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Scorecast Bet 2022

Scorecast bet actually has its meaning spelled out in the name in a way. In a very simple term, a Scorecast bet is made up of two separate bets, just like an accumulator bet (feel free read our article on Accumulator bet to bring yourself up to bring on what it means). The major difference between an accumulator bet and all these full cover bets (like Trixie bet, Lucky 31 bet, Yankee bet; read more about them in our other articles) is that all bets that are combined in an accumulator bet must be won; losing one bet means forfeiting the whole wager. The same condition is true of a Scorecast bet. There are two separate bets that must be won if punters decide to go with Scorecast bet. First, bettors must correctly predict the player to score the first goal in a match. Secondly, bettors must correctly predict the result of this same match.

Important Facts to Know about Scorecast Betting

  • A Scorecast bet is essentially an accumulator bet.
  • Correct prediction of the player to score the first goal in a given match is a must.
  • The two separate bets making up a Scorecast bet must be won

What’s a Scorecast Bet?

Scorecast bet has grown to be popular and it has become extremely attractive to most amateur punters. The reason for this is because of the handsome returns that come with every winning bet and that it's relatively easy to calculate your winnings, unlike the difficulty involved when you try and calculate a Lucky 63 bet. Its popularity can also be linked to the fact that some top online bookmakers have started to offer bettors a package called Money Back Specials on their Scorecast bet. Now, one would ask why these bookmakers would do this? Why would they offer an extremely long odds on Scorecast bet? The simple answer, that bettors interested in Scorecast bet must make their peace with, is that Scorecast bets are simply very hard to predict. Recall that for bettors to successfully win a Scorecast bet, both of the two separate bets must be won. It is hard enough to predict the player that will score the first goal of a match or game, although some will argue that it depends on the sports (it actually is, arguably). It is also equally hard enough predicting the exact results that a particular game or match will end. Now, imagine you have to get those two outcomes right to the letter before a particular bet can be won? You will agree that in this light, the extremely long odds that come with Scorecast bets and the fact that bookmakers are not afraid of offering Scorecast bet, are all well justified. To add, it is this attractively unbelievable odds slammed at Scorecast bet that actually draws the attention of most bettors to it.

Now, bettors can decide to place the two separate bets that made up a Scorecast bet separately using single betting, but this would mean the modification of associated odds to small odds relative to Scorecast bet odds (where is the fun in that?). The reduction in the odds is because the assumed difficulty of correctly predicting the two separate bets in a Scorecast bet has been made relatively less difficult. Bettors who would prefer betting separately using single bets, these two separate bets that made up a Scorecast bet, would use a first goalscorer bet and a Correct Score bet.

Good Example of a Scorecast Bet

We always emphasize using simple examples to clarify the definition and meaning of concepts. So, let’s answer the “What’s a scorecast bet?” with one simple example:

Let’s go ahead and assume that you place a $10 Scorecast bet on best (personal choice) player to score the first goal for your favourite club and that your favourite club will win 2:0 at odds of 24/1. If your favourite club end up scoring the first goal of the match and your best player by choice is the one that scored this goal, just as you’ve predicted, the first bet of your $10 Scorecast bet is won. If your favourite club maintain this momentum of victory and the match end in a 2:0 outcome, in favour of your favourite club, then the Scorecast bet rules have it that you’ve successfully won your $10 scorecast bet. The implication is that your $10 stake on a scorecast bet with odds 24/1 would have fetched you $250.

Now, please note this. If your best player (by personal preference) actually score the first goal of the match but your favourite club end up in a 1:0 or a 3:0 win, or anything other than 2:0 in favour of your favourite club, you will win the first bet (First Goalscorer bet) but not the correct score bet, meaning you will lose the scorecast bet. In another vein, if your match end in 2:0 win in favour of your favourite club but your predicted player is not the one that scored the first goal of the match, he scored the last or he doesn’t even score any goal for that match, then you will win the second bet of your scorecast bet (the correct score bet) but not the first bet (the first goalscorer bet), meaning that you lose your scorecast bet.

Difference between a Scorecast bet and a Wincast Bet

Many bettors often confuse a Scorecast bet with a Wincast bet. Let us clarify that. In the most simple and straightforward terms, a scorecast bet is a combination of the first goalscorer bet and correct score bet; while a Wincast bet is a combination of the first goalscorer bet and full-time result bet rather than correct score bet. In other words, using our previous example, if your best (personal preference) player of your favourite club scored the first goal of the match and your favourite club ended up winning the match with a 3:0, if your $10 were placed on a Wincast bet, then you’d win the bet. The major difference between a scorecast bet and a Wincast bet is the term of winning for the second bet that comprised both betting types. For a scorecast bet, you must correctly predict the exact score in which the game will end while for a Wincast bet, you must correctly predict which of the clubs playing each other will win at the end of the match, without emphasis on the correct or exact score of the winning.

If either of these two bet types seems complicated to you, you could always revert back to the simple moneyline bet, where all you have to do is predict the winner.

Pros and Cons of Scorecast Betting

As we’ve discussed earlier in this article, the fact that you have to correctly predict the outcome of two separate otherwise difficult bets (first goalscorer bet and correct score bet) earn a scorecast bet very attractive odds. Bettors who are able to get these predictions right make a relatively large amount in returns as their scorecast bets are often offered with extremely long odds. Additionally, bettors considering scorecast bet would have higher chances of successful using low-scoring games; it helps simplify the difficulty of correct score bet.

In the most real terms, even a 2/1 Single bet can bring an unexpected outcome; experienced bettors will understand. With scorecast bet, there is a very slim chance of winning. However, if you did win, scorecast bet always make it worth your while. Bettors also need to know that as far as scorecast bet rules go, going by the scorecast rules and requirements for winning, every goalless draw is a burst for bettors with scorecast bet on their bet slip; It’s that simple.

Which Bookmakers offer the best Scorecast Bet?

Among the major reasons that make scorecast bet often end up as bettors’ favourite choice is that it affords bettors the privilege to actually create an especial interest in a game or match without necessarily having to prove this quality interest in a high amount of stake. A correct prediction for the two separate bets that made up a scorecast bet, back with a relatively small amount of stake, is enough to put a lasting, quality smile on the face of that lucky punter. So, what are you waiting for? First, you’ll need to find a trusted and reputable bookmaker with good odds to place your scorecast bet. Head over to our sports betting comparison page and see a list of trusted and respected bookmakers in the business, and enjoy a pleasurable betting experience. Perhaps you will find some tremendous free bet bonus options, in which case, you can leverage our "Matched Betting Guide" to help you win with the promo.

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Conclusion: Can You Make Money with Scorecast Bet?

If you have been following us from the start of this article, you will come to agree that scorecast bet comes with a very lucrative, extremely attractive odds, and you understand exactly why by now. Every bet requires a little research and analysis if bettor means big business with making a profit. With some quality research into the recent history of the competitors, combined with an excellent strategy of betting your scorecast bet, bettors stand a good chance of winning their scorecast bet. Remember that you don’t really need a big stake to make a big win as far as scorecast bet is concerned. This is a huge advantage. Use it! Head to our sports betting comparison Page today, make the first move to get an awesome reward.

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