Slingo Online 2021

Slingo is an entertaining and exciting casino game that was born as a hybrid of sorts between casino online slots and online bingo games. Often referred to as Slingo bingo, the game brings elements from both, trying to merge the best of both worlds and create an exciting and engaging game offering potential for some big wins. Head to our Mohegan Sun Casino no deposit bonus codes page to use if you can use their offer with this online casino game.

It all started with the Slingo Originals version but later branched out into other variations. All of them are based on the same concept but have some special features added to the mix to make the games even more appealing to the players.

The game is a perfect choice for bingo fans and those who enjoy playing slots alike. It is action-packed, fast to play, and provided luck is on your side, it can produce some big jackpots that will have you laughing all the way to the bank. In this page we will be taking a look at some of the best Slingo sites.

Important Facts About Slingo Online

  • Slingo is a cross between slots and bingo games
  • Play on your own or against other players
  • Play bingo games spiced up with extra symbols and powers
  • Enjoy fast-paced action and some big wins
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Slingo Online Basics

If you’d ever played bingo, the layout of a Slingo game will feel quite familiar. The main area on the screen is occupied with a five by five bingo card, containing twenty-five different numbers with no empty (free) space in the middle. The ultimate goal is to catch all the numbers and fill the entire card but there are also other payouts for other combinations. If you are looking to try this game on a mobile device, head to our PokerStars Casino app download page.

In addition to the bingo card, there is also a small Slingo slot machine on the screen. The machine spins to reveal five numbers on each spin. If you have any of these numbers on your card, they’ll be marked. You can win prizes for as long as there are still spins remaining on the slot. Once you run out of spins, that Slingo round is over and a new one can begin. You will be able to play Slingo at most online casino and there are always plenty of new Slingo sites.

New Slingo Sites Game Rules and Gameplay

At the start of a Slingo bingo game, a player gets his or her card and the certain number of spins they are allowed to play in the slot machine. Every time they spin, the slot reveals five numbers, and these numbers are crossed off on the card if they match. In addition to the limited number of spins, there is usually also a time limit within which these spins must all be played. For a great offer within the online casino industry, head to our PlayMGM Android review.

In most Slingo games, the number of spins is limited to 20, but only the first sixteen are free, while the rest cost extra coins. In addition to numbers between 1 and 75, there are also special symbols that can appear on the reels of the Slingo slot, i.e.

  • Jokers – which allow you to daub (mark) any number on the grid
  • Golden Coins – award extra points
  • Free Spin symbols – awarding free spins after the 16th spin
  • Cherubs and Devils – doubling or halving your total score

Slingo, like bingo, is played against other players, so your goal is to have as many points as possible at the end of the round. Prizes are distributed according to the finishing positions. Exact point calculations vary between different versions of the game. Some of the most popular ones found online include:

  • Slingo Classic
  • Slingo Quest
  • Slingo Blast
  • Slingo Extreme
  • Slingo Riches

While exact point calculations may differ, in most sling games you’ll earn points for daubing a number, filling horizontal and vertical lines, and, of course, daubing the entire grid. You’ll usually lose points when the Devil symbol appears and when you buy extra spins after you run out of the original free spins. If you are considering signing up with a big online operator, be sure to check out our review answering the question; is PokerStars a scam?

Slingo Real Money Winning Possibilities and Odds

Like every other game offered at online casino sites, there is an inherent Slingo advantage that favors the house. The exact percentage varies depending on the exact version of the game but it is in the region of 95 percent. So, overall, this isn’t a horrible return to the player but it is definitely among the worse ones you can find online these days which makes it difficult to play Slingo for real money. For another great online casino game, check our Solar Disc slot review.

In terms of wins, you can win up to 200x your stake if you manage to get the Full House, i.e. complete the entire card. However, this can be a pricey proposition, especially in the games where the initial number of free spins is smaller, i.e. 16, as every new spin can cost multiple times the original stake.

Slingo Glossary: Terms You Should Know

Having its roots in bingo, all free Slingo games online use a certain set of terms that bingo players are likely to be quite familiar with. If you’re new to the game and bingo in general, however, here are some of the most common terms and expressions you’re likely to come across.

  • Cherub – a good symbol that doubles your points
  • Daub – mark the number on your card/ticket
  • Devil – an unfavorable symbol that cuts your points in half
  • Free spins – spins you get to play after the original number of spins without paying
  • Full House – marking all 25 numbers on the ticket
  • Ticket – your card containing 25 random numbers

Online Slingo Strategy & Tricks

Every Slingo bingo game is entirely based on Random Number Generator so if you’re wondering how to beat Slingo, the answer is there is no actual casino strategy you could use to reduce the house edge. That said, depending on the variation, there are certain things you can do to at least not increase the house edge. If you are looking for a promotion to use with this online game, check out the High 5 Casino promotion codes page.

In certain variations, where there are special power-ups, like win multipliers and Devil Protection symbols, you should use these wisely and time them well. It is all very situational but the way you utilize these special powers can have a significant influence on your overall profit/loss, so make sure to get acquainted with every variation before you actually start playing. For another great online game, head to our Celestial King slot review.

Play the Best Slingo Sites for Free

Slingo slots actually started off as free, social games, only later becoming available for real money play. This means that you can find Slingo bingo free games at various online casinos as well as numerous gaming sites that don’t even require registration. If you just want to try the game and see what it is about, free Slingo games are the way to go. For fans of the more traditional games, check out our guide on how to win in Baccarat online.

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Live Slingo Games Online

Slingo isn’t a traditional table game and it doesn’t require any live dealer or croupiers to run. As such, there are no live Slingo games offered at internet casinos. However, you can enjoy playing against other players in real-time across various online casinos, which is another great reason to play this game instead of traditional slots, where it is just you against the machine. For an operator within the US, check out our Mohegan Sun online casino NJ review.

Since it is a hybrid between two popular game types, Slingo online is completely legal in the US and licensed online casinos can offer these games at will. This is great news for the players, as it means you can find a great many sites where to play Slingo.

Although the game can seem a bit strange and unusual at first, there is nothing about it that would raise an eyebrow with the regulators. The RTP is clearly stated for all variations and games are completely fair in every sense. The odds are clearly not the best you can find when gambling online but that’s the matter of personal choice. To get some strategy behind your game, check out our Trixie bet strategy page.

Online Casinos Offering Slingo in the USA: Play Now!

There are quite a few online casinos featuring all free Slingo games in their libraries so players can have their pick. With this in mind, you can also focus on other important aspects, including generous bonuses and the availability of other games like slots and table games. You always want to get best for your money and if you were wondering what casinos have Slingo and where to play, here are some recommendations. For a great offer from one of the best online casinos, check out how to get free spins on 888 Casino.

All free Slingo games offers

At Borgata Casino, you’ll find a number of Slingo variations, including Slingo Riches and Slingo Fortune. The casino welcomes all new players with USD 20 completely free as well as a 100 percent match bonus up to USD 600, so there is plenty of reason to take your action here.

Caesars Casino is also home to a decent number of Slingo games. If these are your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed with what this operator has to offer in this particular department. Of course, in addition to this, there is also a nice welcome bonus of 100 percent up to USD 300 on your first deposit. If you enjoy Slingo, you should check out what Golden Nugget Casino has to offer here. In addition to several popular variations of the game, the site also offers a very generous welcome bonus of up to USD 1,000 on the initial deposit.

Play Online Slingo & Go for the Full House

You may be new to Slingo online but once you give this game a try, you’re likely to fall in love. Now that you know the rules of the game and where you should go to try your luck, there is nothing stopping you from picking your favorite destination and firing up some Slingo games. With a bit of good luck to get you started and the help of nice bonuses, you could end up with a nice amount of extra money in your pocket!

100% up to $1000
Risk-Free Bet
Get FanDuel Sport Bonus

Best Slingo Sites FAQ

🏦 Which online casinos offer Slingo?

Nowadays, most online casinos will vary their games portfolio as much as possible to attract the widest spread of interested customers. Slingo has become a fan favorite and should be on offer with most online operators, read through our review for all the details.

💲 Can I win real money with Slingo?

As with any online casino game, you will surely be hoping to win some real money when you are playing the game. Sometimes the casino service is not supported in your region and you will only have access to a demo version of the game. Be sure to read through our article to see if you are covered.

❤️ What is Slingo?

There are so many new variants of popular online casino games that it can become quite tricky to keep up to date with the industry. Slingo is one of the newer games on the market and you will find all the details surrounding each of these games right here at CaptainGambling.

Want More Action? Check Out These Casino Games as Well

Slingo is just one of many options you can pick when gambling online. If it isn’t the kind of game you enjoy, you can simply move on and try your luck with some other options. Also fun to play are baccarat, table games, video poker, and virtual sports. Whatever the case may be, there are games for everyone found online so it is just a matter of picking the one that you really enjoy.

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