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JustBet Offshore Casino 2021

  • Operates without a US license
  • Questionable Amigotechs software
  • Uses Bitcoin as main banking method
  • Game fairness is not tested
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Another in a series of US-facing offshore online casinos, JustBet Casino is an operator whose only gaming license is issued in Costa Rica, meaning it has no legal rights to operate in the US or any of its territories. Yet, the casino is primarily focused on serving US customers, which makes it a fairly dangerous site and one to be avoided for reasons we will explain in this review.

JustBet Casino was established in 2011 and the platform is based on Amigotechs software, hosting a full range of casino games by this relatively unknown software provider. While the site features plenty of different games and some reasonably attractive promotions, the fact is that US customers should stay away from it as it has no license in any of the states. Keep reading out JustBet Casino review and find out just what the operator has to offer as well as what the legal situation is with this and other offshore casinos such as MyBet, Kudos, Mega 7s, and Miami Club.

Safe or Not? Is JustBet Casino Legal?

Many US casino players are not completely familiar with the legal situation of online gambling in the country. Currently, only online casinos operating under a license by one of the states are allowed to host online gambling, while international sites are not allowed to operate within the country without such a license.

As we already mentioned, JustBet Casino does not hold any gaming license within the US and it should technically not be accepting customers from the US. While most international casinos do refrain from this, some offshore sites like JustBet continue to serve US players without any regard for the laws.

This is exactly the reason why US players should stay well away from JustBet Casino. Players who want to play at the site should consider the legal ramifications of this as well as the fact that they are helping casino owners get away with tax evasion and other breaches of American laws which should be avoided.

The Personal Risks to the Players

Not only are Americans who play at JustBet Casino helping the operator get away with crime and subverting legal US casinos in the process, but they are also putting themselves in very real danger. Offshore casinos are not regulated by any US agencies, it is in fact not regulated by anyone. Their sole gaming license does not really put any legal requirements on the casino and the Amigotechs games the casino uses have been in the centre of scandals on multiple occasions throughout the years.

With no proper regulation, the fairness of the games at JustBet Casino is not guaranteed and neither is the safety of player funds and private information. The operator can choose to share private player information with anyone they choose and can even decide not to pay out player winnings without any real explanation.

Offshore casinos have become famous for finding any reason not to pay winning players, citing various breaches of contract or bonus terms even when such breaches are not real. However, since there is no legal body that can help players who have a dispute with the operator, there is no telling if winnings will be paid from an offshore casino or not.

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Operator Check: Is JustBet Casino Legit?

While the legal situation of JustBet Casino is quite clear and we strongly recommend that American players find a licensed alternative instead, we wanted to find out how the operator performs in comparison to other online casinos in general. We conducted a full review of the site and the results of this review can be found below.

Casino Games: Questionable Game Quality

JustBet Casino is a single software casino platform, with Amigotechs being the only software provider for the casino. This provider has been known for some shady dealings and the fairness of their games was brought under investigation on multiple occasions throughout the years. Since the sites using these games are mostly offshore unregulated sites, the fairness of the games was never conclusively proven.

Players who do believe that Just Bet games are fair can choose from quite a wide range of titles. However, the games seem to largely be replicas of games by other software providers, with lower quality graphics and gameplay systems. Some of the best online slots which players can play at JustBet include Arthur’s Realm, Legends of Hercules and Railway Riches while many other online casino games are also offered in virtual formats.

Live Casino: Not Offered

Fans of table games and other casino games who like to play with live dealers will be disappointed from the start as JustBet Casino does not feature any live casino games at all. Amigotechs does not own a live dealers studio and since the operator is based solely on their software, it is no wonder that no live casino games are available. This is one of the major flaws of the casino which makes it significantly less attractive even to players in countries where the casino could legally operate.

Bonuses: Several Bonus Offers Available

Players who do join JustBet Casino can choose to claim one of a number of JustBet Casino bonus offers depending on their preferences in terms of games and payment methods. A 100% slots bonus worth up to USD 500 is available along with a 100% blackjack bonus worth up to USD 250. Both of these are available to new players upon their first deposit.

Players who choose to make their deposits using Bitcoin can receive a welcome bonus worth up to USD 1,000. Except for these, the operator also offers a selection of other promotions with JustBet Casino free spins and bonus cash available to existing players.

Compare this bonus to other top promotions by reading our latest Borgata online bonus code, Scores casino welcome bonus and Party online casino bonus code reviews.

Payment Methods: Easy Deposits with Bitcoin

While the operator offers a selection of various payment methods, it is important to remember that American players can’t exactly use their credit or debit cards to fund offshore casino balances. For this exact reason, the operator introduced the Bitcoin alternative, which allows US players to make deposits without much problem as the crypto currency is available worldwide. While a solid bonus is available for Bitcoin depositors, we must once again warn players of making them as Bitcoin is not a safe payment method and like the casino, it is not regulated by any government body.

User Interface: Average Software Quality

When it comes to the actual software used to power the site, the entire platform is powered by Amigotechs and the site itself is somewhat out-dated and less than spectacular. The casino is available to PC and Mac users while mobile players will not be able to gain access since the software is not compatible with any mobile devices, yet another disappointment for players used to the more modern online gaming experience.

Player Service: Toll Free Lines Available

In terms of customer service, JustBet Casino provides several alternatives for its players including email, live chat and telephone. Telephone support may just be the best choice for US players who do choose to play at JustBet as the toll free phone line is available around the clock for completely free and very fast customer service. Live chat is another fast alternative and the general quality of support at JustBet appears to be at a reasonable level.

What the Future Holds: Making JustBet Casino Legal?

In the midst of the whole legal drama with offshore operators in the US, many players would simply love to see such operators licensed and legalized so that they could continue playing their favorite games at sites they are used to.

However, state licenses are not easy to come by and they are only issued to sites who can prove that they offer 100% safe and legal gaming. Sites that have spent years going around American laws and offering US players their services despite the laws are certainly not on the list of casinos that are up for such a license.

To make matters worse, offshore casinos such as JustBet Casino don’t really appear to be interested in proper gaming licenses and are content to keep operating from offshore locations and with dodgy business practices. For all these reasons, it remains very unlikely that JustBet Casino will ever have a gaming license in any state and we recommend that players choose a different, licensed online casino to play at instead.

FAQ: Is JustBet Casino Scam Site or Not?

There is no real proof that JustBet Casino has defrauded any players, but the fairness of their games is not conclusively proven and they have had quite a few incidents of not paying player winnings in various situations without much explanation.

No! American players should not be playing at offshore casinos at all. JustBet Casino is not regulated by any US agency and there is no telling if their operation is safe for the players or not.

It is very unlikely you will come in any problems with the law just for playing with JustBet Casino. However, the casino itself may end up in legal trouble in the future, while players can find themselves in trouble should they not report their winnings or simply for transferring funds into offshore accounts.

This probably goes without saying but yes, if you win at JustBet Casino, you should report the winnings and pay your taxes. If you don’t, you could be charged with tax evasion.

Instead of playing JustBet games today, go over to one of the legal and licensed online casinos in your state, create an account and play in a safe and stress-free atmosphere of a well-regulated gaming site.

Pick a Legal Site to Play At
Online gambling is now legal in the USA and more states are issuing licenses to online casino sites by the day. Check out our detailed list of legal online casino sites, find a licensed casino in your state and start playing in a 100% safe environment today. If you are already playing at an offshore site, cash out your funds and pick a licensed alternative to make your life easier and your funds safer instantly!

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