Are There Online Casino Strategies And Can They Help 2021

In a context where casinos are businesses, and the service they offer is entertainment in the form of giving players a chance to win money, they always watch their backs when it comes to statistics. Until now, there are no games that present any losses to any casino in this $50 Billion market.

Nevertheless, mathematicians and casino games' enthusiasts have developed fair strategies that aim to reduce the house's edge. Even a professional player might come up with his online casino strategy. At captaingambling, we aim to transmit that knowledge to you, under the premise that we're here to have a plenty entertaining experience, and giving you basic and advanced tips to help you get the most out of every $ you spend gambling online.

  • There are fair strategies that aim to reduce the houses edge
  • Playing in an online casino is gambling
  • There is no strategy to win every casino game

Casino Strategies: The Top 3 Strategies explained

Let's begin by getting a close look at the most famous strategies. These are the ones that remain at the top of the professionals’ minds when sitting at the tables. Please note that land-based casinos don't appreciate when people claim to perform a strategic approach under their roof, so it's always best to try these online, as you will also have the necessary time to familiarize yourself with the method with no peer-pressure around you to act fast.

The "basic strategy," a gem brought by blackjack experts

Blackjack is probably one of the most relevant casino games of all time. The mystery behind its numbers has attracted many professionals and generated millions of hours in investigation and research in universities, and in dark basements filled with ambitious scientists: everybody wants a piece of the pie and become the famous guy who came out with the best online casino strategy and brought down the house.

We're glad to say that many of them came pretty close, and as a result, we now have access to what's called the basic strategy or perfect strategy for blackjack. It's as simple as a series of possible mixed outcomes, between the dealer's hand against your hand, written on a chart that has been previously loaded with the game's variables.

These variables might be, but are not limited, to:

  • Getting the chance to split and re-split Aces
  • Getting blackjack paid on a 2 to 1, 3 to 2, or 6 to 7 ratio (avoid this last one)
  • Dealer hits or stays on all 17s
  • The possibility of doubling down on any cards
  • A chance to surrender, early and late
  • Number of decks in the game

Once these variables have been observed, you must get a hold of the corresponding chart. Read our article on Blackjack Strategy: How to win in Blackjack for more detailed information about these charts.

Follow the instructions in the chart to the letter. The fundamental thing about any online casino strategy is never to miss a guideline, no matter how tempting it is to disobey or follow your instincts. If you're dealt a 14, you feel like you have a figure coming to bust you out, but the chart says "give me one" after considering the dealer's showing card, swallow hard and ask the dealer for a card. Leave emotions at the door.

The Martingale System: an old partner of the roulette

Perhaps the oldest trick in the hat when it comes to casinos is the Martingale System. Almost anyone that has played in a land-based casino with certain regularity has seen people win and lose big trying this one! The strategy is pretty simple. First, decide how much money you'd like to win. Yes, as humble as it sounds; let's say we're after $10 because we want to get a hamburger. Now, place that same amount of cash on any even-money bet. Let's say we're going for "red." The wheel starts spinning.

We get red. We take our $20 that includes our $10 profit and have dinner. But wait! What if it the ball landed on black? Well, we'll have to double that amount to get our initial bet back and still win $10. So, we place $20 again on red. We win, we take our $40, having risked $30. So far, so good.

But the ball has landed on black, again. We must keep doubling our bet until we hit red. The thing is that, by the tenth try, we will have to risk $5,120 on an even-money bet to win those $10 and get two Big Macs. This is where it gets tricky. Apart from increasing your chances by playing on a European roulette, to always win using the Martingale System you would have to:

  • Have an infinite budget
  • No maximum bet restrictions from the casino
  • Pray not to get a "bad luck" streak

There's plenty more to say about this strategy in our piece on Roulette Strategy: How to win in Roulette, but the fact remains that it has survived for the last 200 hundred years, mostly because it made some people rich. We suggest you give it a go at the free roulettes and reach your own conclusions about this online casino strategy roulette.

"Odds" bets by the Craps table, 0% advantage for casinos

We love online casinos, but our weakness is that some of us still linger for the feel of playing craps and watch those dices roll all over the green felt and hitting the walls. VR technology is already on it, and soon we'll have an update for you about the progress on this field. Stay tuned to captaingambling!

Now, when it comes down for the best strategy, we have developed a great article called Craps Strategy: How to win in Craps in which we describe several strategies and tips specially designed to improve your chances of winning the game. To give you a heads up:

  • Scenarios for combining the Pass bet with Come bets
  • Get the most out of your odds, as they present 0% advantage for the house (like flipping a coin!)
  • Using the 6/8 to your advantage, waiting for a roll after setting the point, and backing up inside and taking down 5 and 9

What to expect when you're learning a strategy

There's no point in engaging such a fabulous adventure if you're not entirely familiar with the rules of the game you want to hack. Even the most advanced players forget about basic wagers that limit their ability to take advantage of the game's odds fully. Make sure you've visited every corner of the betting layout of the game before trying out these strategies with real money.

Want to boost your games with a casino bonus? Check out our PokerStars sign up bonus code and Borgata casino promo code reviews.

Going online for a free training camp

Plan on spending an hour playing for free in online casinos. Some people claim there are no strategies for slot machines, but you'll find that our piece on Online Slot Strategy: How to win in Online Slots has a lot to say about that. Never underestimate the power of having access to our staff's database of knowledge in slots. They're willing to share their secrets! Register now at captaingambling forum for access to their tips and tricks, and then go check out the best online casinos in the US in the following comparison.

Looking for a good online casino to test your strategy at? Take a look at our Tropicana online casino review or Sugar House casino review.

The advantage of playing online and applying your strategies

Do you imagine yourself at a fast Baccarat table looking at your notes to check if it's the right moment to double your bet? Chances are other players will get mad, and the croupiers will give you that look. When you're online, you'll have all the time of the world to go over and over through our guide on Baccarat Strategy: How to win in Baccarat, and not get yelled at or upset players waiting for a seat.

Also, you'll have the chance to switch quickly between real money and free mode games, allowing you to check what could happen if you place a bet in a certain way while reading the information of the game directly from the source. You can also check our Video Poker Strategy: How to win in Video Poker. It's evident that these possibilities for online gamblers are a big part of the reason why the industry is growing so fast: the experience is getting much more personal, and we feel lucky to walk down this technology path with you. Let's keep on learning!

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