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Trixie Bet 2020

To perfect understand a Trixie bet system, it is important that you know system bet, double bet, and treble bet. This is because a Trixie bet is an example of a system bet and it contains doubles and treble. In a Trixie bet system, when bettors make a Trixie, they are essentially making four bets involving three different selections in different events. These four bets comprise three Double bet and one Treble bet. It is important to know that any two winning bets guarantee a return for bettor in a Trixie bet system. Impliedly, winning more than two bets means higher return for punters.

Important Facts to know about Trixie Bet

  • A Trixie bet consists of four bets on three selections.
  • A Trixie bet comprised of three Double bets and one Treble bet.
  • A Trixie bet is a very popular way to bet on many sports.
  • Making four bets on three selections improves the probability of a return on bet.
  • A Trixie bet does not contain a single bet, it only looks at multiples.
  • A $1 win-only Trixie bet will cost $4.

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Trixie Bet Explained

What’s a Trixie bet? Many bettors would have heard about Trixie bet, especially those bettors with special interest in horse racing. Trixie bet is very popular in horse racing. A Trixie bet is a three-selection wager that consists of three double bet and a treble bet. In a Trixie bet strategy, any bet placed is considered a treble to which three double bets are added. One major attractive quality of trixie bet system is that it is a full cover bet. Trixie bet being a full cover bet implies that punters making Trixie bet are offered a full coverage of all combinations of multiples on their three selections for the bet. You must know that Trixie bet and patent bet have some very notable similarities. it is also a full cover bet and the major difference between the two bet types is that while trixie bet system only concern itself with multiples, patent bet takes into consideration the three single bets from punters’ selection.

One primary advantage to the logic behind trixie betting strategy is that a return is still generated even if one selection should fail to win. The composition of a trixie bet shows that it is a full cover bet. Let’s assume a punter has selected three selections A, B, and C, the table below shows a trixie composition of three doubles and a treble:

Part Selections (1, 2, 3) Number of Bets
Double bet 12, 13, 23 3
Treble 123 1
Total Number of Bets 4

Bettors must be mindful of the fact that there is no opportunity of including Single bet in Trixie bet system; all that is available are three double bets and one treble bet. Consequently, for bettors to make any kind of return from their Trixie bet, a winning of two selections out of the three made is required. Using a very simple example of a Trixie bet as illustration will help understand the trixie bet system better.

What’s Trixie in Betting: Horse Racing.

We’ve mentioned that Trixie betting system is very popular in horse racing. Let’s look at an example that explains the Trixie bet system in horse racing for better understanding.

 Let us assume that you have backed three horses A, B, and C, priced at 2/1, 3/1, and 4/1, respectively. For this Trixie bet, you placed $5, meaning that the four bets comprising a trixie bet cost you a total of $20. Here is the composition of your Trixie bet:

  • First Double: Horse A Wins & Horse B Wins
  • Second Double: Horse A Wins & Horse C Wins
  • Third Double: Horse B Wins & Horse C Wins
  • Only Treble: Horse A Wins & Horse B Wins & Horse C Wins.

With all the three horses (your three selections) winning, this is what your return will look like:

  • Return on First Double: $5 x 2/1 makes $10, plus the original stake makes $15, which serves as the stake, resulting in $15 x 3/1, making $45, plus original stake of $15, making a total of $60.
  • Return on Second Double: $5 x 2/1 makes $10, plus the original stake makes $15, which serves as the stake, resulting in $15 x 4/1, making $60, plus original stake of $15, making a total of $75.
  • Return on Third Double: $5 x 3/1 makes $15, plus the original stake makes $20, which serves as the stake, resulting in $20 x 4/1, making $80, plus original stake of $20, making a total of $100.
  • Return on One Treble: $5 x 2/1 makes $10, plus the original stake makes $15, which serves as the stake, resulting in $15 x 3/1, making $45, plus original stake of $15, making a total of $60, which serves as new stake again, resulting in $60 x 4/1, making $240, plus original stake of $60 to make a total return of $300.

Now, let’s add the returns of the three Double bets and one Treble bet to obtain the total return for this Trixie bet: that’s the summation of $60, $75, $100, and $300, which makes $535. Thus, on your $5 Trixie bet that actually cost $20, you make a return of $535 and a total profit of $515. You will realize from this calculation that it only takes at least two horses to win for you to make return on your Trixie bet.

It is very important that we point out that you will mostly likely not see this kind of manual calculation for Trixie bet around. That’s because of the little complexity involved and the fact that bettors can easily make mistakes in the process of calculating, thus, leading to making wrong predictions as regards stake, return and profit. This is why it is advisable to use the Trixie Bet Calculator whenever you want to place a Trixie bet. However, we’ve gone through the trouble of explaining Trixie bet strategy calculation manually to enhance our readers’ understanding of Trixie bet system. Enter the above statistics and odds into a Trixie Bet Calculator and you will get the same result.

What’s Trixie in Betting: Soccer.

Similar to the example presented above for Trixie bet in horse racing, let us assume you placed a Trixie bet using three of your favourite clubs in MLS: LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, and DC United (for them to win in their respective next match). The composition of your Trixie bet will be as follows:

  • 1st Double: LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls to win;
  • 2nd Double: LA Galaxy and DC United to win;
  • 3rd Double: New York Red Bulls and DC United to win;
  • Only Treble: LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, and DC United to win.

You are guaranteed to make some return on this Trixie bet if at least two of these clubs you’ve selected win. If only one of these selected clubs win, you might not get anything for the simple fact that there are no single bets in Trixie. If LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls win, that means you win only the first double in this example.

Each Way Trixie

If you have not read our article on each way bet, you should do so to be able to understand Each Way Trixie. We explained each way bet in that article in a very simple in-depth manner. Each way Trixie works exactly as we’ve explained Trixie bet with one addition: it will cost eight (8) times the unit stake rather than four (4) in a Trixie bet. This is simply because four bets will be for a ‘Win’ and another four bets for a ‘Place’ for each horse/club involved. Thus, if bettor’s selection should win, bettor receives returns for both win and place of that selection. If the selection only places, bettor receives only the ‘Place’ part of the return.

Which Bookmakers Offer the Best Trixie Bet Deals?

On a comparative level, Trixie bet is a pretty good choice over some other betting types, especially accumulators. Trixie bet is a full cover bet. It does not require that all your selection win for you to make return. Also, calculating your stake, return and profit can be very tedious and confusing, especially for those who don’t really like doing Maths. This is why it is advisable to use Trixie Bet Calculator. Finding bookmakers that offer good and standard Trixie bet and other additions like the Trixie bet calculator can be tasking. We have made some quality effort in this regard as we’ve done our assignment and put together a list of bookmakers with good offer on Trixie bet on our sports betting comparison page. To get a stress-free betting experience for your next bet, visit our sports betting comparison page to select a bookmaker of your choice for your next Trixie bet.

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Conclusion: Why Make a Trixie Bet?
To recap, a Trixie bet is a full cover bet. Essentially, it means bettors making a trixie bet are offered full coverage on all combinations of multiples that can result from their three selections. Trixie bet system is a type of system bet. This means you are in a pretty good position making a trixie bet compared to making an accumulator bet. With accumulator bet, all selections must win to make return. For Trixie bet system, however, only two of three selections are required to win to make return.

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