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Patent Bet 2021

A Patent bet is a three-selection wager that consists of seven bets, which are three single bets, three double bets, and one Treble bet. Patent bet is not an accumulator bet type as it does not require all selections to win before a return can be made on a bet. Patent bet is an example of a system bet that also provide full coverage for bettors on all possible combinations. One of its major advantages over an accumulator bet is that patent bet includes Singles, thus translating to a much higher chance of providing a return on a bet, compared to a traditional accumulator.

Important Facts to know about Patent Bet

  • Patent bet is a popular way of betting.
  • A Patent bet is made up of seven bets on three selections.
  • Every individual selection appears in one single, two doubles, and a treble.
  • Making seven bets from three selections improves the probability of a return on a bet.
  • A $1 stake on a Patent bet will cost $7.

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What’s A Patent Bet?

It shows some awesome similarities with some other betting types; thus, it is very important to have patent bet explained to know exactly what makes it special. A Patent bet is a full cover bet that afford bettors that opportunity of being covered on all possible combinations. It can be thought of as a trixie bet with an additional quality of combining three single bets added to each selection. The downside of this for a Patent bet is that there will be a significant impact on return if just one of the selections loses. This is because each of the selection is involved in one single, two doubles, and a treble.

In the table below, we try to explain patent bet by showing its composition:

PartSelections (1-3)Number of Bets
Single1, 2, 33
Double12, 13, 233
Total Number of Bets7


It is important that bettors know that how much one can win from a patent bet is dependent on the number of selections that win as well as the odds of each of these selections. The good news here is that because patent bet contains single bets, winning just one of the selections is enough to make a return from the bet. Thus, while emphasizing that only one selection winning is enough to make a return, the difference of a return of a patent bet with just one selection winning may not be significantly higher than the original stake with which the bet was made. Impliedly, one selection winning from a patent bet may be enough to get bettor a return, but not necessarily enough to make a decent profit from the bet.

Patent bet explained

Further, bettors who are fortunate enough to have more than one of the selections winning, get to make some profit from their bet. Let’s say, for instance, two of your three selections in your patent bet came back as a win, this means that you win two of three singles in your patent bet, and one of your three doubles. This will make a significant impact on your return on the increase side. Bettors who are really fortunate, probably it’s their lucky day, such that all their three selection in a patent bet win, that means that the three single bets, together with the three double bets and a treble is won. It is important to know that in situations where all three selections win, the amount of profit to be made in returns is still dependent on the odds involved for each selection in the patent bet.

Patent Horse Bet

As mentioned earlier, the sport where you will notice a staggering occurrence of patent bet is horse racing. Let us use a very simple example to facilitate your understanding of a patent horse bet. In this example, we will demonstrate why patent bet can be so profitable for bettors.

Let’s just name our three selected horses for this patent horse bet example Horses A, B, and C. These three horses have all been priced at 5/1. Recall that there are three singles, three doubles, and one treble in a patent bet. Now, let’s work out the return if a punter should put $1 on a patent bet for the three selected horses, each priced at 5/1:

  • First Single bet (A): $1 x (5/1) gives $5, plus the $1 original stake, gives a total return of $6
  • Second Single bet (B): $1 x (5/1) gives $5, plus the $1 original stake, gives a total return of $6
  • Third Single bet (C): $1 x (5/1) gives $5, plus the $1 original stake, gives a total return of $6
  • First Double bet (AB): $1 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $1 gives $6; $6 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $6 gives $36
  • Second Double bet (AC): $1 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $1 gives $6; $6 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $6 gives $36
  • Third Double bet (BC): $1 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $1 gives $6; $6 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $6 gives $36
  • One treble bet (ABC): $1 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $1 gives $6; $6 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $6 gives $36; $36 x (5/1) plus the original stake of $36 gives $216.

In order words, the odds for each of the three doubles involved in this patent bet are 35/1 and the odd for the treble bet is 215/1. Thus, making a $1 patent bet on the three horses will cost you a total of $7 because one patent bet comprised seven bets in total. Furthermore, in the above example, if only one of the horses is a winner, the implication is that you will get back $6 in returns, meaning you lose $1, which, giving the number of horses that lose is not too bad by the way.

The fact that the doubles are made up of AB, AC, and BC means that it does not really make a difference to the 35/1 odd for whichever two horses that win; either A and B, or B and C, or A and C. If any two of these three horses win, it means you get $6 each from two singles, and $36 from one double bet, giving a total return of $48, and a whooping profit of $41. Not bad a bet, you’d say!

In the event that all the three horses win, it’s definitely a sunny day for the bettor as $6 in three places will be made on the three singles; $36 in three places will be made on the three doubles, and a whopping $216 return for the treble bet. This makes a total return of $342 return, giving a massive $335 profit.

Bettors should please note that the above example is a patent horse bet illustration. Patent bet is very much applicable to other sports. Bettors just need to choose their three selections. However, patent bet is most commonly use in horse racing sport.

Which Bookmakers Offer the Best Patent Bet?

You need to know that making a Patent bet put you in a pretty good position than you would be if you make an accumulator bet or a Trixie bet and here’s why. Comparing a patent bet to Trixie, any one winning choice from your three selections is enough to generate a return for you in a patent bet. The same cannot be said for Trixie bet. Comparing to an accumulator bet, well, obviously all your selections must win for you to make a return and not lose the whole wager in an accumulator. To have an idea of what your winnings will look like while trying out with different outcomes and odd, using the patent bet calculator is a pretty good idea. We have made a comprehensive list for you on our sports betting comparison page presenting you with bookmakers that offer impressive patent bets. Head over to our sports betting comparison page now and be well-informed as to where to make your next patent bet.

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Conclusion: Patent Bet and the Ladder to High Returns
When making a Patent bet, know that you are essentially making a group of bets comprising of seven bets in total, of which three are singles, another three are doubles, and the last one is treble. Making a patent bet instead of an accumulator boost up your chance of getting a return on your bet significantly for the simple reason that patent bet takes into consideration the single bets of your three individual selections.

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