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In-Game Betting 2022

It has been referred to with many names, among which are “live bet”, “in-running betting”, or “in-play betting”. There are different sports that human beings engaged in and these sports have their respective rules and laws that make them unique in a way to the next similar sport. However, one thing that they are share in common is that they last long enough for their fans and subscribers to bet on in-game events. The major definitive quality of an in-game betting, that differentiates it from traditional sports betting, is that it allows bettors to bet on sports events as they occur, in action.

Important Facts about In-game betting

  • Ability to trade position and laying off bad bets.
  • Involves betting on a sporting event while that event is being played.
  • In-play betting has higher odds than the odds of pre-game.
  • In-play betting odd gets increasingly higher when betting on a losing team.

In-Play Betting

There are eventualities and occurrences that unfold as sports events unfold. Without debating this, these eventualities unfolding while the sports event takes place are not factored into consideration when punters made their various traditional sports betting. With in-play betting, punters are now afforded the opportunity to trade their position, modify their stance, and lay off bets that appeared to be profitable having factored in the available sports data before the event commenced but now seeming to be quite opposite in light of new occurrences. In-play bet gives punters some sort of privilege to respond to the last-minute happenings that often seem to make predictions and calculation before sports events kicked off to be wrong calls.

A bettor may have placed an over under bet for his favorite team, to win of course, but few minutes into the game, a star player get issued a red card. With in-play bet, such bettor has the privilege of adjusting his position to doing some laying offs in light of the new occurrence. Sportsbooks make sure punters maximize this opportunity provided by in-play betting as they also offer live game streaming. The essence of this is to allow punters playing in-play bet to be able to watch a live stream over the Internet in cases where games are not available on television to punters.

In-Play Wagering Odds

In traditional pre-game odds, there is a very good possibility that odds differ among different bookmakers. The same could occur for in-play betting as well. Different bookmakers could have different in-play odds for a particular sports event. In most cases, this is due to the fact that proprietary algorithm from the sports wagering app software developer produces the occurrence probability of the in-play event. Consequently, each bookmaker adds to the occurrence probability computed by the algorithm their desired edge.

Computations then result in different odds by different bookmakers. These odds are then offered to bettors. This follows that even if two sportsbook operators use the same algorithm to compute an event’s occurrence probability, they still may not offer their customer the same odds for such event. This is due to the simple reason that differential desired edge is added to the results computed by the algorithm.

The Subtle Difference between In-game betting and In-play betting

We have mentioned earlier that the two terms are actually used interchangeably in many occasions; however, don’t be alarmed when you come across some articles and write-ups positing that these two terms are different. Those who posit that in-game betting is not the same as in-play betting are not completely wrong. This is because there is in fact a subtle difference between the two – ‘subtle’ we say, not major. First, have it at the back of your mind that in-play betting as much more to offer bettors than in-game betting does, and you will understand why in a bit. In-game betting is simply wagering on a game while it is happening.

In most cases, odds offered by Sportsbook for an in-game bet will only change during a timeout or a commercial break. This is not the case for in-play betting. In-play betting is a kind of wagering that takes place throughout the game. The rate at which odds change for an in-play bet while the game in ongoing is greater than how it changes in an in-game bet. For in-play betting, odds change after almost every play or possession throughout the game, thus offering bettors ample privilege to right their wrongs they have made in bad calls on their pre-game traditional sports betting. However, it still boils down to the fact that both bet types are made before the game starts; they are made in action, while the game is on.

Some Advantages of In-play betting

In a very concise manner, let’s look at some of the advantages that in-play betting offers bettors:

  • Good strategy can’t help you much: This is one advantage that sits professional bettors and newbies on the same bench; an advantage for newbies to exploit. In sports, anything can happen; a player can get a red card or injury or a supposedly poor team can pull off a heroic match. In these cases, statistics regardless, correctly predicting outcome is always somewhat difficult, if not impossible. In-play betting allows you as a bettor to take advantage of these circumstances as they unfold; to make some analysis during half time and make more relatively accurate predictions and theoretical assumptions.
  • Intuition: When making live in-play betting, bettors must endeavor to make assumptions based on events that are happening on the field in the present, and take advantage of them.
  • Better Odds: Without doing much Mathematics, it’s logical that in-play odds be always higher than the regular, traditional sports betting odds. It’s even much higher when betting on a losing team. So, as a bettor, if you’ve noticed some occurrences on the field that makes you fairly confident that a comeback is imminent, that’s a big score to bag with the help of in-play bet. You should make that live in-play betting before you lose the opportunity.
  • More fun: Giving the nature and the moment that in-play betting takes place (during the game; in action), the thrills and life that come with live betting makes describing its fun inexplicable.

Disadvantages of In-play betting

With all the goodies and privileges that it offers bettors, there are some very weighty disadvantages that can ruin the betting experience for bettors if proper care is not taken. Let’s make a highlight of them:

  • Limited time to develop strategy
  • Bettors have to be extra quick
  • Coverage delay
  • It requires dedication
  • Blurred judgment
  • Fewer games are available for in-play betting: On this particular shortcoming, a way around is to find a quality source where you can find the limited available in-play betting options available by bookmakers. If you are reading this, our sports betting comparison page is your best bet.

Which Bookmakers offer the best In-game betting?

To fully understand the privilege that in-play betting offers bettors in terms of betting experience, one has to liken it to a plot of life offering person a second chance at his/her mistake. Imagine you have done your research, study the data, you’ve gathered quality information from reliable sources (not in form of some inside information or something shady but legit information about players, formation, all things that are public knowledge and matters), and place your bet accordingly. Few minutes into the game, unexpected happenings begin; say a star player sustaining an injury or a red card.

In-play betting offers the privilege to still make some changes, make new wagers, such that your chance at any potential winning is not completely forfeited because of these new eventualities that occurred during the game. Upon all these offers, bettors must know that fewer games are available for In-play betting. Thus, finding standard, trusted bookmakers that offer in-play betting is germane to having a chance at winning. Our sports betting comparison page is a very useful tool in this regard. Visit there to see a list of trusted bookmakers offering in-play betting and bet in-play now.

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Conclusion: Is In-play betting a smart move for you?

In-game betting (or in-play betting) is a very interesting betting type in term of what it offers bettors. Though we have mentioned that fewer games are available for in-play betting in some cases, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a betting type that can be found in quite a number of sports. Do your research well and you will realize that there is actually in-game betting in basketball, college football, MLB, NBA, NFL, Soccer, to mention but few. While at specific point in time, there may indeed by fewer games available for in-play betting, knowing which bookmakers giving these offers is imperative to bettors who are seriously about getting quality betting experience. Your first point of action in this regard is our sports betting comparison page.

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