Online Slot Strategy 2021

It's a common and understandable mistake to think that slots are there just to let you push a button like a robot, and expect the machine to give away money randomly. Although there might be some truth to that, why are professional slots players making more money than inexperienced gamblers? How come are people playing the same machine over the years and gaining "experience" by just the press of a button?

The answer is that these professionals and experienced players do not make mistakes when they're gambling. Just as you might have read in our article Roulette Strategy: How to win in Roulette, it's not just about the rules of every casino game, but considering a few practices that make us better gamblers in general. At captaingambling, we'll be more than happy to help you increase your chances at the slots by understanding how they work and how should we behave around them; because the truth is, we're not taking many decisions when it comes down to pressing the spin button. Here's a list of don'ts not to make whether you're either an experienced player or learning how to win in online slots:

  • Not defining a bankroll management strategy
  • Depositing more money to recover losses
  • Not taking breaks for every 45/50 minutes playing
  • Not setting up a winning goal
  • Drinking while gambling, which decreases your decision-making abilities

What does the inside of a slot machine look like? Know the enemy

Old slots from brick & mortar casinos had a lot of maintenance and associated costs related to their proper functioning. Now that they don't have to hold literally tons of money each day at the casino carpets–because of the new use of tickets–all the money saved is being re-invested in better earnings for players, online gambling development, and marketing.

The Random Number Generator: A jump in technology

One of the most difficult challenges that software developers had to deal with when approaching for a fair game online, was the ability to generate outcomes randomly, and in a fair way. Now that technology has allowed for it to be established accurately, we urge you to revise if a fair-game company is auditing the casino operator that you're considering for playing. First thing in your homework, just like in our piece about Blackjack (Blackjack Strategy: How to win in Blackjack).

A slot machine's RTP. What is it and Why are players talking so much about it?

Now that you're certain that the casino's software is being watched, it's time to choose the machine that will help you learn how to win in online slots. Do so by turning to software developers and investigating the percentage. Rule out every slot with less than 95% RTP rate. Some machines go as high as 99% and more.

High volatility Vs. Medium and Low volatility slots. Which one should I play?

Also, whenever you're trying to outsmart the casino playing slots, take into consideration that some machines require more money than others to develop an excellent strategy in the long run. Low volatility slots will pay small amounts of money a lot of times; while high volatility slots will give away more delightful prizes in a less frequent manner. Is your pocket ready to hold on for a while?

This choice is to be taken very seriously in exercising an online slot machine strategy; let's have a look at how it looks like. Note that High volatility paid slightly more than low volatility, but this is not a rule of thumb. If you know your baccarat (Baccarat Strategy: How to win in Baccarat), you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

  • High volatility: 10 payments an hour for 100 times your bet
  • Low volatility: 300 payments an hour for three times your bet

One decision you'll be making once you've started the game is how much you're wagering on the lines, and how many lines you're wagering in. It's something you should always consider in your online slot strategy. It will prevent errors of judgment and playing more of your bankroll than you first intended.

If you were to get bored or tired, you might feel the need to raise your bets and not follow your initial money management policies. By playing a slot machine with a theme you like, you reduce your chances of feeling bored and will pay closer attention to detail. This is something we also visit when describing the Craps Strategy in our article. A tired player is a player closer to make mistakes.

Why and where should I practice before depositing real money in a slot?

Practicing before playing with real money is perhaps the most critical piece of advice anyone can give you when teaching you how to win in online slots. You will reduce your chances of making mistakes when placing your bets, understand the minigames, get familiar with the game's interface, and so much more advantages. Do not hesitate to play it first for free.

Take a look at our no deposit casino list to see where you could be playing.

Common mistakes of players who test their luck at the slots

Did you think that complimentary whiskey was a nice gesture from the Hotel & Casino administration? Have you wondered why there are absolutely no clocks on a casino floor? What about the ATM's every 25 meters inside a gambling building? Everything is designed to entertain you but also make some mistakes along the way. Become aware of that, and your chances of hitting it are going to improve dramatically. Check out our piece on Are there Online Casino Strategies and can they help? to see there are no little considerations, everything sums up! At captaingambling, we don't want to see you losing because you made the mistakes mentioned in our introduction!

The Bet the Max fallacy

Although betting the max is recommended for many other online casino games, as you might remember from our entry on Video Poker Strategy: How to win in Video Poker, the fact is that slots will have the same RTP rate independently of the number of times you have spin the wheel. Do not feel forced to bet the maximum amount on the most number of lines; use whatever amount you're comfortable with.

With great bonus comes great responsibility

A great strategy that many seasoned players ignore is the following. Most online casinos will give you a bonus for your first deposit, a very generous one. As you start to play with it, you might find yourself winning a lot of credit, but not able yet to cash it out because of the wagering requirements.

The thing is, you can ask your casino to remove the bonus from your bank and stay with just your cash. You don't have to risk your real money to recover the bonus value and cash it, that's one of the many mistakes players make due to misinformation. But never again! Now you'll know how to win in Online Slots!

We share your needs because we're players ourselves!

The captaingambling forum is a place where professional and enthusiast players met and are now convinced that there's no better content for online casinos than the one we produce here. We're devoted to cover your information needs for the casino scene in the USA. Let us assist you in this journey and help you have more happy moments... Register now in one of our featured online casinos and start your online casino journey.

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Sharing our conclusions on Slots Strategies with you

There are hundreds and hundreds of Slot machines out there, and many are worthy of your time. Great themes, gorgeous designs, and killer soundtracks are growing every day. Don't let these variables distract you from your real goal: staying focus and keeping your eyes on the prize. Choose a Slot with an excellent RTP, verify the casino, check out its bonuses, and don't make any beginner mistakes placing nonsense bets. You're not a beginner anymore; you're part of captaingambling!
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