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Goliath Bet 2022

Anytime you hear the word “goliath”, something huge comes to mind. A Goliath bet is very much what the name suggests. As regards betting huge, there’s hardly any bets which beat the Goliath bet. This can be in any sport, but usually it’s as a horse racing Goliath bet or football Goliath bet.  This involves heavy odds with heavy returns and heavy risks as well. So, if your betting account is not fat enough, don’t expose it to a goliath bet, but rather aim to place Draw no Bets, or something similar instead.

Highlights of Goliath Bet

  • A Goliath bet is a form of multiple, popular on horse betting and football betting
  • It consists of two hundred and forty-seven (247) bets  
  • It is known as a full cover bet
  • Odds are pivotal  to placing a Goliath bet

Goliath Betting involves a large mixture of permutations which combines eight selections in total. Every stake of yours per line gets multiplied by 247 so as to cover every possible result (with the exception of singles). A Goliath bet explained as simply as possible is a heavy combination bet punter making eight selections in the sport of choice, this could be football, horse racing etc., so in such cases, you could choose 8 football games or 8 different horse races. After making those selections for the Goliath bet, the sports bookie based on your selection, will enter you for the possible permutations of bets across your selections.

Goliath bet is regarded as goliath for a reason, it consists of the following bets:

  1. 28 double bets,
  2. 56 trebles,
  3. 70 four-fold bets,
  4. 56 five-fold bets,
  5. 28 six-fold bets,
  6. 8 seven-fold bets,
  7. 1 eight-fold bet.

Practically, it includes all bet permutations, excluding singles, for the total 8 selections made. So, when you lay a wager, per selection, your stake gets multiplied by 247 in order to cover every possible outcome. Thus staking $1 would cost you $247 in all to cover the 247 bets. Your money is recovered by the time two out of your eight selections win. Though when it’s your lucky day and your eight selections are spot on, expect giant earnings. So, in simpler terms, given the fact that the Goliath bet is based on combination bets and not accumulator, 2 correct selections of the eight made give you the money staked, while more accurate selections give you even higher earning

Goliath Bet Real Scenarios

With Goliath bet explained, let’s go through some Goliath bet example to fully show what it entails. Let’s consider a horse racing event with the assumption that the eight selections have even odds (2.00 or 1/1) and per each selection, there’s a stake of $1. Therefore, the overall stake for the Goliath bet sums up to $247.

  • 1st Race – stake of $1 with odds 2.00
  • 2nd Race – stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 3rd Race – stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 4th Race – stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 5th Race – stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 6th Race– stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 7th Race– stake of $1, with odds 2.00
  • 8th Race– stake of $1, with odds 2.00

If all eight of your selection wins, this means you win all bets (247), and get $6544 in returns with earnings of $6297.

But even if you don’t win out with all 8, the returns can be pretty fantastic. If 7 selections win, You’ll get $2172 in returns.

If 6 selections win, $716 gets returned. After this, the returns drop off significantly, with 5 selections winning getting you returns of $232, resulting in a $150 loss.

Another example

Prices of every one of your selections will have considerable effect on the number of selections you need to win for you to profit from the Goliath bet. If just two of your selections are accurate, then the odds of those two must be really high for you to have profitable returns. Here is an example which indicates the number of winning selections which are profitable.

For instance – you lay a wager of a dollar on a Goliath at an overall stake of $247. The horses are priced at 4.00 each.

  • 0 selection wins means returns of $0 with -$247 as profit
  • 1 selection wins means returns of $0 with -$247 as profit
  • 2 selection wins means returns of $16 with -$231 as profit
  • 3 selection wins means returns of $112 with -$135 as profit
  • 4 selection wins means returns of $608 with $361 as profit
  • 5 selection wins means returns of $3,104 with $2,857 as profit
  • 6 selection wins means returns of $15,600 with $15,353 as profit
  • 7 selection wins means returns of $78,096 with $77,849 as profit
  • 8 selection wins means returns of $390,592 with $390,345 as profit

Looking at the illustration above, the punter breaks even at the fourth winning selection. By the fifth winning selection or higher, the profits increase well enough. These examples show how gigantic your returns could be when all your selections are won in a Goliath bet.

What to Have in Mind Placing Goliath Bets

Odds are pivotal when thinking about placing a Goliath bet. As your level of stake is going to be high with this type of wager, making profits will be difficult if your selection involve short odds that have very short odds is going to make it quite hard to make a decent profit here .If, for example, all eight of your picks in a Goliath were priced up at evens then you would need most of them to land if you were going to avoid making a loss on your bet.

This is obviously not ideal, so think about checking your potential returns on a Goliath bet calculator before deciding what stake to put on. It is usually best to gamble with small stakes only when using Goliath bets simply because of the sheer number of lines you are covering here. For example, a Goliath with a basic stake of 10p would be a fairly reasonable outlay of $24.70, which is much less daunting than the amount of $247 stakes on a Goliath at $1 per line.

Suitable Sports for Goliath Betting

As long as your sports bookie offers the Goliath among its types of wager, you should be able to bet on just about any type of sport here. Horse racing is a particularly the most popular option for Goliath bets, despite the fact it can be incredibly hard to pick out multiple winners at once in a horse race. Many sports betting fans that focus on horse racing prefer to wager singles only as a profitable and save strategy, but there is no doubt gigantic amounts can be won on Goliaths if you have a lucky day on your horse racing wagers.

Football betting is another sports betting that can accommodate a Goliath. You don’t just have to bet on a team to win a game either, as you could instead use goal markets, handicaps or whatever you prefer. A combination of different bet types can even be used on a Goliath, so you have a lot of flexibility when you are adding selections to your bet with this type of wager.

You might even want to use a number of different sports, for instance by betting on a couple of horse races, a few football games and even a tennis match or two to make up your Goliath. It is completely up to you what you add to a Goliath bet – just remember your stake is multiplied by 247 to get to your total outlay. So a Goliath bet can accommodate varieties of sports

Which Bookies Offer the Best Goliath Betting Deals?

The Goliath bet is indeed ‘goliath’ and gigantic. Goliath bet is sure to your best bet in making a huge profit. The only obstacle in your way is getting sports bookies to offer you the best odds, but we got you covered. Just visit our sports betting comparison page to make your bookie choice - or head over to our DRF coupon code and TheScore sportsbook promo code guides to see what bonuses will boost your bets.

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Conclusion: Slinging your Goliath Bet has Rewards

As shown in this article, probably the most important thing about Goliath bets is to make sure you understand exactly what you are betting on.  Aside from your profit, you also expect to have some bonuses if you meet some requirements put forward by your bookie. Therefore, we advise that you start placing Goliath bets and start earning your profit and at your convenience. To make it even better, you need not worry about finding bookies who offer great odds; all you need to do is to visit our sports betting comparison page to choose. If you'd prefer to place lower risk bets, you should consider reading our guides on "Both Teams to Score Explained" and "The Best Double Betting Strategies". 

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