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Sportsbook Offshore Casino 2021

  • Antigua based company
  • Not regulated in the USA
  • Falsely advertises as US casino
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments
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Originally founded under the name, is a gaming site that has always had a primary focus on sports betting. However, over time, Sportsbook Casino also opened up and started to service American customers even though the site is not licensed by any state or federal body within the US. In fact, the only licenses the casino has are from Antigua and Barbuda, which carries very little real weight.

Since it can be difficult for US players to determine at first sight which online casinos are licensed in the US and which are operating from abroad, we decided to make an extensive Sportsbook Casino review with a goal of fully unmasking the operator and all its dealings and finding out once and for all whether playing with Sportsbook Casino is a good idea if you are a US citizen.

Should I Play There? Is Sportsbook Casino Legal?

The question of the legality of online casinos such as Sportsbook Casino is one that is often asked by players in the US. These sites advertise as “US Friendly”, which often makes players believe that they are doing them a service and that they have some kind of a license to operate within the US, but this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, Sportsbook Casino and many other offshore sites are in clear violation of American laws. They avoid being prosecuted for unlicensed gambling operations by operating from offshore locations such as Antigua and Barbuda, but their operations would be criminal if they were conducted within the US. This alone should be enough to make any player want to avoid them.

On top of breaking many laws by allowing players from USA to play there, offshore sites are often out and out scams, often refusing to pay out player winnings and seizing funds for countless reasons which have no real justification.

Approach with Caution

Sportsbetting Casino is just one of a countless number of online casinos that operate from locations on remote islands and offer US players online gambling services. However, players who decide to play there are not protected in any way, with no real regulatory body checking up on these casinos and absolutely no guarantee of fair play whatsoever.

Playing at Sportsbetting Casino can be dangerous for American citizens for many reasons. First and foremost, the casino has no real legal obligation to keep players’ private information away from third parties, which can mean that your personal and even banking info can be shared with other parties without your consent. Additionally, sites with no real regulations have no one to answer to if they decide they don’t want to pay out your winnings, so your funds are in constant jeopardy.

Finally, playing at an offshore casino puts the player in harm’s way as they can be accused of supporting or even taking part in money laundering and tax evasion, both crimes that offshore casinos are notorious for. To make sure this does not happen, players are advised to simply steer clear of any site that does not hold a license within the US itself.

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Operator Check: Sportsbook Casino Legit Test

Offshore operators are definitely not on the list of online casinos that we would recommend for US players, but to be fair and objective, we had to actually test the Sportsbook Casino ourselves and find out how the casino performs in comparison to others. We rated the site’s performance in multiple important categories and here is what we came up with.

Casino Games: Limited Choice of BetSoft Games

When it comes to games at Sportsbook Casino, there really isn’t that much choice to speak of. The casino is exclusively powered by a single software provider, BetSoft, a company popular for serving many offshore casinos.

The selection of games by BetSoft at Sportsbook Casino includes many casino slot machines, with some of the most popular titles including The Slotfather II, Fruit Bat Crazy and Sunken Treasure. The site also features a number of other online casino games, with player favorites such as roulette, Caribbean Stud poker and craps all in there, along with a big selection of video poker machines.

Live Casino: Live Dealer Games Missing

Players who were hoping for a Sportsbook Casino live casino platform are out of luck, as the operator does not offer one, despite BetSoft actually providing the live casino functionality. Unlike many other operators that are powered by the same software, Sportsbook Casino opted not to feature any live dealer games, to the disappointment of many players.

Bonuses: Match Bonuses, Cashback & More

When it comes to Sportsbook Casino bonus offers, the operator offers a reasonable choice of such promotions. A 20% welcome bonus is available to all new players who make deposits via Bitcoin if they use the appropriate Sportsbook Casino promo code, while additional deposit bonuses are available for other players.

The site also regularly runs other promotions, tournaments, and contests, with players able to win thousands in dollars’ worth of extra cash and free spins at the casino. Lucky players may even claim a Sportsbook Casino no deposit bonus offer when they sign up.

Payment Methods: Bitcoin Rules

While Sportsbook Casino was not originally meant as a Bitcoin casino, since crypto currencies did not exist back in the day, over the years the operator turned into a fully-fledged Bitcoin site. American players who play at the site can make Bitcoin deposits and receive special bonuses for using the mysterious crypto currency, but despite all the fuss about it, we absolutely do not recommend using Bitcoin for online gaming at all as such payments can be dangerous and cause quite a few problems for the player.

User Interface: Well Out of Date

Players who visit Sportsbook Casino can quickly notice that the site operates using a very out-dated platform that resembles something from the early 2000s more than a modern gaming site. The menus and layout look simplistic and not in tune with what players expect from online casinos nowadays. Quite clearly, the site owners invested more in functionality than appearance, which makes the site intuitive and simple to use but not so great to look at.

Customer Service: Email and Phone Options

Players who need some help with their account or other features of Sportsbook Casino can contact the casino staff through email and telephone. Unfortunately, there is no live chat option on login and the telephone lines do not appear to be active around the clock. Email support is somewhat slow and sometimes unresponsive, once again proving that Sportsbook Casino is not as serious as they would have their users believe.

Destiny of Offshore Casinos: Sportsbook Casino Legal Future?

The hopes of many American players who have played with offshore casinos such as Sportsbook Casino for years have been that these sites would eventually become legalized in the US and that playing there would be completely within the law. However, this is quite unlikely considering how many laws these sites have broken and how irresponsive they have been to the requests of the authorities to stop accepting American customers.

With such a bad relationship with the American government, it remains very unlikely that any offshore site would ever receive a license to operate in any of the US states. Additionally, only sites that have a partnership with a land based US casino can offer online gaming services and most offshore casinos are simply not big enough to form such partnerships.

For all these reasons, legalization of Sportsbook Casino is quite unlikely, combined with the fact that it is not very probable the operator would even request such a license. Overall speaking, Sportsbook Casino is and will likely remain an illegitimate international casino that US customers should avoid.

FAQ: Is Sportsbook Casino Scam or Not?

No! Sportsbook Casino is an offshore casino site with no legal right to operate within the US borders. They offer services to US customers from abroad and are thus in violation of multiple US laws.

For the most part, no! While some American players have played at the casino and even received some winnings into their bank accounts, the risks of playing at an offshore casino like this are simply too great.

No! American banks are not allowed to process payments for offshore casinos, which makes most offshore transactions either a part of the grey zone or simply not legal.

In order to operate in the US, casinos must have a license. Such licenses were not available for a long time as legislation can be slow, but offshore casinos went around the law and continued to accept American players to maximize profits, thus making their operation illegal when the US government is concerned.

Thanks to the laws on online gambling finally being passed in multiple states, licensed American casino sites are finally available, and we suggest you check out our lists of legal casinos where you can play with no fear or restrictions.

Finding a Legal American Casino
It took a while, but legal online gambling in the US is finally here! Multiple states have passed legislation for online casinos and such sites are now available around the country. For a detailed list of legal online casinos in your state or a state near you, check out our full rundown of online gambling sites and pick an online casino that you like based on the extensive reviews our site offers.

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