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1. BetMGM Casino Brand
5 / 5
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2. Harrah’s Online Casino Brand
4.9 / 5
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3. Caesars Online Casino Brand
4.9 / 5
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Author: Stephen McAllen
Last update on: March 3rd, 2021
Topic: Page
Experiences Sports Betting

Welcome to our guide to finding the best internet casinos. If you’re looking to play at an internet casino but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Captaingambling is all about providing you with the kind of information you need to find the best, most generous, and most versatile casino operators available in the US.

Our reviews and comparisons are here to help you get started with the best internet casinos with no hassle. Whatever state you may be from, you’ll have no problems listing operators available to you thanks to our special review filters and options. So, relax and get ready to enjoy the best online gambling experience you could possibly hope for.

Finding the Best Internet Casino

There are many different ways you can go about finding the best and most reliable online casino out there. The fact of the matter is, there is no single operator out there that could be dubbed the best all across the board. A casino that may be the best for one player doesn’t necessarily have to be the first choice for another customer.

There are some general qualities a solid internet casino should have and we’ll discuss them in the rest of this text. However, it would be unfair to proclaim any particular operator as the best beyond any shadow of doubt. Personal expectations and preferences play a huge role in this process.

When trying to resolve this dilemma, you need to ask yourself what it is that you expect from a casino. Is it just a huge selection of slots? Or are you more interested in big bonus offers and good promotions? Maybe you have a completely different set of priorities. Whatever it may be that you find important will define your personal choice of the best casino operator for you and that’s how things should be.

Defining a Good Internet Casino

So, we’ve explained that it would be too hard to nominate the single best casino out there. However, there are certain criteria that we always look into when trying to define whether a particular operator belongs to the group of operators that deserve to be called the best. Here’s a quick rundown of these criteria.

  1. Variety of Games: The best internet casinos need to offer a good selection of internet casino games. This gives players a chance to try their luck with different titles and offers a better overall experience. A solid gaming library is definitely an important factor.
  2. Welcome Bonus: What does the casino offer for its new players? Is there a nice welcome bonus waiting for you when you sign up? A good welcome offer is a huge plus in our books and an important criterion when considering a fresh casino. Take a look at our Twinspires offer code or Mohegan Sun casino bonus code guides for a good example.
  3. Software Usability & Interface: The software is an important part of the overall iGaming experience. A simple solution with just the right amount of options and filters is what we’re looking for in our reviews as this will go a long way towards making your stay memorable.
  4. Loyalty Rewards: Is your play rewarded beyond what you happen to win playing slots or table games? A good loyalty program is an important factor for a casino that wants to keep its customers and have them come back time and time again.
  5. Mobile App: In this day and age, it is important for an operator to offer a good mobile solution. Playing on the go has become an important part of the overall market and players have every right to demand a solid gaming app.
  6. Banking Methods: How many options are available to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings? A serious internet casino will always try to cater to their players’ needs with as many different options as possible, making sure no one is left out.
  7. Withdrawal Times & Restrictions: The best internet casino sites out there ensure their players get their winnings in the shortest amount of time and don’t put any strange restrictions in place. Money in your casino account belongs to you and you should have access to it at all times.
  8. Player Support Department: How a casino treats its players is an important indicator of how serious they are about staying around. A good, quality player support department with knowledgeable and friendly agents is very important.

5 More Things to Look for at Best Internet Casino Sites

You now know how we go about making our casino reviews and comparisons. The eight criteria listed above are the most important ones when trying to define the overall quality of a particular operator. However, there are other things you could check out to get an even better idea.

#1 Stability at the best internet casinos

While a casino may be well designed and filled with great games, it can all be ruined if the site isn’t stable and there are frequent disconnect problems or similar issues. It may take some testing to figure this out but it is very important for your casino of choice to be stable and reliable.

The last thing you want is to have to constantly refresh the page during a longer gaming session. This can be very annoying and completely ruin your experience even if you’re running well. So, the stability is an important factor that you should definitely pay attention to.

#2 True Bonus Value

Defining a true value of a casino bonus offer can be tricky sometimes. It is all too easy to get seduced by big numbers and percentages but these aren’t the only relevant factors you should be looking at. It is also important to consider what kind of terms and conditions there are.

For example, wagering requirements can often make or break the bonus. If the turnover is too high, the amount of extra cash you get won’t be all that important. You simply won’t be able to meet the wagering often enough (on average) to make the particular offer worth your while. For an in-depth view of two popular bonus offers, read our 888casino promo code and Fox Bet bonus code guides.

#3 Additional Certifications

All online casinos that we recommend have been licensed by relevant bodies, which means you can be pretty sure they are serious and fair internet casino USA sites. However, some additional reassurances never hurt and can help you feel better.

Having games on the site independently tested by auditing agencies is a great sign that the operator takes players seriously and wants to send a clear message there is nothing they are trying to hide. These additional certifications are always welcome and you should appreciate those operators that provide them.

#4 Gamification

In this day and age, many players are looking for their gaming experience to go beyond just spinning reels or trying to get lucky at a blackjack table. They want to feel like their efforts and money go towards something bigger.

Some internet casino sites are doing a very good job in achieving this. These casinos have adopted the gamification approach, where all the play contributes towards the overall progress on the site, earning you rewards and also helping you build your character or discover new worlds. This way, you get to enjoy your gaming sessions much more.

#5 Beyond Casino Games

While not crucial, it is definitely nice if a particular operator offers extra services in addition to their online casino. Having the ability to also place sports bets or play poker without having to switch the site can be very convenient.

This isn’t to say that an operator isn’t a good choice if they don’t offer other games. Some sites focus exclusively on their online casino section and there is nothing wrong with this. But, if you also enjoy playing other games that don’t belong to this particular group, this is something definitely worth checking out. To see what else is on offer from popular online casinos, take a look at our Huuuge casino reviews and Bingo Blitz free coins guides - these guys even offer social games.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Internet Casino Bonus

 If you’re looking for a generous bonus, our test winner doesn’t necessarily have to be the best choice for you. While you can count on the fact the test winner is the casino that stands tall in different important areas of internet casino gambling, that doesn’t mean they’re the best bonus opportunity.

Below, you’ll find our top 5 picks for the operators offering best bonuses you can get. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just mean that you’ll get a lot of extra cash but also that these bonuses come with player-friendly wagering requirements and not too many restrictions to spoil your gaming experience.

5 / 5
Live Casino
$500 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now BetMGM Casino Review
4.9 / 5
Live Casino
$300 100% Welcome Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Harrah’s Online Casino Review
4.9 / 5
Live Casino
$300 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Online Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Live Casino
$600 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Borgata Online Review
4.7 / 5
Live Casino
$250 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now SugarHouse Casino Review

You can also read our individual bonus reviews for more detailed information, such as our Party Casino promo code and Golden Nugget promotional code guides.

Top 5 Mobile Casino App Picks From The Best Internet Casinos

Players looking for the best mobile experience will be looking for an operator that provides a casino app that meets their standards and expectations. Thanks to modern technologies, many casinos these days are able to offer an on-the-go experience that is as good as the one you’d have playing on your computer.

We’ve picked top five casino apps you should definitely check out if this is what you’re interested in. these apps feature great gaming portfolios and a great range of gaming options among other things, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy your play anytime, anyplace.

5 / 5
Available for: No Relation is Setup or No Relation found in Type and ID Mapping Arrays!
$500 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now BetMGM Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$300 100% Welcome Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Harrah’s Online Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$200 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply
Betfair Casino Review
4.7 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$300 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Online Casino Review
4.7 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$100 Cashback T&Cs Apply
Tropicana Online Casino Review

captaingambling Credentials: Why You Can Trust Us

We believe that being honest and transparent is the key to creating a safe and enjoyable online gambling environment for all players in the US. And, while many sites will say this, we’re actually all about transparency, which is why captaingambling was licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide casino comparisons and advice for the players.

There are many dangers players face these days and we’re set on helping you through educating you about everything you need to know. Various internet casino scam sites and shady operators lurking in the dark will gladly take your money but when it comes the time to pay up, you’ll often be disappointed.

For that reason, we only recommend fully licensed US casinos. With these sites, you can always know where you are and you can enjoy your gaming experience knowing that you won’t get scammed or swindled out of your money whatever happens.

Internet Casino Sites & Legislation in the US

Online gambling in the US is currently in a somewhat of a peculiar situation. While things have improved quite significantly in comparison to what we had a few years back, there is still some work to be done.

Right now, states are free to regulated internet casino gambling within their own borders, which is great news for people living in the regulated states. For these players, things are pretty much as good as they were during the pre-UIGEA days (if not better) as they can enjoy a wide variety of games and play in safe and secure environments.

State-licensed casinos undergo a great amount of scrutiny and they have to have a land-based partner to set up the online shop, which only adds even more trust and reliability. With internet casino sites having ties to longstanding land-based venues, there is much more security for the players as they are no longer dealing with some unknown entities on the internet.

The biggest problem in the current setup is the fact that state-licensed casino sites are only allowed to accept players from within the state they’re regulated in. Thus, players from other states can’t play on these casinos and enjoy a safe and protected gambling experience. This makes many players turn to unregulated offshore sites, which isn’t a particularly good idea for a number of reasons. However, since many people across the US don’t have other alternatives available to them, it isn’t hard to understand why they would take this risk. Nevada online casinos aren't legal, but brick and mortar ones are.

Future of Online Gambling in the States: What Lies Ahead?

There’s been a lot of speculation about what might come next in the US as far as online gambling is concerned. The fact of the matter is, this isn’t something we can give a simple answer to as there are so many variables that come into play that is almost impossible to say where things might go next.

Looking at developments so far and tendencies of states to embrace legalized gambling, it does seem the USA is on the right track to finally bring online gambling back in the form it deserves. What we mean by this is that all players from all states should have access to licensed operators if they decided to try their luck playing online.

As many know already, there are various obstacles on the way to making this a reality. Regulations such as the Wire Act prevent regulation on the federal level, which is slowing things down quite significantly. So, sadly, it will likely take a few more years before all players in the States are able to enjoy online gambling at the best internet casinos the way they should without dealing with offshore operators. That said, we’re confident we’ll get there eventually. Take a look at our no risk matched betting guide for another comprehensive overview.

Internet Casino Gambling Player FAQs

To wrap things up, we’re bringing some commonly asked questions. These are questions that we’ve found players often ask casino support agents or post on gambling forums. So, if there is something you’re still not sure about, you’ll probably find your answer here.

Internet casinos aren’t rigged, at least not the regulated ones. Casinos make money through the house edge that every game has. This edge guarantees the casino will win a certain percentage of all bets placed in the long run.

The payout percentage is the amount of money that every game pays back to the players and it is always lower than 100 percent. This means that with every game, the casino gets to keep a few percentage points, i.e. the house edge.

While not all casinos found on the internet are legit, the ones you’ll find listed on this site most certainly are. Operators that have proper licenses and certificates are the ones you can fully trust.

Internet casinos operate in a very similar fashion as land-based, traditional casinos. They give players a chance to play the games and try to get lucky but, in the long run, they always come out ahead.

While not all bonuses are worth taking, many of them are, as you’ll get more money to play with, which is something you should hardly ever refuse. However, if wagering requirements are too high or there are other restrictions that aren’t player-friendly, you might be better off without the bonus.

Yes, you’ll need to pay taxes on online casino winnings. Usually, you’ll need to pay around 25 percent of total winnings, but you might be liable for the state tax as well. You could also claim tax deductions based on your losses.

Games like blackjack and keno offer some of the best odds you’ll find in a casino. Slots offer some of the worst odds but are also most fun to play.

Most operators in the US also offer free games that don’t require you to deposit any money. You can use these demo versions to try new titles and see how you like them before risking any real cash.

You’ll find that almost all licensed US sites are very fast when it comes to paying players. This is especially true if you go for the in-person withdrawal at a physical casino age.

The best way to protect yourself from gambling addiction is by playing reasonably and staying within your limits at the best internet casinos. Never try to chase losses and don’t think about gambling as a way to make money. It is just entertainment. If you start feeling like you have a problem, there are organizations and sites you can reach out to and get help.