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Online Casino Bonus 2021

Promotions Up to $2,500

Author: Stephen McAllen
Last update on: December 21st, 2020
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Online Casino Bonus 2021

Who doesn’t love a good casino bonus? We certainly do! This is why we’ve spent time building up an awesome shortlist of the best casino bonuses in the USTake a minute to browse our leaderboard of casino bonuses. Here you’ll find the biggest matched deposit bonuses like the $500 Unibet welcome bonus and the most generous extra spins deals for slots gaming. We can even reveal some amazing reward schemes and VIP programs.  We’ll also walk you through the best ways of using these online casino bonuses. After all, nobody wants to get stung by some tricky wagering conditions. So keep reading to play with the best casino bonuses in the US!

Our Top 5 Picks for Online Casinos With Casino Bonus Offers

Finding an online casino to play at isn’t always an easy task as you want to give your business to an operator that really meets your requirements. From that point of view, the operator with the best online casino bonus doesn’t necessarily have to be the best choice for you.

Below, we’ve compiled the list of our top five casino picks who have the best online casino bonuses. In doing so, we’ve used all the various relevant factors to come up with operators that stand strong in all these various categories. These are casinos that you simply can’t go wrong with.

5 / 5
Live Casino
$500 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now 888 Casino Review
4.9 / 5
Live Casino
$300 100% Welcome Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Harrah’s Online Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Live Casino
$300 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Online Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Live Casino
$500 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Unibet Casino Review
4.7 / 5
Live Casino
$250 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now SugarHouse Casino Review

Is There One Best Online Casino Bonus ?

When looking into bonus offers and casino promotions, there are different aspects to consider, making it hard to determine if there is a single casino bonus best offer out there. There are many great bonuses you can get your hands on so it all really depends on what you expect to find. Some of the most important features of all of the best online casino bonuses include:

  • The match percentage
  • The maximum amount
  • Wagering requirements
  • Other terms and conditions (max cashout, allowed games, etc.)

All of these come into play when you’re making your decision about whether to play on a particular site. For example, there could be a great bonus that gives you a lot of extra cash but wagering requirements are just too high for your style of play or you need to meet them within a too short period of time.

Many bonuses also include restrictions on certain games so you might be allowed to only play casino slots. If you don’t care about slots and rather stick to table games, then that particular bonus wouldn’t be right for you, even if other conditions were great.

Defining Best Casino Bonuses in the Market - Picking The Best Online Casino Deals

So, clearly, there isn’t one single thing that could be used to define best casino bonuses. Rather, it is a mixture of different factors that all need to come together to make an offer really stand out to produce the best online casino bonus. These are the requirements that we always go through when reviewing casino online bonus offers.

#1 Bonus Type - An Online Casino Bonus To Suit Your Wagering Style

The first thing we check out is what kind of casino bonus offers we’re dealing with. Is it an offer that’s only available to new customers or is it something that all players can take part in. Is it a casino deposit bonus that requires some financial risk on your part or perhaps a no deposit offer that you can claim by simply signing up?

Usually, welcome bonuses for new players are the most generous casino bonus offers but other bonus types can be quite sweet as well. It all really depends on the site and what kind of the operation they want to set up. Our individual bonus reviews will help you find out all this important information, such as our 888casino promo code and Fox Bet bonus code guides.

#2 Match Percentage & Amount - The Biggest and Best Online Casino Bonuses

The next on the list is probably what most players are concerned about – how much extra cash you can actually get from these casino bonus offers. There are different types of bonuses out there, offering matches anywhere from 10% of your deposit amount all the way up to 200% or more. This number determines the amount of actual additional money you stand to get from the best online casino deals.

It is also important to check out what’s the maximum match in terms of cash. For example a 200% deposit bonus sounds great, but if you can only get up to USD 40, it may not be what you’re looking for if you’re used to playing higher stakes.

#3 Terms, Conditions & Restrictions - The Small Print of the Casino Bonus Offers

All bonus offers come with certain conditions attached to them. These various conditions and restrictions are often the determining factor in whether a particular bonus is a good one or a bad one. We look at thing such as turnover or wagering requirements first but we also go beyond that.

Are there particular online casino games for real money that you aren’t allowed to play while on the bonus money? Is there the maximum stake you’re allowed to play? While some of these factors may not be important to all players, we try to make complete and well-rounded reviews of all bonuses presented on the site.

#4 The Bonus in Practice - User-friendly Deals are the Best Online Casino Deals

We test all the bonuses using our knowledge and experience to see how they really behave in practice. Keeping all the various factors in mind, we approach these bonuses as players would to try and determine how worthwhile they actually are and what you can really expect from them.

In this section, we try to determine how likely you are to meet the wagering requirements within the given time frame and if the bonus gives you a good boost that actually improves your chances of winning. We also make sure to provide you with tips and tricks on how to make most out of the best online casino deals.

#5 Bonus Payouts

Claiming casino bonus offers is all about making more money at the end of the day. So, the final step in our process is determining how much real, actual money you can expect to win with the best online casino deals.

We look into the bonus from all the different sides, to see if you’re allowed to only cash out your winnings or you can withdraw the entire amount once you’re done wagering. Further, we check if there are any maximum cashout limits and if you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings using a decent number of popular banking options.

#6 Bonus Offers for Loyal Players

While our reviews are focused on the best online casino deals, we always try to look beyond as well to see what else a particular casino site has in store for its existing loyal players. Are there some reoccurring casino promotions that players can take part in? How rewarding these promos really are?

Checking the VIP club is another item on our list. Rewarding loyalty clubs can be excellent for players who play a lot and can be of great importance in determining whether you should play at a particular online casino or if you should take your action elsewhere.

Beyond Casino Promotions: What Makes a Good Online Casino?

Online casino offers are definitely important when determining where to play but they’re just one of many factors. A good online casino needs to stand out in other categories as well. If you’re looking for a solid and reliable operator to play with, these are all the things you should look at and that we cover in all of our reviews.

  1. Gaming Portfolio: While not all online casinos have huge gaming library, it is always a big plus for an operator to be able to offer a decent portfolio of titles. By choosing a casino with at least solid number of options, you’ll be able to have more fun without having to constantly change sites.
  2. Overall Usability & Functionality: Most online casinos these days operate on web-based platforms. This makes it easy to get started but it is important for this platform to be user-friendly and glitch-free. As a paying player, you deserve this kind of treatment.
  3. Mobile App Quality: In this day and age, mobile casino apps have become an essential part of online gambling. A reputable iGaming operator needs to offer a quality mobile solution with a great selection of games and other functionalities such as banking and support.
  4. Banking Options: A decent selection of banking options ensures all players can have a hassle-free experience when playing on a site. Featuring at least most of the most popular banking options is pretty much required while any additional possibilities are highly appreciated.
  5. Withdrawal Speeds & Limits: How fast can you expect to receive your winnings from an online casino? Are there any restrictions in terms of how much you can withdraw in a day, week, or month? All of these are very important questions that we always try to answer in every casino review.
  6. Customer Support Department Quality: Does a particular casino offer player support around the clock or are there periods when there are no live agents around? How do support agents treat players in general and are they helpful? Are they willing and able to offer answers to your questions in a timely manner?
  7. Welcome Bonus for Newcomers: What does a particular operator have to offer to me as a new player? Are there any online casino bonus codes I should use to get my welcome bonus? You need to answer these questions before you start with an online casino to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.
  8. The Loyalty Program: If you’re looking for an online casino you want to stay with for a while, you’ll definitely want to check what they have to offer to their existing players. Quality rewards for loyal players are very important as, without them, there is very little reason for a player to stay with one site for too long.

Top 5 Casino Apps For Getting The Best Online Casino Bonuses

Gambling on the go has become hugely popular lately. More and more players are deciding to take their gaming experience with them thanks to various casino apps that let them play all of their favorite games wherever and whenever they feel like it.

If you’re looking to play on your phone, it is crucial to find the best internet casinos that offer a good, reliable app with a great selection of games and good navigation. Of course, a nice bonus on the side never hurts, but if you’re planning to stick with a casino, a great mobile app should be your primary concern.

4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$300 100% Welcome Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Harrah’s Online Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$250 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now SugarHouse Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$200 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Betfair Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$25 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Scores Casino Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$1000 100% Dep. Bonus T&Cs Apply Play Now Golden Nugget Online Review

Captain Gambling – Site You Can Trust

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should trust reviews, suggestions, and recommendations found on this site. How can you know that what is written here is a truly honest and fair opinion about the operators? What is it that makes this site stand out from the rest of dozens similar review sites out there?

First of all, Captain Gambling has been licensed by the state of New Jersey to make comparisons and recommend licensed online gambling operators. Thus, we have to always offer true, real information about sites, whether it is a casino bonus explained, analysis of their gaming library, or review of any other particular section or aspect.

In addition to this, we also take on board all opinions and experiences of our members and combine them with our own reviews. That way, you get the best and most well-rounded overview of an online gaming operator you could possibly ask for.

Legal Online Gambling in the USA

The current legal situation in the States as pertaining to online gambling is a rather complex one. After a long period during which US players had no legal options to choose from if they wanted to play online, we are finally seeing a number of licensed online casinos opening their doors in various states.

These state-licensed casinos are fully in line with the law, meaning players from particular states can freely enjoy everything these operators have to offer. State gambling laws are quite strict and well-defined, so you can rest assured these businesses have to adhere to many strict rules set in place to protect players and make sure everything is on the up and up.

On the flip side, these casinos are only allowed to accept players from their own states, so a player from Texas can’t sign up and play on licensed Nevada online casinos . This is currently one of the biggest issues the regulated iGaming scene in the US is facing and finding some kind of a resolution for it would be a huge leap forward.

Unfortunately, there are many legal obstacles to making this reality at the moment and lobbies working behind the scenes to prevent online gambling from becoming a reality aren’t holding back. Simultaneously, offshore casinos are continuing to offer their services in the States, getting business from people who don’t have any alternatives in the current climate.

Internet Gambling in the US Moving Forward

While things could certainly be better and move at a better pace overall, we can’t deny there’s been a lot of movement in terms of regulation and it is looking likely this momentum will continue in the future. Important legal decisions, such as the Supreme Court overturning the Wire Act and giving states freedom to organize sports betting within their own borders, is one such development.

There is no reason to think any of this will stop. Online gambling can provide substantial income for the states and more and more legislators are starting to recognize this. With good profits in sight, allowing for many budget holes to be filled with this newly found income, we can expect more iGaming bills to be passed into laws moving forward.

Eventually, this should lead to a law on the federal level, finally giving players from the entire USA a chance to try their luck gambling online regardless of where they’re physically located. It may take a few years still but, eventually, we’re very likely to see internet gambling fully regulated all across the United States, which will be a good thing for all players as playing on safe and regulated sites is what we all deserve and have the right to ask for.

Online Casino Bonus Codes: Top 10 FAQ by the Players

We’ll wrap this overview of the best online casino bonus offers with a section offering answers to some of the most common questions asked by the players. If you still have some uncertainties or doubts, this section should help clear them all out.

A casino bonus is an amount of extra cash given to you by the casino to play with. Bonuses are good for you on multiple levels as they extend your play time and give you more opportunities to win big. Take a look at the current Borgata casino online bonus code and Scores casino promo code offers for a good example.

While you’re technically only required to deposit the minimum prescribed in the bonus terms and conditions, you should always try and take full advantage of any casino bonus if you can afford it.

The turnover or wagering requirements describe the number of times you’ll need to wager the bonus amount before you’re allowed to withdraw. For example, a USD 50 bonus with 30x wagering requires you to stake a total of USD 1,500.

This depends on the type of a bonus. Welcome bonuses can usually be claimed only once but there are also casino promotions you can participate in over and over again.

Bonus codes are used to automate the process of issuing a bonus. By using a particular code, you’re telling the casino which one of their offers you’re interested in if there are more than one to choose from. Read our Party Casino promo code and Golden Nugget promotional code reviews for detailed information on bonus codes for these providers.

Most casino bonuses require you to make a deposit. However, there are also no deposit offers where you’ll get a certain amount of money to play with even without having to risk any of your own funds.

While this greatly depends on the bonus amount and wagering requirements, bonuses are usually worth taking as they help you have more fun and do give you more chances to win big.

Casinos will almost always give you an option to play without a bonus if you so choose. If the bonus is added automatically, you can usually ask support to remove it before you start playing.

Casino winnings are taxable in the US, so you’ll have to pay taxes on any online winnings as well. You can find more information about taxation in our article on gambling winnings tax [Do I Have to Pay Tax on My Online Casino Winnings?]

All casino games have an inherent house edge so none of them can be beaten straight up. However, you can use resources in our casino school section [American Casino Guide] to learn more about various casino games and how to improve your odds of winning.