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Live Bet 2022

Don’t be alarmed when you see the term In-Game betting being in the place of Live bet. In many occasions, In-Game betting and Live bet have been used interchangeably. Feel free to check our one of our articles where we talked about in game betting. In the area of online sports betting, live bet is perhaps the fastest growing betting type. It has gained popularity in the past decade among punters community. Live betting is really not that tactically or methodically different to traditional sports betting. The major difference is that with live betting, bettors get the opportunity to bet on specific, unique aspect of sports event while the game is ongoing, as opposed to “before the game starts” in traditional sports betting.

Important Facts about Live Bet

  • Live betting is also referred to as in-game betting or betting in running.
  • Live betting is the ability for bettors to make additional wagers after the game has started.
  • Live bet is sometimes offered between quarters and period.
  • Live betting is all about getting into the flow of the game.

Live betting Explained

Many bettors do regards live betting as one technical or complex form of betting. Really, if you are familiar with concepts like betting the money line, betting the spread, betting total, betting over and under (we discussed these concepts under some of our articles: check over under bet, spread betting, goal bet, and tennis betting), then you won’t find live betting that difficult to understand. Simply put, live betting is a kind of betting that allows punters to make predictions and bet outcomes once the sports event has started. One major advantage of live betting is that punters are presented with the option, or choice, to bet on different aspects of the sports event the moment it kicks off. In sports events that are played in two parts (two halves of first and second halves), punters have the option of betting on predictions made on different aspects of the sports event as they unfold in the first and/or second halves.

The Sports bookies and live Bet

It should be noted that when punters bet live sports bet, bookmakers sometimes offer wagers for live bet at every quarters or period, or in some other cases at every single play or drive. The quantity of live betting that will be made available to bettors (offered by bookmakers) and the frequency at which they will change are function of how sophisticated and advanced the technology a bookmaker is using are. Bookmakers with very advanced technology will be able to offer bettors multitude of live betting options on many aspects of the game; lines and live betting odds will most likely be subjected to rapid change and modification with bookmakers’ advanced technology.

Let’s briefly discuss three types of live betting. It is important for bettors to know that the type of live betting options that will be available will differ across sports and where bettors are making these bets. The three common types of live bet are Traditional bets, Prop bets, and Parlays:

Traditional Bets

This bet is almost like the traditional sports betting that are available before the game start, with the only difference that live betting odds will now change (increase or decrease) in real-time with respect to what has happened in the game.

Prop Bets

This will include prop bets you make for fun or those informed by skill and logical calculations and deductions. Prop bets lend themselves ideally to using a surebet strategy, because the odds will be better than for a straight outcome and you will find differences between bookmakers. A surebet explained simply requires you to find those differences and then place several strategic bets that cover the maximum outcomes. Their availability, again, will depend on bookmakers’ technology: it requires a lot of processing power.

By way of example, a prop bet could be that Gronk will score over 1.5 touchdowns, but through the first half Gronk kept to zero catches and zero touchdowns. Bettors that still go ahead to bet this bet at halfway will win massively if Gronk eventually pull it off, and the reason is because the live betting odds of Gronk scoring over 1.5 touchdowns would have went off the roof.


This happens when bookmakers allow bettors to turn their single betting to parlays. Let’s say for example you bet on a particular trend that you now feel it’s going to happen repeatedly, with parlays, you can add an additional bet on this original bet the moment the game started in an attempt to capitalize on your correct prediction.

Though we have mentioned that there are often fewer offers of live betting, bettors should know that it is available in a variety of sports. Bettors can bet live sportsbet in soccer (live football betting), basketball, baseball, etc. Live football betting is very popular; by football we mean Soccer.

Advantages of Live Betting

Some simple fact about live betting is that it offers way more benefits and advantages for punters that they can hardly exhaust all. One prominent advantage that punters enjoy when they bet live sportsbet is that to a reasonable extent, punters already have some sort of extra, additional information about the sports event they are betting on before making the bet. With live betting, some punters often feel like that are already getting to see part of the actions they want to bet on. For this category of bettors, the logic is that seeing part of the game gives some advantage that help increase the probability of making correct predictions about other aspects of that particular sports event.

Another very attractive advantage of live bet is that instant gratification that accrues to bettors. By instant gratification, we mean that bettors are able to get results of their prediction (whether it comes in a win or a loss) much faster that it would be if it were traditional sports betting. This way, they can make their peace with the outcome, and decide on the next action. On the positive side, in the events that bettors were fortunate enough to make correct predictions, this advantage of live bet allow bettors to make a relatively large amount with the same amount of stake as they are able to place bet and get results several times while the game is being played.

Disadvantages of Live Betting

Despite its very juicy and attractive advantages, live betting has its fair share of disadvantage. Two prominent ones include the fact that bettors have to bet more to win the same amount, and the speedy rate at which lines disappear and live betting odds change. Predictions are made on aspects of the game; the fact that the aspects are already begin to unfold implies that bookmaker will have to adjust odds and clear out some lines.

Additionally, for the simple fact that it takes bookmakers more power and resources to create live bet as adjustments will have to be made to lines and odds on the go lest they too don’t make any profit, there are often fewer offers on live bets from bookmakers. Punters will have to put in a little extra work in finding bookmakers that offer favorable terms of live bet. We’ve done something in that regard to save you the stress. Just head over to our sports betting comparison page and select your preferred bookmakers from the list we’ve complied.

Which Bookmakers offer the best Live Bet?

We’ve mentioned it but we’ll repeat it again. Live betting requires a great deal and amount of processing power, one that can only be guaranteed by presence of advanced technology, if bookmakers mean to do it right. The implication of this on the availability of live bet for bettors is that there are often fewer offers. There will be more and more offers of other various betting types that fall under traditional sports betting; those where bettors get to make their bets before game starts.

For this reason, a bettor’s success with live betting will often starts to be conceived from finding trusted bookmakers with enough offers of live bet. Bettors will have to first do some quality searching online or offline to find bookmakers with whom they can bet live sportsbet. Save yourself the hassle today and use our sports betting comparison page. With this, you just need to select your preferred bookmakers from those that will have complied that offer live betting with bettors.

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Conclusion: Don’t Miss the Thrill of a Live Bet

Live betting is a little different to other betting types in that it comes with live and energy as bettors have to “be in the game” and feel the momentum; it’s so much fun. There is a very good potential to be greatly successful with live betting in terms of profit if you are good at making quick, solid game analysis on the go. Technological advancement has already made this possible, so why not do your part to explore the huge benefits that live betting has to offer?

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