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Multi Bet 2021

Multi betting is one very profitable bet and it is quite common in all its different types in sport betting. It involves bettors placing a number of bets on just a single betting slip. If you place bets on two or more results (e.g. on two different soccer games), they are automatically displayed as a multi or parlay bet. The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual picks. This article will explain more the types of multi betting and the multi bet strategy, succinctly describing each of the multi bet types as well as how they can be placed.

Things to Know about the Multi Bet Strategy

Multiple bets explained:

  • The multi bet allows bettors to bet multiple times on a single betting slip
  • Bets such as double bets, treble, accumulator are types of multi bet
  • Multi bets attracts more profit and are much more lucrative
  • In multi bets, the higher the odd the higher the returns
  • Win from the preceding bet are used to place the succeeding bet.

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What is Multi bet? Multi Bet Explained!

Multi bet is not really a bet type on its own as it were; it is a general term that is used to address a group of bet types. To make the explanation simple, the multi bet is any bet that is not a single bet. Multi bet is a bet type which allows bettors to bet multiple times while using a single bet slip. The returns that they gain from one bet is rolled over and used as stake to place the next bet. The more bets there are, the more the bettor’s profit will be at the end of the game. For instance, in the treble bet which involves three bets, the punter places his first bet and if he wins, he uses the returns from it to place his next bet. If he wins that bet too, then his return is again used as stake to place the third bet. He would have a large profit waiting for him if the third bet wins too. Multi bets are commonly placed on games such as horse racing and soccer.

Therefore, the bettor can choose from multiple bet options since there are many types of multi bets which are peculiar in their own way and each of these types can fetch bettors a lot of profit as would be explained later in this article. Are multi bets worth? They certainly can be.

Types of Multi Bet - Multiple Bets Explained

As said earlier, there are many types of multi bets and we will now examine the most popular ones among them briefly - betting multiples explained:

  • Double bet - This is a multi-bet which consists of two different bets. But these bets are a team in the sense that the placing of the second bet depends on the success of the first and the success of both will lead to the bettor getting his returns. The bettor bets on two different games on two different occasions. For example; A bettor bets in the first bet that team A would win in a soccer match. If his bet wins, then his returns that should have been paid to him would be used as stake when he places the second bet. Let us assume that this time, he bets that team B would win and if they do, his total returns would be calculated and paid to him. You could read upon how to calculate the profit from double bet.
  • Treble bet – This is a multi-bet that has three different bets. Just like the double bet, the success of the preceding bet would make the succeeding bet possible. This time, the bettor would bet on three games and if his bet wins all three times, his returns are paid to him.
  • Accumulator - It is a multi-bet which consists of more than three bets. These bets could be 4-folds, 5-fold, 6-fold or more depending on how many bets are in the accumulator. Just like the other multi bets mentions, the bets all have to win if the bettor is to get any return.

Betting multiples explained

How do multi bets work? It should be noted these bets described above are just ordinary multiples; there are also full cover multiple bets, that is, these bets would cover the types of bets discussed and even the single bet. Below are examples of the full cover bets;

‘The Luckies’ (lucky 15, lucky 31 and lucky 63) - how do multi bets work?

  • Lucky 15 - This full cover bet consists of four single bets, six double bets, four trebles and a 4-fold (4+6+4+1 = 15 bets).
  • Lucky 31 - It consists of 31 bets in total with a distribution of 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-folds and 1 5-fold.
  • Lucky 63 - This one consists of 63 bets where there are 6 single bets, 15 double bets, 20 trebles, fifteen 4-folds, six 5-folds and one 6-fold.

Other full cover bets include;

  • Trixie – this bet has no single but it consists of 3 doubles and 1 treble making it four bets in total.
  • Yankee – it consists of 6 double bets, 4 trebles and one 4-fold. In total, it contains eleven bets.
  • Super Yankee or Canadian – this bet consists of twenty six bets in total with a distribution of 10 double bets, 10 trebles, five 4-folds and one 5-fold.
  • Heinz – The Heinz bet is six single lesser than the Lucky 63 bet it contains fifty seven bets which are distributed into 15 doubles, 20 trebles, fifteen 4-folds, six 5-folds and one 6-fold.
  • Super Heinz – This bet contains 120 bets in which there are 25 doubles, 35 trebles, thirty five 4-folds, twenty one 5-folds, seven 6-folds and one 7-fold.
  • Goliath - This contains a whopping 247 bets which has 28 doubles, 56 trebles, seventy 4-folds, fifty six 5-folds, twenty eight 6-folds, eight 7-folds and one 8-fold.
  • Patent – This bet contains seven bets distributed as 3 singles, 3 doubles and one treble.

Are Multi Bets Worth It? Advantages of the Multi Bets

One of the advantages of the multi bet is that if the bettor is fortunate to have his entire bets win that would mean a large return for him. Even nice is the fact that you don’t need to put in much money since some of the bets allow for rolling over of returns to use as a stake in placing another bet. In the full cover bets, you don’t need to have all the bets win before you can start making profit. In addition, if the bettor wins all the bets in the lucky bets or if he meets other requirements put across by the bookie, then he would win some bonus.

However, the full cover bets tend to cost a lot since each of the bets need to be given their own stakes as it were. For example, each of the singles in a lucky 63 bet would have $50 dollar as stakes, and the same for the rest of the bets. Also, the non-full cover bets are risky because a loss in one of the bets is a loss in the entire bet. With the multi bets, punters are always advised not to expect that they would win every time they play!

Which Sports Bookies Offer the Best Multi Bet Deals?

The multiple bet options are many and bettors can choose from a wide range of the types of this bet to play. After intimating yourself on how to play these bets, the next thing to worry about is where to find bookies with cool odds, however, that is nothing to worry about. We have selected the best bookies with the best deals just for you! All you need to do is to visit our sports betting comparison page to choose a bookie who offers great odd deals for the multi bet type that you have chosen to play, and then start playing!

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Conclusion: Stay Cost Effective with Multi bets
Multi bets have been played for long by sport bettors and they are not leaving the betting scene anytime soon because they will continue to be played due to their cost effectiveness. As discussed in this article the multi bet comes in many types such as the double bet, treble bet, Trixie bet, patent bet and so on. This means a longer list of betting options for bettors. If you make the right choice of bookie (visit the sports betting comparison page), you will be looking forward to all sports and games to bet!

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Multi Betting FAQ 

⌛What is multi betting?

Multi betting can be a profitable bet type. It’s a little more complex than single bets, but not by much! All you need to do is place a number of different bets on the same bet slip. This gives you more freedom in what bets you put down. To find out more about how to go about this, head over to our coverage at We’re committed to keeping you informed.

🙋What are the different types of multi betting?

There are a number of different multi bet types. However, it’s not difficult to switch between the different types as you’re essentially just adding another bet to your bet slip. To find out more about double bets, treble bets, and the rest, head over to our coverage at We bring you insightful coverage of all the best betting tips, guides, and strategies.

🔆What kind of advantages do I get from multi betting?

You’ll get a number of advantages when you decide to make use of multi bets instead of single bets. However, there are also a number of downsides. Keeping track of what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t do, take a look at our coverage of multi bets – where we explain all you need to know! There’s no time like the present to get involved and improve your betting skills.