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How To Deposit Money Into An Online Casino Account 2020

So, you started practicing your skills on blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, slots, and even baccarat for free and feel ready to go after the real thing. Now that you have created your casino account following our article (How to open an account in online casinos), we have prepared this article to provide you some guidance about how to deposit money into an online casino account. The whole process won't differ from any other purchases you might have done in the past for Internet services or remote sellers, as you probably have done it with your Amazon, Google Play, or AppStore account.

Nevertheless, there are a few security tips before we go on that will help you with this activity:

  • Never, ever, give your account alias and password  to anyone.
  • No member of customer support should ask for your  credit card number.
  • PayPal  makes it clear that they  don't work with online casinos  within the US.
  • Don't be afraid to  ask if you have any doubts

Assuming you're all briefed with our online gambling odds explained piece by now, as well as the mandatory 13 powerful casino tips that actually work Keeping that in mind, let's head off to our exclusive and comprehensive step-by-step process on how to deposit money into an online casino account and not die trying - just joking!

First step: Are you starting on your right foot?

As obvious as this might sound, the first thing you have to do is log in into your account. Even though we have already gone through this, the basics must be revisited in order to prevent you from making a mistake during the deposit that you might regret later. We count on you having provided the following information at the moment of registration:

  • A valid ID document
  • Your primary email address
  • The same address of the credit card or payment method you're adding

Are we all set? Let's continue.

Our next stop: Visiting the cashier

The online casino's cashier is your bank –and we hope you get a lot of figures in there. It consists of two different tabs or boxes, one for deposits and one for withdrawals, telling you exactly how much money you have left in your account, and providing you with options like modifying your credit cards' details, adding payment methods, setting up the amount you wish to deposit, etc.

In most cases, it will also have a history of your deposits, an option to verify your ID documents, and sometimes some links to websites that promote responsible gaming. When you see a casino promoting responsible gambling and taking measures to prevent the minority of players with gambling issues, it's a truly reliable casino.

Deposit methods: a wide variety of choices

Online casinos are all about variety. Hundreds of slots and table games, and millions of dollars lying around all over the place. The same thing happens with deposit options. In the USA, approximately 90% of all deposits are made with credit cards like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. Other popular options are Cashier checks, eCheck, Moneygram, Western Union, and wire transfers.

Cryptocurrency has also made its way into online casinos, but this will depend on the state you're playing in. No laws have been issued against the use of Bitcoins and similar exchange currencies, at least we speak for the US, but the fact remains not many casinos have embraced them yet. This debate is still open in the US. At captaingambling we'll try our best to keep you posted about this. We're always on top of the news, like when we were the first to predict the big hit of Social Casinos. Have you heard about them? Check out our article on everything you need to know about Social Casinos (Everything you need to know about Social Casinos).

Remember when we were just opening up your account? It's likely that they asked us for your preferred currency. Make sure you've set it to US dollars, so the conversion rates don't mess up with your balance. They will charge your credit card in $ as well. If you didn’t, go to your profile settings and search for your desired currency settings.

How much are you planning on depositing?

Let's start by saying that having the possibility to deposit a certain amount of money, instead of keep reaching at our pocket to place our bets, it's a fantastic way to keep track of our balance and not make mistakes that could affect our budget. This is about having a good time, just as if you were on vacation, hanging around with your friends, traveling, or going to the movies: it's entertainment.

Of course, none of those has as much chance to turn us into millionaires as online gambling does, but that's part of the excitement of this activity. Never let your gambling habits compromise your budget for important things, like paying the rent or buying groceries. Having to deposit just a certain amount helps you remain in control of your expenses as you have a great time playing the games.

There are plenty of options. $10 deposit online casinos are a safe way to start and help you familiarize with the real money scenario. Make sure you get a matching bonus for those ten bucks and practice on how to wager through an online casino bonus (How to wager through an online casino bonus). We will have some tips for you when it comes to bankroll management. You'll thank us later.

Last tip: Did you register a valid document for identification?

Almost all online casinos need to confirm the identity of the player before making any withdrawal, so it's smart to validate your ID before making any deposits to ensure everything is in order. Many of the complaints we read about online refer to problems in certifying the player's documents, which ends up costing time and money for both casinos and users.

Save yourself hours of live-chatting with customer support, going through blogs, expensive phone calls, and being cranky by submitting a legal document, which would preferably have a non-expired date and even has a good picture of you. It doesn't matter if it is a 1$ deposit online casino; you must follow the rules. This will come in handy; we will extend about this on how to withdraw money from an online casino account, the very next article from captaingambling you need to check before going to your favorite online casino.

Why are online casinos useful is a great piece to start your journey into the online casino gaming world. Join us at captaingambling to gain access to the latest updates on the best games, game strategies, software, and many interesting facts about online casinos in the US.

Look how far we've come together!

With each article, you're becoming more of an expert in the subject. We bet you've already told your friends about us, or perhaps not because you want to be the absolute authority in gambling among them. Either way, it's great to have you here with us. Please consider naming your yacht "captaingambling" after you hit that jackpot if you find our content useful!

The information we've just shared with you about how to deposit money into an online casino account is our first great step into this fascinating world. Now that you know how to deposit real money, you'll have to find the best online casino. Check out the following casino comparison for that! And then stay more focus and pay more attention to your plays and strategies.

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onclusion: The first deposit is easy
Depositing at an online casino is not a difficult task. Simply log in to the online casino or open an account, go to the cashier and make a deposit. Maybe you can collect a bonus with your first deposit. All you have to do is make sure that the limits are met: Some payment methods have a minimum limit for making a deposit. After making the deposit, the money should be in your casino account within 1-3 business days.

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