.

Destiny of Offshore Casinos: Youwager Casino Legal Future?

Despite the lack of any gaming license in the US, Youwager has become quite a popular operator over the past decade. This is mostly due to the facts that most players are not really sure as to the legal situation of such sites and that there was no access to actual legal US casinos until recently.

Today, however, US licensed casinos are emerging by the day, with more and more states legalizing online gambling and making it possible for players to enjoy online gaming from their homes within the confines of the law.

Offshore casinos such as Youwager are now in a situation where legal sites will be taking over more and more of the market, primarily due to the fact they can legally market and advertise within the US. Since their status has been shady for years, there are nearly no chances of such casinos receiving gaming licenses in the US, which indicates that players who are currently playing at such sites should stop and look for legal alternatives instead.

FAQ: Youwager Casino Scam or Not?

It is very hard to say since the casino has no license and no one can really determine if their operation is fair. However, we do know that the site should not be providing services to US players, which makes them illegal in the US at least. For a legal alternative you should check out Tropicana Casino.

Once again, it is nearly impossible to say, since no third party audits of their gaming software could ever be conducted.

As an American player, you should not be playing at any offshore casino based outside of the US, which includes Youwager Casino as well.

While the chances are you will not run into any legal troubles for playing at Youwager Casino, it is not entirely possible that you break some laws in the process of playing with an offshore casino, so the best option is to stay away.

The number of legal US online casinos is growing daily, so check out our list of legal top gambling sites and find one that you will enjoy the most.

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