Treble Bet 2021

A treble bet is a type of multi bet in which punters make their bets three different selections in three separate events. One important thing to note about treble bet is that for punters to make a return or yield some profit, all three selections made in a treble bet must win or no profit is accrued. Treble bets is popular in all sports especially horse racing, all bets in a treble must be on separate events

Important Facts about Treble Bet

  • Treble bet is a type of system bet
  • Treble bet is a kind of roll-over bet
  • All three selections must win to make some return.
  • Treble bet is very popular in horse racing.

What’s A Treble Bet?

If you have not had the chance to read about system bet and accumulator bet, Please kindly read through them  in our other articles. The reason for this is because Treble bet is actually a type of accumulator bet; some will refer to Treble bet as a multiple bet or treble bet accumulator. Unlike a Yankee bet where punter makes a bet on four selections and need not worry about all four selections winning, punter gets to make a bet on three different selections in a treble bet and need to make sure that those three selections chosen have favorable odds of winning if punter plans to make any return. Basically, punters considering Treble bet as their next choice of betting type will need to identify three different selections in three separate events, then select the Treble bet option from among the available options under accumulator bet. While some may confuse Treble bet as a type of system bet because it consists of three single bets, treble bet is actually a type of accumulator bet because these three single bets or ‘legs’ are joined together to form one bet.

How Treble Bet Works?

We already mentioned that a Treble bet consists of three different selections taking part in different events. We also emphasized that punters making a Treble bet need to understand that losing one of the selections is synonymous to losing the whole bet. Now, here’s why! When you make a Treble bet, the return from the first selection, if successful, is carried forward to provide the stake need to make the second selection. Again, if the second selection wins, the return from the second selection is carried forward to provide a stake for the third selection of the punter’s three choices. If the last (third) selection then wins, the punter makes a return from the bet, otherwise, the punter forfeits the whole stake, regardless of the fact that the first and second selections were already won.

For better understanding, we will illustrate how Treble bet works using some very simple examples in soccer and horse racing.

Treble Bet in Horse Racing

What’s a treble bet in horse racing? Treble bet is commonly used in all types of sport, but it is particularly useful in horse racing. The main reason why treble bet is popular in horse racing is because it multiplied the odds together as each leg of the bet comes through. Now, here is the big difference in the outcome of making a treble bet or making these bets that made up the same treble bet, separately.

Let’s assume you put a $1 bet on three horses separately, with odds 2/1, 4/1, and 6/1. If these bets were placed separately, you will make a total return of $15 from your $3 stake, supposing all the horses win. If those same three different selections were to be made using a treble bet, you make a total return of $105 from your $1 stake. Here is how:

  • First selection: Horse A to win at 2/1 odd: $1 x 2/1 makes $2, plus the original stake of $1, you bag a total return of $3 and this is automatically wagered for the second selection;
  • Second selection: Horse B to win at 4/1 odd: $3 x 4/1 makes $12, plus the original stake of $3, you bag a total return of $15 and this is automatically wagered for the second selection;
  • Third selection: Horse C to win at 6/1 odd: $15 x 6/1 makes $90, plus the original stake of $15; you bag a total return of $105, thus making a net profit of $104.

Notice the massive difference between making the bets separately and making the same bets in treble.

Treble Bet in Soccer

What’s a treble bet in Soccer? Let us assume that a punter places a $5 treble bet on the following outcomes:

  • LA Galaxy winning their next match at 3/1;
  • New York Red Bulls winning their next match at 7/1; and
  • DC United winning their next match at 5/1.

If LA Galaxy wins their next match as the punter has predicted, his $5 stake plus winnings of %15 will make a total of %20. This $20 return from winning of the first selection will be rolled over and automatically wagered on New York Red Bulls winning their next match. If New York Red Bulls eventually pull it off and win their next match as the punter has predicted, the stake of $20 plus winnings of $140 will give a total of $160. This $160 from the second winning will be rolled over and automatically wagered on the third selection, which in this case is DC United winning their next match too. If DC United eventually came through and win this match, the punter will receive a payout of $960. We came about the $960 by multiply the stake on DC United winning ($160) by the odd of DC United winning (5/1), which makes $800, and then add the $160 original stake used to make the bet on the third selection ($800 plus $160, making a total of $960). What a lucky day for this punter!

This is why many punters opt for treble bet. According to the above example, this punter makes a total winning of $955 for an original stake of only $5. It should be noted that the outcome in the above example is very obtainable in real life. Soccer is a very unpredictable game. If you’ve been around for a while, and taking note, you will have no problem agreeing with that. Now, imagine how much a punter would make with outcome used in the example if a stake of $50 was put on the treble bet? Nevertheless, the downside is that if any of the selections loses, the bet loses and the punter forfeits the original stake alongside any achieved accumulated winnings.

Treble Bet Calculator

It is important to draw punters’ attention to the fact that there are some very basic calculations involved in calculation returns to be made from a Treble bet. This calculation is really not a complex kind. However, not everybody likes doing Mathematics, regardless of the level of complexity or simplicity involved. For punters who fall under this category, well, the Treble Bet Calculator is a very big savior. The Treble Bet Calculator affords punters willing to make a Treble bet to calculate the stake, return as well as the profit for Treble bet.

Which Bookmakers Offer the best Treble bet?

If you’ve been following, you will realize that treble bet offers a massive difference in return, in favor of bettor, with the three-selection-win condition been met. Bettor stands the chance to multiply their winnings by three with treble bet. Bookmakers have also put into consideration how bettors will have a stress-free betting experience when making their treble bet, such that bettors do not have to handle the calculation of stake, returns and profit of treble bet by themselves. However, you still have to do some research and find bookmakers that have done really well in this regard. We have gone ahead to assist you tremendously in this task. We have prepared a comprehensive list on our sports betting comparison page, providing you with bookmakers offering the best treble bet. Just head over to our sports betting comparison page and place your next treble page with the bookmaker that places your heart.

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Conclusion: Profiting from Treble Bet

It is important to remember as a punter that the higher the reward involved in a particular betting type, the higher the risk. In terms of return, bettors stand to multiple their return by three if they make a bet on three different selections using a treble bet instead of making these bets separately. It equally means that bettors are increasing their risk by three. For a treble bet, you only need three selections of different events, and for those three selections to win. The return is very massive compared to making those bet separately, as we’ve demonstrated. The truth is that even a single bet of 2/1 odd can still bring an unexpected outcome. That’s sport! Thus, bettors should always make their calculations diligently before placing a treble bet.
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