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Lucky 63 Bet 2022

There is other ‘Luckies’ like the Lucky 31 and the Lucky 15, but the Lucky 63 bet is the most profitable. The lucky 63 bet reflects its name perfectly in what it means:"63 bet" because it literally involves placing 63 bets across six selections and "Lucky" because of the many bonuses attached to it.  It is quite similar to the Heinz bet because it also has six selections however the Heinz has 57 bets spread across 6 selections while the lucky 63 bet has 63 bets spread across 6 selections. Also, the lucky 63 bet has an additional six singles selection which makes it an all-encompassing bet type.

Things to Know about Lucky 63 Bet

  • The Lucky 63 bet is spread across 6 bets
  • It involves 63 bets and bonuses which is why it is called ‘Lucky’
  • It is like the Heinz bet but quite different
  • It is famous in games such as horse racing and soccer
  • The Lucky 63 bet takes place on different events

What is Lucky 63 Bet? Lucky 63 Bet Defined!

The lucky 63 bet is a wager which involves bettors placing sixty three bets across six selections. This means that the sixty three bets to be placed are spread across just six selections, how then is it possible for 63 bets to be placed on just six selections? The lucky63 bet has a makeup. It involves:

  • 6 singles
  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four-fold accumulators
  • 6 five-fold accumulators
  • 1 six-fold accumulator

Whereby a single is a selection of just one event, a double combines two events, a treble combines three events, a four-fold combines four events, a five-fold combines fives events and a six-fold accumulator is a combination of all the six events.

Hence, 6+15+20+15+6+1=63 bets.

How to Calculate a Lucky 63 Bet

You calculate the lucky 63 bet by adding together the return of each winning single, double, treble, 4-fold, 5-fold and 6-fold bet. This is nowhere to being near as simple as it sounds. It is technical, tricky and prone to mistakes. But if the bettor calculating can be careful enough, then, he can calculate his returns accurately. Below is an explanation on how to calculate the returns and profits from the 63 bet;

Let’s assume that you place a lucky 63 bet on games 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and 6 and your stake is $40 dollars, ten, your total stake would be; 40*63= $2520. You would notice that the stake has increased considerable and this is so because your stake is charged 63 times; it is required that you turn in your stake for every possible combination and if it happens that you win at each combination, your winnings are also credited for it.

Hence your combination would take this arrangement:

6 singles

1*40 = winnings

2*40 = winnings

3*40 = winnings

6*40 = winnings


15 doubles (where two selections are made and combined)

1*2*40 = winnings

2*3*40 = winnings

1*3*40 = winnings

1*4*40 = winnings

2*4*40 = winnings

1*4*40 = winnings

1*5*40 = winnings

1*6*40 = winnings

4*5*40 = winnings

5*6*40 = winnings


20 trebles

1*2*3*40 = winnings

1*2*4*40 = winnings

1*2*5*40 = winnings

3*4*5*40 = winnings

3*4*6*40 = winnings

3*5*6*40 = winnings

4*5*6*40 = winnings


15 four-fold

1*2*3*4*40 = winnings

1*3*5*6*40 = winnings

1*4*5*6*40 = winnings

1*2*3*4*40 = winnings

2*3*4*6*40 = winnings

2*4*5*6*40 = winnings

3*4*5*6*40 = winnings


6 five-folds

1*2*3*4*5*40 = winnings

2*3*4*5*6*40 = winnings



1*2*3*4*5*6*40 = winnings

It should be noted that the odds in the above combinations is what is multiplied with the stake to get the profit.

To lessen the work load while calculating, some punters prefer to just take the number of the particular bet they are dealing with at the moment and multiplying it with their stake and then multiplying the number gotten with the odds. As in:


6*40*10.05 - winnings

As displayed above, the manual calculation of the  profit from the Lucky 63 bet is very tricky to do, which is some prefer to make use of online calculators which makes the calculations easy, fast and accurate.

Example of Lucky 63 bet

Let us assume that there are six matches on whom a punter has decided to go for teams A, B, C, D, E, F.

It can be illustrated as:

            A  B C D E F                   ODDS               TOTAL STAKES              POSSIBLE PROFIT

  1. A 29                            40                                51.6
  2. B 40                            40                                56
  3. C                                 39                             40                                55.6
  4. D                                      25                            40                                50
  5.  E                                   41                            40                                56.4
  6. F                                   36                            40                                54.4
  7. A  B                             81                             40                                72.4
  8. A  C                             79                             40                                71.7
  9. B  D                               75                            40                                70
  10. C  D                                74                            40                                69.5
  11. A  B                                80                            40                                72.2
  12. A   F                               75                            40                                70.2
  13. A  E                                82                            40                                72.8
  14. E  F                                92                            40                                76.7
  15. B C                                 95                            40                                77.8
  16. B E                                 97                            40                                79
  17. B F                                 90                            40                                76.1
  18. C E                                 96                            40                                78.4
  19. C F                                 89                            40                                75.6


On and on it goes until the 63rd bet after which the bettor adds all the possible profits and that would be his returns. He calculates his profit by subtracting the total stakes from his returns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lucky 63 Bet

One of the advantages of the lucky 63 bet is that it fetches the punter huge returns. To make it even more profitable, bookies sometimes give bonuses if the bettor is lucky enough to have all his selections win. Or a bookie may offer a bonus of 28% on your winning doubles to help increase your returns. Also, unlike the accumulator bet, the bettor does not lose his returns if one of his selections loses, instead, it is rolled over as stake for the next selection.

However, a disadvantage of the Lucky 63 is that if there is a win in only one selection, it is highly unlikely that it generates any profit. So, it takes more than one selection win, in fact usually, it takes up to four selection wins before a punter can get any profit in the Lucky 63 bet. If you'd prefer simpler wins off one selection, we advise that you stick to head to head betting on sports matches.

Lucky 63 Bet Each Way Explained

Most people think that Lucky 63 bet each way is not possible, but it is! It consists of 126 bets, 63 bets of which are to win and the other 63 bets are to place. To place means that the selection must either win or finish at one of the pre-decided places at the end of the game, such as first place or second place. This is especially common in the horse racing game. After the game, you will receive a return if your bet wins and also if it places. However, one disadvantage of it is that you have to double your stake.

Which Bookies Offer the Best Lucky 63 Betting Deals?

The Lucky 63 bet is indeed ‘Lucky’ and the ‘63’ behind it means a lot of profit if you can put in the work. Would you like to place a sure bet and earn a lot of profit? The Lucky 63 bet is your best bet in this regard. You get to explore six different kinds of bet combined as one!  The only obstacle in your way is getting bookies to offer you the best odds, but we got you covered. Just visit our sports betting comparison page to make your bookie choice.

At CaptainGambling, we are dedicated to improving your betting strategies across various markets. As such, we have crafted guides on other subjects, such as on lay betting explained and what a long-term bet is. Be sure to read these articles to increase your chances of making the right bet each time.

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Conclusion: Looking to Get Lucky 63 Bet?

As shown in this article, you can place the Lucky 63 bet without fearing a loss of your stake while expecting a lot of profit. Aside from your profit, you also expect to have some bonuses if you meet some requirements put forward by your bookie. Therefore, we advise that you start placing the Lucky 63 bet and start earning your profit and at your convenience. To make it even better, you need not worry about finding bookies who offer great odds; all you need to do is to visit o sports betting comparison page to choose.

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