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Roulette Strategy 2024

Publish Date: 30/05/2021
Fact checked by: Josh Schwartz

There's so much to say about the intelligence behind every spin of the wheel, that it's going to be hard for us to choose the basics for you! At captaingambling we don't want to miss any details that might lead you to overcome casinos and enjoy outsmarting them. If you feel more of like a blackjack player, check out our article on Blackjack Strategy: How to win in Blackjack and get briefed on strategies to beat this great game.

Roulette Strategies: The Top 4 Strategies explained

As usual, it is our responsibility as a respectable website always to remind our readers that casinos are most of the time successful companies that wouldn't risk their assets by offering the chance to play a beatable game. That said, we could also remind you that there's no rule against becoming skilled at playing roulette and using the best roulette strategy to increase your winning chances.

It must be said that certain strategic approaches which use more than statistical data are likely to get you banned. But take heart fellow gamblers, even card-counting is not illegal, but casinos do not like it!. This is a boxing match, and they're holding the belt. Join us at captaingambling to give it a try at the championship! If you're into a different game, like video slots, check out our piece on Video Poker Strategy: How to win in Video Poker. You won't regret it!

BetMGM offers a fantastic selection of roulette games

The Martingale System

Imagine yourself flipping a coin. You got tails for four times in a row, and you think that the odds of getting heads in the next flip are higher because of those previous four straight tails. You'd be wrong–and your math teacher would revoke your high school diploma.

We're just kidding! It's a common misunderstanding due to the logic behind it. The thing is that coins, as well as roulette wheels, have no memory of their previous outcomes. Chances of getting heads or tails are always 50/50. Someone could say: "I dare you to get ten tails in a row," and he would probably be right at claiming that this is difficult to predict; but the truth is, it is as hard to predict as any other ten-outcome sequence. The probability of getting a ten-outcome series right before the first flip is 0.001953%.

What the Martingale System, also called "Double Up, to Catch Up," proposes is that you should place a bet on an even-money bet of the roulette like red or black, or even or odds. It works for any game that has a close 50/50 chance of generating an outcome. If you lose, you replace your bet. And if you win, you retire having won its value. If you lose again, you bet double the initial amount and keep doing so until you win. The final return will be your initial bet. Critics of this strategy agree that this strategy is risky since:

  • The casino has limits for even-money and other bets. If you hit a negative strike for long enough, you might find you won't be able to double your bet again.
  • The roulette does not offer a 50/50 chance, like the coin, but rather a 48.65% to 47.37% of winning, due to the zero and double zero pockets in the European and American versions.
  • Unlimited wealth and time. Think about it: Betting $10 and doubling it ten times like in our example, would mean that you would have to bet $5,120 to win that dollar back. Even if the casino allowed it, and you had the money, it doesn't make much sense right?

We might have been a little too harsh on our analysis of the Martingale System, loved by many players from all over the world. But we have to remain true to our scientific investigations and findings to bring you the most accurate information. This one is a classic, and we suggest you go try it out for free on any online casino and reach your conclusions.

The Anti-Martingale System

This is a technique from the family of progressive betting methods that is considered a little bit safer in terms of risks. This process aims to relate levels of investment with the bet size, taking your budget as a context. It consists of doubling your bet when you win, which is the exact opposite of its predecessor.

It's considered a better option because you're risking the casino's money, although you would have to start on the right foot by winning your first spins. If you lose, you must place half your previous bet and so on.

The Grand Martingale System

Significantly riskier than its other two versions, the Martingale System has a character of its own. Let's see how it works on a series of events.

  1. Choose your goals. Let's say you want to turn $5 into $10. Fair enough. You choose red.
  2. Win/Lose: If you win, take those hard-earned $5 and post your victory in on your favorite social network as the result of a grand strategy/If you lost, place $15 as you must bet double and one more bet.
  3. Win/Lose: You've won ten bucks! / If you lost, place $35 to cover your bet for the next round, and so on. See that final amount increases if you start losing so don't go too high on those first bets and mind the table's maximum bet when setting it.

It's a lot of fun to try this one at the free online roulettes. We recommend you get yourself some cold lemonade and start doubling your bet like there was no tomorrow! If you don't feel like it, get a hold of our guide on Baccarat Strategy: How to win in Baccarat and try something new!

The D'Alembert System: An alternative to Martingale's variations

This negative progression bet system is also about changing the size of our bet based on the previous outcome. Jean-Baptiste Le Rond D’Alembert, a French mathematician, known for his important contributions in science, created it. Whether the system works or not, it has been the favorite to many who don't agree with Martingale's vision. They might also try the Labouchere System or the Fibonacci System. It's all up to you! You can also read our article Craps Strategy: How to win in Craps, and try it too!

It consists of selecting your betting unit, say $5. Start by betting one unit. If you lose, add one unit and place your next bet, which would be $10. If you lose again, add another unit and bet $15. Keep going until you win and, hopefully, you'll eventually hit a winning sequence that will help you grow your bankroll. Some people adjust the D'Alembert System by betting two units instead of one, thus improving their chances to receive more money out of a win, but that represents a higher risk, of course.

Consider this, no matter what strategy you might choose

As your exclusive advisors we must remind you that, statistically, chances of getting red or black are always the same on each spin. Due to specific psychological shortcuts, like the representative heuristic, as humans, we're led to believe that somehow the outcomes of a wheel should balance in terms of equity. That five reds in a row should increase the chances of the ball to fall on black in the next spin. This is, of course, an imprecision.

At CaptainGambling, your well-being is our priority, so we must warn you that these approaches are 100% recreational and that we're after providing you with the most accurate information for you to experience new different things on the tables. Register in our forum to continue getting the most honest and unbiased data in the business. Make sure you read our article Are there Online Casino Strategies and can they help? to have a better context. Check out the following casino comparison and choose your favorite operator!

Roulette strategies: Get that wheel spinning!

C'mon! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!" That's the kind of thing you'll hear around a roulette. People get all excited as the wheel starts slowing down, and everybody's looking at the ball with enthusiasm–except for the dealer, who's probably just waiting for lunch. Now, you have been reading our How to win in Roulette guide, and also our Online Slot Strategy: How to win in Online Slots article. Which one appeals the most to you? Where are you headed right now to test our tips? Wherever you're headed, Good luck!

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