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5Dimes Offshore Casino 2021

  • Players are in danger of losing funds
  • Impossible to check the fairness of the games
  • The operator works from an offshore destination
  • No guarantee of player privacy
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5Dimes Casino is one of the oldest gambling operators around, having been established back in 1996. This site has been around for a long time, which may lead some players to believe they are a safe and reputable destination but the truth is, there is much you need to be careful about with this operator.

First of all, 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino accepts players from the US but they aren’t licensed to do so. Hence, this offshore operator is in direct violation of the US laws and players from the States should stay away as far as possible from this site.

5Dimes Legal Status: Why You Shouldn’t Play Here

Players from the US, especially those living in states where online gambling hasn’t been regulated yet, tend to seek out offshore casinos to try their luck at. While this may seem as a reasonable option, the fact of the matter is, you should avoid these offshore sites at all costs as you’re risking a lot by playing here.

If you consider the fact that 5Dimes online casino accepts players from the US despite knowing full well this is against the law, you get a pretty good idea that this operator is used to working in a grey area and don’t mind bending the rules and going around them if they believe it to be in their own best interest.

While you may think this is fine as long as they’re treating their players right, playing with this offshore operator you’re putting a lot on the line. Some of the risks involved include:

  • Your sensitive personal info being sold or stolen
  • Your credit cards abused
  • If you win and don’t report it, you are evading taxes
  • There is no guarantee of fair play whatsoever

Unlike regulated casino sites, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the operator here. They could refuse to pay you your winnings for any number of reasons, the site could go under at any point, and there is a wide array of potential abuses you could be subjected to without any person or body you could complain to.

So, when all things are considered, US players are much better of playing with properly licensed casinos and never give their trust or their money to venues such as 5Dimes Casino. The sheer amount of problems and complications you are almost bound to face all over the place are pretty much a guarantee that you won’t have an enjoyable gaming experience no matter what!

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Is 5Dimes Scam? The Operator Check

While we can’t emphasize enough how important it is for US players to stick to trusted and regulated online venues, we’re still bringing a brief 5Dimes Casino review for your information. The main aim of this review is to demonstrate that you don’t really need to ever play with offshore operators and should stick to regulated US sites instead.

Casino Games

In the gaming department, 5Dimes Casino does offer a solid selection of games such as the  best online slots, video poker machines, and various electronic table games. However, they don’t have any of the games from big-name providers such as NetEnt, IGT, or Konami, all of which are made readily available at licensed US sites. So, you won’t find many popular games here and will have to do with many lesser-known slots, many of which have quite low RTPs and aren’t nearly as entertaining or enjoyable to play.

Live Casino

The 5Dimes live casino does feature several of the most popular gaming options such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. However, the versatility of games is nowhere near what you can expect to find with licensed US casinos. The same can be said about the overall quality as these offshore operators don’t have the benefit of cooperating with industry leaders like Evolution Gaming or NetEnt. Thus, your overall experience here just doesn’t match up.


When it comes to 5Dimes Casino bonus offers, the casino makes things very cryptic and unclear. This is not at all unusual for these offshore operators as they don’t have anyone to answer so they don’t need to be nearly as transparent. These bonuses come with difficult to meet wagering requirements and confusing terms and conditions, all designed to make sure you basically can’t win. This is another reason for sticking to licensed casinos as they have to follow a very strict set of rules concerning their promotional offers. For a casino bonus you can trust, check out the latest Golden Nugget promotion code offer that gives you up to $1,000 in bonus funds. Or, try the Mohegan Sun online casino coupon code for a $20 no deposit bonus.

Payment Methods

Due to operating in a grey area, 5Dimes Casino is very limited in terms of what banking methods they are able to offer to their players. The only standard methods are credit card deposits and bank transfers, but the former usually don’t work for US players. Additionally, deposits tend to be very slow and these casinos use all sorts of delay tactics to keep you from getting your money and to get you to play back your winnings instead.

User Interface / Usability

From the point of usability and just the visual appeal, 5Dimes is definitely way behind all the modern casinos, especially the ones legally operating in the US. The entire interface you get after the 5Dimes Casino login is pretty much what you’d expect to find at an online casino back in the late 1990s. Finding games you want to play here or any other options for this matter can be a real nightmare. The same pretty much goes for the mobile casino, which only includes a handful of games and is hardly what you’d expect from a mobile casino these days. All of this goes back to the fact that many of these offshore operators struggle to keep their businesses afloat, so they can’t invest in developing their sites and keeping up with the competition.

Customer Support

5Dimes Casino offers customer support via email and live chat. They are usually available for assistance but you can wait a long time to get a reply and you won’t get the same level of dedication that you get with properly licensed and regulated casinos. For the most part, support is there to offer bonuses and get you to deposit more, while they don’t seem particularly interested in solving other problems, especially when it comes to withdrawals.

5Dimes Operations: Future for Offshore Casino Sites

Offshore casinos and sports betting sites have been a part of the US online gambling culture for almost three decades now. With the state by state regulation finally coming in, things might start to change. Once players from the US have the ability to play with regulated, trustworthy casinos, they will no longer need to resort to these offshore sites where nothing is certain.

At the same time, the US Government might put in place even stricter measures to prevent these sites from making their services available in the States. While offshore casinos definitely won’t go without a fight, with the regulation looming and the PASPA finally overturned, their days might be numbered.

Of course, there is still a long way ahead and it is hard to say what future holds for certain. All the same, players should avoid places like 5Dimes Casino for all the reasons stated in this review as well as many others. Those who are still waiting for their respective states to pass legislation should stay patient and wait for legal operators to kick in instead of looking for offshore sites willing to take their action. At the end of the day, all the problems and hassle are just not worth the bother. Check out our Trixie bet strategy review for some interesting reading. 

5Dimes Legit or Not: Top 5 Players’ FAQ

The answer to this question is highly dependent on the state you come from. Some states are much stricter with regards to the online gambling ban than the others. In general, states don’t go after players but according to certain laws, you could potentially face serious consequences.

While playing with Bitcoin does provide some degree of anonymity, you should be aware that these transactions are usually far from completely anonymous. Also, playing with crypto currencies doesn’t protect you from any shady dealings on the operator’s part.

Legal or not, online gambling proceeds are subject to taxation. If you win and receive your winnings, you are legally obliged to pay taxes on these winnings according to Federal and local laws. Failure to do so can lead to problems.

Absolutely not. In fact, most offshore operators host games with RTPs much lower than what you’ll find at state-licensed US casinos.

This varies from one operator to another. Some will let you play as soon as you turn 18. Since they’re not actually in line with the US laws in other departments, they don’t necessarily follow age limits, either.

Stay Safe & Well Away from Offshore Sites
Registering and depositing your money with offshore operators catering to the US players is never a good idea. While they can make big promises to try and get you to play, playing at these sites will usually create a lot of problems for you and you’ll often have to go through a world of pain to get your rightful winnings.

Stick with state-licensed online casinos at all times and stay safe instead. These online casinos have everything you’re looking for and if there is ever a problem, there are bodies and instances you can turn to. So, between offshore operators and licensed, regulated casinos, it’s not even a choice!

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