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Diamond Reels Offshore Casino 2021

Diamond Reels
  • Unlicensed and unregulated operator
  • Works under foreign licenses
  • There is no guarantee of privacy
  • The site operates outside the US laws
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Founded in 2015 and owned by Two Web Entertainment Casinos, Diamond Reels Casino is one of a series of Curacao based online casinos that continue to accept American patrons without having a legal license to do so. Diamond Reels Casino is powered by the Real Time Gaming software and aimed mainly at the USA area, but US players should approach this site with great caution.

The lack of any license from an American legislative body makes Diamond Reels Casino not available for all intents and purposes. While American players can find ways to play there and it is not likely a player would ever get prosecuted over it, playing at unlicensed casinos can be very dangerous. We explore these dangers in this Diamond Reels Casino review and we present you with actual alternatives you can use 100% legally.

No recommendation: Is Diamond Reels Casino Legal?

Like all other aspects of life, gambling is regulated at either state or federal level. When it comes to online gambling in the USA specifically, one by one states are passing legislation which allows for legal and regulated online gambling. As a player, one should always seek out casinos that operate under a license issued by the state they are playing in and this way avoid any trouble.

American players are advised against playing at offshore casinos such as Diamond Reels Casino for a multitude of reasons. For starters, such casinos are not allowed by the US government to accept American players and they continue to do so against the wishes of the federal government. As such, they are in direct violation of federal laws. Any player playing free casino slots at such a casino will quickly find themselves in the midst of a legally grey area that is best avoided.

Tax Issues, Personal Risks and More

Since offshore casinos are not licensed at any level in the USA, playing online slots with such sites presents a whole number of risks. To start with, these sites are directly promoting tax evasion by allowing players to use cryptocurrencies of the process their payments via third parties that are nearly impossible to track. For these reasons, such sites are always at direct risk of getting shut down by the American authorities, as has already happened in the past with some large offshore gambling sites.

Furthermore, history has shown that keeping money at offshore casinos or poker sites is absolutely not safe. Since the regulation for these sites is scarce, they tend to be run by shady individuals in search of a quick buck, which makes them extremely dangerous for the players.

There is always a chance that a player will never see his funds or his winnings from an offshore gambling site and any disputes with such sites cannot be fought through any legal body out there, leaving the player nearly without any recourse if things go bad. Finally, even the personal data that one shares with offshore casinos is not kept private in all cases and is often sold off to the highest bidder, which can cause both discomfort and danger in the long run.

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The Operator Check: Is Diamond Reels Casino a Scam?

Despite being not recommended to play at, we went to the trouble of exploring the ins and outs of Diamond Reels Casino for our players and explored every aspect of the site in some detail. Here is what we found out about the Diamond Reels Casino online.

Casino Games: A Limited Choice

One of the major issues that offshore operators that accept American players such as Diamond Reels Casino face is the fact that most software developers don’t want to have anything to do with them. Major software providers such as IGT, WMS or NetEnt do not provide their games for such casinos, leaving them with a very limited choice when it comes to games they can offer.

The entire casino games library offered at Diamond Reels Casino is developed by Real Time Gaming, a somewhat obscure provider whose online casino games can clearly not stand shoulder to shoulder with those developed by the bigger and more reputable software companies out there.

Live Casino: Not in the Cards

Since so many legitimate software developers refuse to deal with casinos that operate in the grey areas, it is no wonder that Diamond Reels Casino does not provide a live casino platform of any sorts. A regular part of licensed online casinos, live casino games are not on offer at Diamond Reels Casino, another flaw that may be hard to contend with.

Bonuses: Poor Wagering Requirements

The Diamond Reels Casino sign up bonus of USD 500 may seem lucrative at first, but there is a catch to it and all other bonuses offered by the site. Unlike state licensed online casinos such as Caesars Online Casino, the Diamond Reels Casino imposes wagering requirements that are very difficult or almost impossible to meet.

With each bonus subject to a wagering requirement that forces the player to make thousands upon thousands in real money wagers, the bonus money quickly turns into a form of blackmail that does not really allow for much liberty when it comes to the choice to stop playing. See our Is Party Casino legit? to find out what slots offers can be discovered at this online casino.

Payment Methods: The Grey Area

When it comes to making deposits to Diamond Reels Casino from the USA, things start to get shady. Regular payment methods such as Visa or MasterCard don’t work, since American banks are not allowed to process offshore gambling payments. For this reason, American players must use alternative payment methods, with cryptocurrencies being the number one choice for such activities.

Such payment methods are dangerous for many reasons, even for withdrawals. For starters, there is no telling what can happen to the money once it gets into the hands of those that would keep all monetary transactions completely off the books. Aside from this, the fact one is hiding his finances from the IRS may just come to haunt them at a later date.

User Interface: Somewhat Out-dated

From the moment a player completes his first Diamond Reels Casino login, it becomes quite clear that this site is some years behind the more modern and licensed online casinos in many ways. The site looks out of date and does not offer a fraction of the allure and functionality of the licensed casinos, making it a poor choice for players who are online looking to have some real fun.

Customer Service: Live but of Questionable Quality

The customer service at Diamond Reels Casino is provided through live chat, email and telephone numbers. However, since the site is not US based or operated by Americans, the level of customer support one can expect is questionable as the lines are often manned by people who speak French better than English. Another reason to check out a local American casino instead is the ability to get better customer service at all times.

What the Future Holds: Making Diamond Reels Casino Legal?

Offshore gambling operators have been around for some years without any attempt to gain licenses in the USA or stay out of the country until legislation is passed. As such, these sites are heavily out of favor with the US government and there is truly little chance of such sites ever getting the green light from the US authorities.

Players who are currently playing at sites such as Diamond Reels Casino should think again about their choices, as doing so puts them at some jeopardy. As the process of online gambling regulation moves forward, it is likely that offshore casinos will come under more fire and get closed down one by one.

Players who are looking to stay on the safe side and obey the law should look to regulated and legal casino sites that operate from within the US. Fortunately, the number of such sites is quickly rising and there is little reason for American players to even look to offshore casinos anymore. While “tax cuts” and other similar grey area perks may seem lucrative at first, one should ask the question of what happens when things come to light.

If you're looking for licensed providers with excellent bonuses that you can use today, then be sure to have a read of our Borgata casino online bonus code or Scores casino promo code guides. Alternatively, you can also take a look at our comprehensive no deposit bonus casino list.

FAQ: Is Diamond Reels Casino Legit and Others

Offshore casinos such as Diamond Reels Casino provide their services to US players against the will of the federal government. While individuals responsible for operating these sites may come under legal prosecution, players themselves are for the most part safe from such prosecution unless other crimes are committed while doing so.

Crypto currencies are anonymous, private and inherently not safe. Bitcoin and other cryptos are easily stolen by hackers or lost by forgetting or losing passwords. Additionally, there is no authority that can help you with loss of crypto currency, so you are left on your own, which is never a good idea.

Absolutely yes! If you do decide to play at an offshore casino for whatever reason or have done so in the past and have won money, you are obligated under law to pay taxes on your winnings. If you fail to report your winnings and pay the taxes, you could face serious legal penalties.

Diamond Reels Casino mobile is available through the Diamond Reels Casino instant play platform. While this seems quite handy, for all the reasons we already mentioned, we do not recommend playing at the site at all.

Choose a Legal Operator Instead
For all the legal, security and other reasons we have listed, playing at sites such as Diamond Reels Casino that operate without a proper license is not a good idea. Players who are looking to play casino games from the USA should always do so at a legal US site and our list of licensed online gambling sites provides a great source of such sites that allow players to play in a fully regulated and 100% safe gaming atmosphere.

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