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Single Betting 2021

Its name gives a lot of details about what this bet actually offers. Just as the name implies, ‘single’, single betting is a kind of bet placed on just one selection or market. With single betting, punters enjoy the opportunity of earning some profit by making just one guess about a particular sports event correctly. Single betting is by far the safest, most commonly practiced, most commonly placed bet in the history of betting. There is this good feeling that is associate only with the best single bet. When punters make their single bet, they don’t have to worry about outcome of several matches in deciding their fate; they only need worry about one specific outcome, the single one on their bet slip, and they get you cash out as soon as this prediction comes back a success.

Important Facts to Know about Single Betting

  • Single betting is a straight bet on the outcome of a sports event
  • Single betting is by far the most popular bet type
  • Single bet forms a significant component of system bets.
  • Single betting is the safest way to bet for a long-term profit.

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Single betting Explained

Single bet strategy is a type of bet amongst all bet types that we can describe as having no substitute. In fact, experts and professionals in betting and gambling recognize single betting as the safest way of betting long-term profit and portray it as a very good alternative for accumulator bet. The main reason why some will shy away from this bet type is that it most often comes with lower odds compared to an accumulator bet. The potential returns of single betting are often lower than those that can be obtained with accumulators for the main reason that single betting odds are usually placed close to evens. One thing to note here is that bettors whose favorite choice is no single betting (for the lower odds often place close to even of course, among other personal reasons) can go on and on, explaining the not-so-attractive side of this type of bet. However, no matter the version of these epistles, no sermon about the shortcomings can be the fact that it is the safest form of betting through all sports betting, be it traditional sports betting or live, in-play or in-game betting.

Single Betting Cool Strategy - Single bet explained

Now, do you remember our in-depth discussion on each-way bet? This is where it gets interesting (If you have not read our article on Each-Way bet, please do so now). Bettors looking to make the most of their stake on their single bet can spice things up by making their single bet each-way. Let’s clear that up a little. By making one’s single bet each-way, we mean that bettors will apply the strategy of each-way betting to their single bet. Essentially, if you’ve placed a single bet to ‘win’, then modifying your single bet into an each-way bet implies that you will make another bet for that same event to ‘place’. Again, if you don’t quite understand what it means to ‘win’ or ‘place’, read our article on each way bet. Ultimately, that sums up single bet explained.

Single bet strategy

One very fascinating quality of single betting is that it is a kind of betting that is readily accepted in any outlet where they take bet, across all sports, regardless of country; it is one kind of betting that you can always rely on to be available to make some profit. All you have to do is make predictions, and making it predictions is often not as complicated as those betting types where you have to make more than one selection to place a bet. Please know that you can always use a single bet calculator to calculate or have an idea of what your winning will look like with a given stake and odd before making the bet. All evidence points to the fact that it is relatively easy to win single bet compared to other betting types. Find a preferred bookmaker (you can use our sports betting comparison page for them), decide on how much you are willing to stake, pay attention to the odd at which the bookmaker is offering the event, and place your bet; don’t forget you can always make your single bet each-way to ensure you win single bet.

Now, let’s spice things up with a very simple example, as usual.

Let’s assume you’ve gone to our sports betting comparison page, and selected a bookmaker for your next single bet, you then found this on the bookmaker’s webpage:

Home TeamScoreAway Team
New York City F.C.3 – 1Chicago Fire SC

If you have placed $2 as stake on New York City F.C. to win at odds 2/1, your winning would be as follows:



If the game had been offered at odds 3/1, then your winning would have looked like this:



Pros and Cons of Single Betting

Without mincing words, advantages of using this bet type include the fact that it is the safest of all betting types; its potential return is only dependent on one selection and one alone; bettors making single bet get to enjoy high probability of winning; it is a kind of bet that is readily available anywhere they are taking bet; and experienced and pro bettors have recommended it. Experienced bettors will advise that for long-term profit, it is most advisable that bettors play single selections, that is, single bets.

Amongst its shortcoming would be that there is an often very low return when backing your favorite’s games and outcomes and for bettors to make significant profits with placing a single bet, bets would have to be placed at high odds.

Why Play Single Bet Over Multiple Bet?

Instead of going on and on, on the theoretical and contextual phase of things, let us expatiate this with a very simple example. Let’s assume that there are two games that you really want to bet on. Let’s also assume that these two selections of yours are priced at 2.00 odds. If you decide to make these bet separately, using two single bets, and decide to stake $50 on each of your single bet, that makes your total stake to be $100. With both selections priced at 2.00 odds, your potential profit is $100:

$50 original stake multiplied by 2.00 odds minus $50 original stake, gives a profit $50; multiply this in two places for the two single bets and it gives $100.

If you decide to place a double bet, an accumulator, for these two selections with a stake of $100, then your potential return will $300:

The original stake of $100 multiplied by 4.00 odds gives $400 minus $100 original stake gives a profit of $300 on your $100 original stake.

Looking at these two scenarios, the economic man in you will want to go with the double bet option as you get to make more on your $100. However, this is what you should know. If you only manage to predict the outcome of one of the selections right, with two single bets option, winning from the one won will cover for the lost made in the other. With the double bet option, correctly predicting only one of the two selections mean you will lose the entire $100.

Which Bookmakers Offer the Best Single Betting?

Like we’ve mentioned, Single bet is the most common type of betting you will ever find. In any outlet where betting takes place, odds are that you will be able to make single bet there. However, one important thing to still have in mind is that odds offered on single bet differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. It is advisable to find bookmakers that offer attractive odds. Use our sports betting comparison page to find bookmakers with great single bet odds and make every drop of your sweat counts as you win single bet.

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Conclusion: Is Single Betting Really the Safest of them All?
It is the safest type of betting and the most common bet made among bettors. Though its potential returns may not be as attractive as you will find in other betting types, its higher probability of success and relatively low risk do more that cover for the relatively low potential returns. Visit our sports betting comparison page today and find a bookmaker that offer attractive single bet odds that suit your goal.

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Single Betting FAQ 

📍What is single betting?

There are a variety of different bets that one can engage in when it comes to online betting. The top bookies will provide you with ample choice. One of these types of bets is known as a ‘single bet’. Single betting is easy to understand and you’ll get the hang of it before no time. Our guide outlines exactly what it is and how to go about placing successful single bet wagers. Find out all you need to know at

🔗Is single betting legal?

There is no law that prohibits single betting. It is a perfectly acceptable bet type and does not infringe on any regulations. However, keep in mind that certain states do not allow online gambling. This means you cannot place any kind of bet online – be it a single bet or multis.

🔔What is the best use of single betting?

SIngle betting is great for sports. However, depending on the market in question, you’ll find that single betting will be more useful in certain possible outcomes. To find out more about single betting, take a look at our coverage right here are We provide you with a comprehensive overview of single betting!