Surebet 2021

This bet goes by several names among which include betting arbitrage, miraclebet, or arb. A Surebet is a set of bets on a certain event that guarantees a profit of no less than the total amount of bets made without considering the result of such event. In the simplest manner of term, a Surebet is a situation in which the player gets a profit regardless of the situation or in a more efficient way, the player does not lose anything.

Important Facts to know about Surebet

  • Punter places multiple bet on a particular event with different bookmakers.
  • Bookmakers’ determiner to use for a Surebet is called arbitrage.
  • The bet on each probable outcome in a Surebet is called leverage of a Surebet.

Surebet Explained

Let’s give a more elaborate definition of Surebet and illustrate with a very simple example. Its name denotes a literal expectation and what it offers. Surebet is betting type that occurs from specific situations that feature assessment of events with different coefficients by different bookmakers. In essence, when different betting offices assess the same event but using their respective various ways and methods, such situation open up a kind of situation where punters are presented with different odds for an aspect of an event. These situations are called arbitrage and they give bettors the opportunity to gain some sort of guaranteed income that is independent from the outcome of the sport event. The “independent” part of the explanation implies that punters need not worry about what outcome the event brings, because punters have bets that cover all the possible outcomes. This income is often referred to as the profitability of Surebet.

The logic behind a Surebet is that a punter selects a particular event and place a number of bets (called “shoulders”) on this event such that each shoulder represents the likely occurrence of the event. Doing this ensures that whichever the result or occurrence of this event, the punter is able to at least get his money back if not make some profit. It is like betting on a coin toss and placing two bets: one bet on head and another bet on tail. These essentially are the only two outcome that could result from a coin toss. This means that whichever way the coin toss end, the punter still wins, although it may not necessarily bet a kind of win that brings profit, just a type where you make back your original bet.

Surebet Example

Let’s illustrate with a very simple Surebet example so that you can understand these bet types.

Let us assume there is a soccer match coming up between Team A and Team B, and we are able to find two bookmakers, Bookmaker 1 and Bookmaker 2, who have set the following coefficient on the market Real Madrid vs. Manchester United:

  • Bookmaker 1: Bet 1X (that Team A will Win or Draw) has a coefficient of 2.05. Bet 2 (that Team B will Win) has a coefficient of 1.75;
  • Bookmaker 2: Bet 1X (that Team A will Win or Draw) has a coefficient of 1.82. Bet 2 (that Team B will Win) has a coefficient of 2.10.

In this Surebet example, we represent event coefficients in their simplified view to better understanding of our readers. Please know that these coefficients are real and can actually be obtained in real life. Now, the above statistics about this event in the example with the different coefficients from different bookmakers created a bookmaker Surebet. This is presented in the table below:

Bookmaker1X (Team A Win or Draw)2 (Team B Win)
Bookmaker 12.051.75
Bookmaker 21.822.10


The scenario created above presents a bettor with a Surebet opportunity. Supposing a punter decided to stake $10 on Team A’s winning or drawing the game with bookmaker 1, and the punter stakes another $10 on the victory of Team B with bookmaker 2, then this punter will be in profit regardless of the outcome of this game.

Now let us proof how this Surebet example created above actually presents a punter with a Surebet. From the above Surebet example, the punter placed two bets of $10 each, making a total stake of $20. The punter’s bets actually cover the entire probable outcome, that is, Team A or B winning or a draw between both Teams. Now let’s draw the probable outcome for the two bets placed that covered for all probable outcome. It is either Team A actually wins, or Team B actually win, or a draw. The first and second outcome fulfils the provision of the first bet with bookmaker A, while the third outcome (Team B’s victory) fulfils the second bet with bookmaker B. Both bets cannot be win simultaneously:

  • If the first bet is won, the second bet is lost, obviously. That means subtracting to total stake of both bet from the bet that is won, which in this case is the first bet: (2.05 x $10) minus $20, which gives $0.5, that’s 2.5% of the total stake amount.
  • If the second bet is won, then obviously the first bet is lost. This means we are subtracting the total stake from the bet that is won, which in this case is the second bet: (2.10 x $10) minus $20, which gives $1, that’s 5% of the total amount staked.

Surebet Types

You should not be surprised to know that Surebet actually has some varieties. The most popular one is the 2-way Surebet and this is because it only has two leverages. A very good example of a 2-way Surebet is the Surebet example used in the above illustration. There are other varieties of Surebet, depending on the number of leverages.

A Surebet with three leverages is called a 3-way Surebet. A Surebet with four or more leverages is called a Multiway Surebet. However, because of the complexity of calculation that increases as the number of leverages increases, the most popular Surebet is the 2-way Surebet. Its calculation is fairly simple and straightforward. For a 3-way Surebet, it means punter will place bets for three “shoulders” from three bookies, each for the probable outcome which are Team 1 Win, Draw, and Team 2 Win.

Why doesn’t Everybody use Surebet then?

From all we have been saying about the reliability and the level of guarantee that Surebet offers punter with respect to profit margin, one will ask a very logical question that why then are people still using other betting types and not move completely to using Surebet? You need to pay attention here. Firstly, betting on arbitrage is no joke. It is real work. It’s not even something advisable for novice punters and amateurs to explore if they were to actually mean business and not nullify the underlying premise of Surebet by losing their money.

It is true that 3-4 Surebet can make you like 40% in profit, but a best practice for making stable profit is to work continuously with Surebet that offers lower profitability margin. Making Surebet means you must be ready to keep money with at least two bookmakers, at the minimum. Depending on the scope you wish to operate, using Surebet may require that you have active accounts with five to seven bookmakers with money deposited in these accounts. So, you can see that it’s no newbies’ business. Lastly, there are a lot of calculation to be done when using Surebet, especially for those who prefer Live Surebet. Usually, this much efforts is undertaken on long odds, like those available with most scorecast bet options.

Study our strategies for the matched betting wager option if you'd like to explore other ways that present the best chance of winning at the bookies. Otherwise, stick to moneyline betting. What is moneyline betting, you ask? It's when you only need to pick the winner in a match. It is probably the most beginner-friendly option out there.

Which Sport Bookies Offer the Best Surebet?

In the discussion of various betting types on emphasis on covering exposure for punters, or having some degree of insurance on bet, if you have been following this article, you will agree that Surebet reasonably tops the table in this regard. One bitter true about Surebet is that finding a perfect one that really guarantee a reasonable margin of profit is no joke at all. This is because bookmakers don’t really like working with Surebet. However, we done our homework and put together some very useful content that will come in really handy if you are thinking of making a Surebet. Kindly head over to our sports betting comparison page to make the best use of this opportunity.

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Conclusion: What’s the Deal with Surebet?

It is important to bring to your attention that bookmakers don’t really like Surebet. Most of the time, Surebet happens on the part of bookmakers as a result of high competition, discrepancy in assessment of event, lack of time for bookmaker, not enough way to keep track of competitors, and pressure from professional players. As a punter, you stand a pretty awesome chance of making some decent win with Surebet. In comparison to some very popular betting types that we’ve discussed in some of other articles, like system bet, Yankee bet, each way bet, Lucky 31 bet, and several others, you will realize you stand a better chance at decent profit margin with Surebet. So, feel free to play your hands and make some money.
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