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Bookmaker Offshore Casino 2021

  • The casino is not licensed in USA
  • Players' info is not protected
  • The player funds are not guaranteed for
  • Operates from an offshore location
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Bookmaker Casinois one with a dodgy past, with people behind it being involved in numerous questionable practices, to say the least. Even after all the past problems, the casino was launched in 2011, heavily focusing on the US players, completely disregarding the fact they don’t have the required license to do so.

While we don’t recommend any of the offshore casinos, there are still certain degrees as to just how much a particular site should be avoided. When it comes to Bookmaker Casino, we recommend players to steer well clear due to many reasons that simply don’t inspire any trust.

Is Bookmaker Casino Scam? You Shouldn’t Play Here

Online casinos catering to US players are dodgy from the start. If you consider the fact they’re operating in the market where the law clearly states they shouldn’t, you get an idea about their business ethos and priorities. However, some of these casinos do try to run a decent operation even though they’re going about it wrong.

This can’t be said about Bookmaker Casino. We simply can’t disregard the past of this site, which came to life after two other sites shut down and the same people came up with a fresh one. While giving businesses a benefit of the doubt may well be worth it at times, an extra level of caution is required when dealing with offshore operators.

From the very quick glance, it is clear this operator doesn’t do much to make their players feel welcome and the entire site feels more like a quickly created money-making machine for those who don’t perform the due diligence and decide to put their money here. All the usual risks connected to playing at an offshore casino are there but multiplied by a factor of 10.

There is no need to sugarcoat things. Players from the US should under no circumstances trust Bookmaker online casino with their money. There are simply too many red flags all over the place and player reviews which seem to indicate that winning here isn’t an option.

When you factor in other issues and complications such as potential legal problems you could get into when playing at an offshore casino, it is just not worth it. With the number of state-licensed operators constantly increasing all over the US, there is hardly a reason to put yourself at harm’s way by trusting an offshore site, especially the one with a dodgy past and not so shiny present.

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Bookmaker Casino Site: The Operator Check

There are really very few redeeming points about this particular operator. However, we’ve still decided to give it a proper review and see what exactly is on offer, if for no other reason than to make US players aware they should stay away at all costs. There is hardly any department in which this operator stands out so if you’re looking for some gambling fun, you won’t find much here.

Casino Games

Looking at the Bookmaker game selection, there is very little for players to get excited about.There are about a dozen slots, a few video poker variations, and a couple of table games. The selection of casino card games is very poor and the slots that are available are definitely not in the group of popular titles. When compared to state-licensed sites, which offer hundreds and even thousands of high-quality games, the gaming portfolio of this operator certainly doesn’t impress one little bit.

Live Casino

With so few electronic games on offer, it is hardly a surprise there is absolutely no Bookmaker live casino section. Players looking to try their luck with live dealers won’t find what they’re looking for here. Considering the fact this site has been around since 2011, this sends a clear message they aren’t particularly concerned with what they players want and need. In all the years the operator has been in business, their gaming library hasn’t grown at all and there have been no attempts to add the live casino section whatsoever.


The casino offers a couple of welcome bonuses for new players. The standard Bookmaker Casino bonuses offered for slot games and include a 100 percent match up to USD 500. There is also the Bookmaker blackjack bonus, which offers a 100 percent boost up to USD 250. New players can take their pick based on their preferences.

While these bonuses may seem solid at first glance, underlying terms and conditions aren’t particularly player-friendly. Players need to log in and wager the entire amount 50 times before they’re allowed to cash out. On top of this, only winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn. The bonus itself is issued as play-only, so that amount is automatically deducted upon a withdrawal request.

Payment Methods

Bookmaker Casino offers a very limited number of banking methods. Players can use Visa and MasterCard alongside Bitcoin but that’s pretty much it. Visa deposits come with a fee of five percent, which is quite steep and yet another reason to avoid this operator. These types of mandatory fees would never fly with a regulated site as it is the casino’s obligation to cover these expenses and find the way to make things work.

User Interface / Usability

The casino software is the first thing players get in touch with and it is what they make their first impressions based on. It seems that this particular operator doesn’t particularly care about this, though, as their instant-play site looks very outdated and there is very little to convince you your Bookmaker gambling experience would be a pleasant one.

The entire site looks like online casinos from a couple of decades ago, which is definitely not the way you want to present yourself to the players. When compared to modern, nicely-designed sites of state-licensed casinos, this operator falls even further behind and further confirms that US players have no business putting their money here.

Customer Support

The operator does offer around-the-clock customer support and players can get in touch using email, phone, and live chat facility. Sadly, support agents don’t seem particularly interested in genuinely helping people with anything that doesn’t concern depositing money, so those customers facing real issues could have hard time solving them.

Bookmaker Casino Legal Situation: What Future Holds

Moving forward, unlicensed offshore operators seem to be headed for a quick exit lane. For years, the situation with online gambling in the US remained stagnant, but things are finally starting to change and there are licensed, regulated gambling sites opening left and right. With this, offshore casinos are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

In the years past, US players were very limited in terms of their options if they wanted to try their luck with some online casino games. Hence, even with all the doubts about Bookmaker Casino rigged games and other stories, some players would take the risk, simply wanting to play.

This will change moving forward as more and more players will turn to state-licensed casinos where their safety is guaranteed and shady practices are blocked immediately by regulatory bodies. Given choice, most customers will go for a site where they know their money is safe and their winnings are guaranteed.

This doesn’t mean offshore operators will go down without fight as they will try to stay in the market for as long as possible. However, with more legit options out there and players becoming more aware of dangers involved, offshore operators are in for a bumpy ride in the coming months and years.

Is Bookmaker Casino Legit: Top 5 Players’ FAQs

With this particular offshore operator, players only have to be 18 to register and play. While the casino may accept your action, you’ll still be breaking your state’s laws by gambling here.

Most players are safe as far as legal consequences are concerned as governments don’t actually go after players. That said, from a purely technical point of view, you could face serious consequences in some states.

Playing with Bitcoin does help make you somewhat more anonymous and makes transactions faster and easier. However, it doesn’t completely protect your identity or protects you from other risks involved with playing at offshore sites.

Your chances of winning at an offshore operator are at best the same as when playing with a state-licensed casino. In most cases, though, games at offshore sites have lower return percentages and worse payouts, so your winning chances are probably reduced.

Regardless of where you play, your gambling winnings are subject to taxation and you must pay your taxes accordingly.

Play Smart & Stay Away from Offshore Sites
When all things are considered, you simply should never play at an offshore casinofrom the US. You may be tempted by sweet offers like a Bookmaker Casino no deposit bonusbut, in the long run, none of these bonuses are worth the hassle. There are too many potential issues and complications to make it worth your while.

Instead, stick to properly regulated state online casinos and enjoy every moment of your gaming experience. Why worry about legal implications and whether you’ll get your winnings or not if you don’t have to? Play it safe and smart and do the things right way!

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