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Moneyline Bet 2022

The moneyline bet involves bettors backing the winning team and they are paid if it wins. It is an easy bet which is what makes it very popular in soccer games and other games like basketball, baseball, football, etc. Unlike two-sided bets, like those found in matched betting, Moneyline bets are possibly the simplest way to wager on sports. Bettors just pick a player or team to win. If the bettor chooses the winning side, the sports bookie will pay the money won on the odds. It’s really that simple. This article will now explain in detail how it works, its advantages and disadvantages and the strategies to keep in mind when betting money line.

Interesting Facts about Moneyline Bet

  • Money line bets are common in low scoring sports such as soccer, baseball and hockey
  • The home team is represented with a (-) minus sign
  • The under-dogs are represented with a (+) plus sign.
  • Bettors prefer to pick the under dogs over the home team since it is plus money

What is Moneyline Betting? Moneyline Betting Explained

Basically money line betting means that you are predicting the winner and if after the game the Team you have predicted to win wins regardless of the margin of the win to the other team, you have won the bet! This differs totally from spread betting in which bettors would predict the margin by which the favorite team would win, it could be 6 points or even twenty five points depending on the game. The tricky part of the money line bet is that if a punter bets for a favorite team to win (the favorite Team is often represented by the minus (-) sign) with a heavy money line, then your pay out would be little, but if you back an underdog represented by the (+) sign, then your pay out would be huge if they win. Sounds technical but it is quite simple once you understand it as you would see in the explanations below.

It is not only the money line odds that exist in the money line betting, there are also the fraction odds and the decimal odds. You know an odd is a decimal odd for the favorite if the number is less than two, while a decimal odd is that of the underdog if it is greater than 2.

In the fraction odds, the underdog odd usually has its first fractional number as bigger than the send and the fraction is always greater than one. The favorite on the other hand always has its first number as lesser than the second one and it is usually less than one.

You would notice that the money line betting appears to favor the underdog over the favorite; this is in an effort to be fair. If there were to be a game between a baseball player with ten years of experience and a regular guy with no experience in football at all, we can already tell which of the two would win if they both played and all bettors would back the player with experience to win. So, in order to at least have some bettors backing the underdog, their odds are attractive and higher compared to the odds of the favorites.

Moneyline NBA betting

Moneyline betting is very popular in the National Basket team because it is a low scoring game and bettors can easily decide which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog. We will now examine a fictitious match between two basketball teams in the NBA and explain how they work in moneyline betting.

Let us assume that the teams Chicago bulls and New York Knicks play against each other and they are both favorites, they are top notch teams and none of the two is an underdog of either. That would mean that both teams would be represented with a (-) minus sign. At the bookie’s, you can expect to see something like this;

 Chicago Bulls                            - 150

 New York Knicks                     -150

In order to calculate their payout with the favorite, the bettor would divide 100 with the odds and multiply it with the amount he has decided to stake. In this case, we would assume that the bettor stakes $100 dollars. Then his profit would be;

100/150*100= $66.67

If the team the team he bets to win wins. But of course, all is lost if his bet does not win. So, there has been some loss. To prevent this loss or at least to lessen it, bettors prefer to look for bookies who offer low odds for the favorite team and high odds for the underdog team.

Betting Moneyline in Soccer

Betting moneyline in soccer is also quite famous and very preferred by most sports bettors. To explain how it works, we will have another example between two imagined teams representing one as an underdog and the other as a favorite.

The London Falcons                 -120

New York Tigers                      +250

Obviously, the New York tigers are the underdogs while the London falcons are the favorites. Therefore, if a bettors bets $120 for the London Falcons to win, he would profit;

100/120*120 = $100, if the London falcons win.

But on the other hand, if a punter takes the risk and he decides to back the underdogs to win depending on the location of the game or other factors, he would stand a chance to win;

250/100*120 = $300, If the New York Tigers win.

The difference is clear.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Moneyline betting

The money line betting is a fair, simple and straightforward bet type. Bettors decide where they stand and they are paid if their stand is correct. If the bettor is fortunate enough to predict an underdog win and he predicts correctly, then he wins a lot of money.

However, the moneyline betting is very risky. On the one hand, if bettors decide to bet in favor (high risk) of the underdogs and they lose, he loses all his money. On the other hand, if a punter decides to bet in favor of the favorite, he loses a fair share of his money. So either way, the bettor has something to lose.

Moneyline betting strategy

  • Understand how to calculate your profit

This would help you to know whether to go for the bet or not. If a bettor bets blindly, he would likely lose a lot.

  • Anticipate and React to sudden line movements

This means that bettors need to anticipate sudden changes in a game. If it appears like the underdog would win the game and the bettor had earlier decided to back the favorite in his bet, he could easily change his mind and bet in favor of the underdogs.

Available Markets for the Moneyline Bet

The money line bet offers only the ‘win’ market. Once you have mastered this simple betting option, you can move on to more complicated options. Luckily for you, CaptainGambling is here to guide you through various strategies. We can answer questions to "what is a Lucky 63 bet?" or teach you the values of long-term bet tips and strategies. If its' part of the sports betting industry, we can help you.

Bookies that Offer the Best Moneyline Betting Deals

One of the reasons why some bettors hesitate to place the money line bet is the inability to find bettors that offer odds that would benefit them greatly both ways; the favorite or the underdogs. But we have the solution to that problem, which is using a surebet strategy. Surebet explained in very simple terms means using different bookmakers to cover both outcomes, so you literally cannot lose. You must of course scout for the best bookies with the best money line betting odds to make the best use of it. You can simply visit our sports betting comparison page to choose the bookie that offers the best money line bet based on your judgement and preference.

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Conclusion: A Simple Profitable Strategy to Adopt

Moneyline bets are the most popular bet type among bettors in sports. This might be because it is simple once the hang of it has been gotten and it also pays out a lot of profit if done carefully. As discussed in this article, the money line bettor simply backs a team to win and the amount he bets is paid out to the bettor. The bettors would back the favorite teams if they have low money line odds and they would back the underdogs if the odds are high and the game conditions look favorable enough for them to win. Hence, the money line betting is everyone’s favorite and it could be yours as soon as you start money line betting! Choose your bookie from our sports betting comparison page and start betting!

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