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Long-Term Bet 2021

This one is amongst those betting types whose definitions are already spelt out in their names. As the name suggest, the bet is simply a kind that is made over a long time. This means that bettors make the bet and don’t expect to get the outcome of their bet in a relatively short period of time. The idea of a long-term bet is that there is a significantly long period of time between the time bettors make their bets and the time they get results of these bets.

Important Facts to know about Long-term bet

  • Long-term bet is more like a classic single betting.
  • Long-term bet is somewhat referred to as the opposite of live bet.
  • A Long-term bet is a bet that is spread over a longer period of time.

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What is Long-term bet?

A long-term bet is a bet that is spread over a relatively long period of time. Given that bettors making long-term bet will have to wait for the significant period of time after the bet is made before they see results, makes some bettors referred to long-term bet as complete opposite of live bet. In live bet, you get to bet on actions in sports events as these events take place. In long-term bet, the reverse is the case as you have to make your bet and a reasonable long period of time will have to pass before the game is played and you know whether you win or lose.

Long-term bet is a very common bet although we will not say that it is widely used. It takes some degree of professionalism and experience in betting before a punter would say the next thing to deal in is long-term betting. Nevertheless, long-term bet offers are available for wide varieties of sports. Bookmakers offer long-term bet for sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, Formula 1 or winter sports. Long-term bet is often used for longer, season spreading formats kind of betting, just as the name implies.

Long-term Bet Scenarios

Some very good examples where bettors would consider placing a long-term bet would be EURO or World Cup qualifications or final rounds, leagues, cup competitions, and some other tournaments. In these scenarios, a long-term bet would be placed to predict the winner of these events in the long run, say at the closing of these big events, which doesn’t come in few days, meaning bettors will have to wait some time period knowing the fate of their long-term bet.

Speaking of betting on events that take relatively longer period of time to conclude, examples of long-term bet will be bettors betting on who will win the German Bundesliga, the Premier League, tournaments like the Champions League or the DFB Cup. Remember that long-term bet is not peculiar to just one sports. Fans of tennis sports may also place long-term bet with their favorite bookmakers predicting who will win certain Grand Slam tournament in Wimbledon. Given the relatively longer period of time involved in the lifespan of long-term bet, which makes it a suitable bet for predicting outcomes in sports events with longer duration of time, long-term bets are often placed before the start of these leagues and competition; before these major tournaments kick off.

This does not necessary mean that shorter periods after these leagues and grand competitions and tournaments kick off, bettors can no longer place their long-term bet. It only means that bettors get to enjoy better long-term bet odds when they place their long-term bets before these events kick off. See it this way; the farther the betting period is to the outcome period of the particular sports event being bet upon, the higher the long-term bet odds that is associated. Thus, betting farther away from the time sports events will take place means enjoying higher long-term bet odds.

Long-term Bet Profitability

Long-term bet is very lucrative form of lucrative form of bet because it has one very significant advantage: Bettors can use it with other betting types (not all though, depending on bookmakers’ offer). Now, here’s what we are saying. You are already familiar with some other betting types that we discussed in our other articles. Take for example, goalscorer bet and over under bet (feel free to read up these betting types and what they mean). Now, we already established that bettors will have to make their bets a relatively long time before the sports events they are betting on get to be played.

This is essentially why it is called long-term bet. This lucrative quality of long-term bet we are now trying to explain is that bettor can make their long-term bets in diverse format. It can be an over under bet type that is made using a long-term bet system, or simply betting which team will be among the top three, or top four, or top five by the end of the league or tournament. So, in a way, you are indeed placing a long-term bet, but with some spices. Here are some examples:

  • Who will score the most goals in a certain season in the Bundesliga or during the World Cup qualification?
  • Will Chelsea score more/less than ninety goals in the league?

While long-term bet is available in several sports, it should be noted that soccer has the best portfolio for long-term bet. Soccer creates way more opportunities for bettors to place long-term bet on several aspects of the game.

Long-term Bet Tips and Strategies

Among the best practices that bettors should adhere to where planning to make a long-term bet is that bettors must endeavor to gather as much information as s/he can, before placing a long-term bet. With long-term betting, there is relatively no opportunity to change the conditions on which you placed your bet the moment the events start. While it may not always proof useful or very important with some other betting types, it is imperative that bettors get some data about the sports event or teams that they are interested in betting long-term bet on.

Among the various questions that bettors often ask before placing their long-term bet is that which type of sports should they place a long-term bet on? Individual sports or team sports? There may not be a uniform response or a consensus as to the best answer for this question, but from a tactical point of view, it is more advisable to make your long-term bet on team sports.

Here is why! Let us assume a punter makes his long-term bet on individual sports with a reasonable amount of stake that is supposed to bring him good profits should the outcome be positive. Things are going well, but unfortunately at a juncture in the sports event timeline, his player (the one he made his long-term bet on) sustain a serious injury or need to take a long break for several other serious reasons that could crop up. While may not necessarily translate to really bad news for the player, it’s a really bad news for the punter because that would mean that his wager is lost at best. Now, imagine if this wager was placed on team sports instead. With team sports in the scenario, everything changes. Individual injuries are almost relatively better compensated than individual sports. For this reason, it is more advantageous to place long-term bets on team sports.

Which Bookmakers offer the best Long-term bet?

From all what we have discussed about long-term bet, it is evident that it is a bet for bettors who already know what they are doing, at least. It’s not really an amateur’s first choice of betting. While long-term bet is available for all kinds of sports, one caveat is that the availability of long-term bet in its various forms, in the real sense, actually depends on bookmakers. Not all bookmakers will make offers for all possible long-term bet in all sports and in various forms as you may anticipate.

Thus, it boils down on bettors to find bookmakers with attractive and impressive long-term bet offers. We have done the heavy part of this task for you as we’ve put together a list of bookmakers that offers long-term bet with good odds and on an impressive scale. All you have to do is head over to our sports betting comparison page and choose your preferred bookmaker for your next long-term signal.

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Conclusion: Long-term Bet and the Amazing Profits
Long-term bet offers a very impressive deal to bettors who understand how to harness its potentials and use it to their advantage. With long-term bet, bettors get to make their predictions about large sports events especially these events start. Making a long-term bet on a tournament, such as before the tournament kicks off means that punters get to enjoy higher odds. The farther way from the actual time period that outcome can be received is from the actual time of betting, the higher the odds. Bettors also get the privilege to make their long-term bet in a variety of ways. They can decide to make it as system bet or as a Yankee bet. Whichever decision you’ve reached as to which form of long-term bet and the amount you will like to place, visit of sports betting comparison page to actualize things by selecting a bookmaker to play it with.

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