Halftime Bet Explained 2021

Among the sports whose games are played in two halves is Soccer. In a soccer match session, there are two halves: the first half and the second half. Halftime fulltime bet is a betting type where bettors place a bet on both the result of half time as well as that of the full time in a give match. In essence, for a given halftime fulltime bet, there two combinations. In the first, bettors make predictions and bet on likely outcome of the first half of a soccer game. In the second part of a halftime fulltime bet, bettors predict outcome of the soccer game at full time. A bettor can bet that in a given soccer match, the home team will win both first half and full time (second half), in which case, the bet will appear like this: home/home, or home team / home team.

Important Facts to know about Halftime fulltime bet

  • Bets are placed on the outcome of the first half and at end of full time.
  • Correct prediction of the standing at halftime and fulltime results is essential
  • Punters can also play their halftime fulltime bet as a system bet.

Halftime fulltime bet Explained

Similar to the best double chance betting strategy where two predictions will reward you, when bettors make a halftime fulltime bet, they are essentially making two predictions in one. However, he first prediction is on which of the soccer team/clubs playing will eventually win the first half of the game. The second prediction bettors willing to make a halftime fulltime bet must make is about which of the soccer teams/clubs playing will win the match at full time (i.e., the combination of first and second halves).

It is important for bettors to know that when it comes to making halftime full-time bet, predictions don’t have to be on making correct score (as it is required in a Scorecast bet), but rather just predicting which soccer team/club will win and which one will lose without necessarily having to predict the exact score (this same condition is applicable to the second bet of the two bets that made up a wincast bet).

Given that bettors are making a two-combination prediction (one for first half and the other for full time) in a halftime fulltime bet, there are always nine possible outcomes that bettors can choose in selecting which of two soccer teams/clubs for a given soccer match will win first half and which will win at full time. The table below shows these nine possible combinations:

s/nHalf Time WinnerFull Time WinnerOdds
1.Home TeamHome Team3.25
2.Home TeamDraw13.50
3.Home TeamAway Team28.25
5.DrawHome Team5.10
6.DrawAway Team10.25
7.Away TeamAway Team23.50
8.Away TeamDraw13.75
9.Away TeamHome Team6.20


The hf ft odds column is an example that we got from an online bookmaker. As you can see from the table above, there will be nine combinations in totals in which a halftime fulltime bet can result to. Thus, it is important for bettors to understand that whenever a halftime fulltime bet is placed, bettors are going up against eight possible alternatives regardless of how small the occurrence probability of these other eight possible outcomes may seem.

Of all the nine possible combinations that may likely result from a halftime fulltime bet, bettors should bear in mind that two possible outcomes have been known to have a very rare chance of occurrence. The two combinations are:

  • Home Team winning the Half Time bet and Away Team winning the Full Time bet; and
  • Away Team winning the Half Time bet and Home Team winning the Full Time bet.

In halftime fulltime bet, these two combinations out of the nine possible combinations are often presented by bookmakers with the highest halftime fulltime bet odds (ht ft odds). Play a closer attention to the table we present above. You will notice that the top two highest hf ft odds go to these two aforementioned combinations (Home Team wins Halftime & Away Team wins Fulltime at odds 28.25; and Away Team wins Halftime & Home Team wins Fulltime at odds at 23.50). Going by the ht ft betting strategy, the reason these two highlighted combinations often get higher ht ft odds is that the chance of these two outcomes occurring is very small.

If we are to examine these outcomes from a tactical point of view, while it is possible, the chance and probability that a soccer team that already won the first half (that already won half time) will lose to the opposing soccer team in the second half to now result in the opposing team winning at fulltime is very slim, very slim. Let us look at it this way. There is even a more reasonable chance a soccer match where one team already led by a goal at half time will end at a draw at fulltime, compared to a team winning by a least a goal at halftime now losing to the opposing team at fulltime.

Best Sports for Halftime fulltime betting Strategy

The halftime fulltime betting bet gained popularity in the betting society in about two-three years ago and its popularity is increasing. In terms of which sports is hf ft betting strategy best suited for, the simple answer to that question is that hf ft betting strategy works fine for any sports that is played in two halves. The reason why is because the fundamental premise upon which hf ft betting strategy operate is that bettors predicted standing at halftime and fulltime result. The implication of this is that such a strategy (hf ft betting strategy) will only work and can only be utilized by bettors if the sports they are interested in making their hf ft bet on are play in two halves. There are actually quite a number of sports that are played in two halves. They include American football, Association football, Australian rules football, Bandy, Basketball, Canoe Polo, Field hockey, Gaelic football, Handball, Hurling, Lacrosse, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Rugby Sevens (Union). Voila! Like I said, there are quite some of them.

Of all these sports that are played in two halves, hf ft betting strategy and hf ft bet is most common in Soccer, Rugby, American football or Baseball. Hf ft bet is most popular in soccer.

Which Bookmakers offer the best Halftime fulltime bet?

Bettors interested in making hf ft bet should know that it often comes with high odds. In fact, the combinations where a team wins halftime and loses at fulltime often come with higher odds. The implication of this for bettors is that with a good betting strategy on the part of bettors, bettors can actually make decent returns despite winning. The idea is the one winning with these supposedly high odds will cover for a number of loss.

Also, bettors can consider playing their hf ft bet as a Yankee bet (read more about Yankee bet in our article). Nevertheless, hf ft bet is not that commonly offered by bookmakers like other bet types, that is, not all bookmakers offer hf ft bet as you would expect to see with some other betting types. This is why it is important for bettors willing to make profit with hf ft bet to do their research and find bookmakers with good offers for hf ft bet. We’ve saved you a great deal of the stress. All you have to do is visit our Sports Betting Comparison page and select from a list of trusted and reputable bookmakers offering good hf ft odds to place your next hf ft bet. It's also worth visiting our guide to TheScore bonus code offers to see what bonuses you can pick up.

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Conclusion: Can I really make money with it?

In a halftime full-time bet, punters are essentially betting on which soccer team will win at halftime (home team or away team) and which soccer team will win at full-time (home team or away team). Note that though we drew more attention to the home team or away team winning halftime and/or fulltime, the nine possible combination outcomes of a halftime fulltime bet can also be such that the result of halftime and/or fulltime is a draw, in which case the result of halftime and/or fulltime will be a draw. Additionally, bettors can also go for two or more potential outcomes out of the nine possible outcomes. The logic behind this move is to get cover as much as possible and have a stronger chance of winning. However, this will take a toll on the amount staked.


Please note that CaptainGambling is interested in educating you on a variety of different betting strategies, so that you can make the best decision to suit your style and bankroll. Be sure to read our guides, such as "Draw No Bet Explained" or "The Goliath Bet" to explore more a low-risk and high-risk options respectively.

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