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Online Bingo 2020

Rules, Winnings and Odds

Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance around the world. Unlike many other games which are reserved for those with a bit more gamble in their blood, bingo is a game for the wider masses, as millions of people from all walks of life enjoy an occasional game of bingo.

Like most other games, bingo has become available on the internet during the recent years. Online bingo games can be played in some of the most attractive online casinos as well as dedicated bingo rooms which only cater to bingo players.

At such sites, players can even play online bingo games for free and enjoy playing without risking anything. On the other hand, those who enjoy playing online bingo for money can do that and spice up the game by purchasing real bingo cards and putting small amounts of cash on the line.

Key Bingo Facts

  • One of the most popular gambling games worldwide
  • Played by players of all generations and genders
  • High casino edge makes it less favorable to play
  • A high degree of the social element included

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How to Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is one of the simplest games around with very little to no strategy involved in gameplay. All the numbers in the game are generated by the online bingo number generator which is completely random and there is very little that players can do to improve their chances of winning. However, before jumping into play, it is important to know the basic principles of the game.

Basic Rules of Online Bingo

Unlike other online gambling games which have complex rules and strategies, online bingo rules are very simple and straightforward. While the live game includes a bingo caller and players dabbing their own numbers, the online version does not require any of that.

At the start of a bingo game, all players purchase their bingo cards for a preset price. The cards contain numbers, usually 25 numbers or less. Depending on the game in question, a single or multiple winning patters are indicated. In order to win cash prizes, players must dab the numbers on their cards to match that pattern.

In online bingo games, all the dabbing is done by the computer itself and the numbers are generated by the random number generator. The players can enjoy socialization in the chat window and simply lay back and cheer for their numbers. While live bingo games allow players to miss their numbers, online this is not a possibility.

As one can tell from these simple rules, the game of online bingo is truly simple to play and just about anyone can join the action.

Online Bingo House Edge & Payouts

There are many different forms of online bingo out there including the most popular variations of 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. Players who enjoy playing both online bingo and slots should be aware of the fact that the house edge in bingo games is usually quite a bit higher than most slot games, which makes the game somewhat unfavorable for the players.

While many slot games keep the house edge as low as 2-4%, some versions of online bingo give the house an edge of over 20%, while the best bingo games still maintain an edge of over 5%. This percentage includes the highest payout which is often very hard to come by, making bingo quite a costly game to play in online casinos.

The advantage of bingo players over slot players comes from the fact that the game runs quite a bit slower and the stakes are usually lower. This makes online bingo better for players who are playing online casinos for fun but less favorable for those looking to make a quick buck.

Online Bingo Glossary

Players who are not familiar with the lingo used in bingo games may be slightly taken by all the terms used by other players in the chat or even those used inside the game to describe different options, bets and payouts. To help our with this, we have prepared a short glossary of the most commonly used online bingo terms:

  • Card: Bingo cards with preset numbers are bought by players to take part in the game.
  • Daubing: Marking the numbers on a bingo card.
  • Diagonal: One of the most common bingo lines, players need to daub all the numbers on either diagonal.
  • Diamond: A winning pattern which requires the player to mark the numbers in a shape of a diamond.
  • Pattern: The preset combination of numbers which the player must mark on a card to be a winner.

There are many other bingo terms out there which players tend to pick up as they play. Thankfully, most bingo terms are quite logical so it should not take too long to pick up the lingo and be aware of what the regulars are saying in the chat.

Online Bingo Strategy and Tips

When it comes to bingo strategy, things are really simple. There is no known strategy to increase one's odds of winning in bingo games. The best a player can do is find a reasonable game with a buying that is affordable for their bankroll and a jackpot that is worth playing for.

In the end, bingo is really all about fun and socialization, so make sure you have fun and enjoy the company of other players while you are chasing that jackpot. Make sure not to be spiteful or angry with other players who win when you don't and you will have a great time without a doubt.

Online Bingo Live: Just Like Bingo Halls

Players often ask: can you play online bingo for real money with real callers? The answer to this question is most definitely yes and the games with live callers tend to be quite a bit more fun. Many online casinos offer such games and they tend to be some of the most entertaining and social games you can find out there.

Like all other live casino games, live bingo games entail a caller (instead of a dealer), who calls the numbers from an actual wheel instead of a computer that generates them randomly. This way, players can experience the real bingo hall feeling from the comfort of their home.

Online Bingo in USA: Is Online Bingo Legal?

When it comes to playing online bingo in USA, the fact is that the game is still quite restricted. However, players from a growing number of states can now join online casinos and enjoy playing various online bingo games with no fear.

This is of course only the case with playing online bingo for money in USA, as playing the game for free is perfectly legal across the country. In fact, players can play bingo for free legally at any number of online casino sites and even various social platforms that sometimes even award players with various rewards for playing such free games.

Online Bingo Casino: Pick Your Site!

Bingo is a worldwide phenomenon, with players all over the globe playing the game in every possible format. For New Jersey players, there is a decent selection of online casinos where online bingo games are available, but each casino has something unique and special to offer. Players looking for online gambling bingo games can look to the following sites to find out where to play online bingo.

Virgin Casino is one of the most popular online bingo destinations for players who are looking to play the 90 ball version of the game. On top of plenty of bingo games, Virgin Casino also offers USD 100 in cashback to all new players.

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Another great place to visit for bingo fans in New Jersey is the Tropicana Online Casino, another online gaming site with a USD 100 cashback offer for all newly registered customers. Players looking for a 100% match on their first deposit of up to USD 500 can get it at Pala Casino and enjoy daily 90 ball bingo games with their newly found bonus money.

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Ultimate Online Gambling Fun Can Begin

Online bingo is one of the most entertaining and certainly the most sociable of all online gambling games. Head over to one of our recommended online bingo casinos and enjoy playing 75 ball or 90 ball bingo from the comfort of your home. For even more convenience, simply download an online bingo app, claim your bonus and play bingo games on the go with all the extra cash you could wish for.

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Best Online Casino Visit now

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