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Goalscorer bet 2021

Among the betting types in soccer, the Goalscorer bet is very common. In terms of risk, it’s more of an average-risk betting type than a high or low-risk one. The goalscorer bet is not restricted to soccer but cuts across games which involve the scoring of goals such as handball, hockey etc. For punters, various types of this betting market exist and are profitable when there’s been a deep and recently researched knowledge of a player’s form, fitness and recent performance track records. Let us consider this type of betting in more details.

Quick Interesting Facts about Goalscorer Bet

  • Own goals generally do not apply to goalscorer bets
  • If your player is not a part of the team on game day, you get your money back from the book.
  • Heavy odds with high returns when you make the right prediction
  • Involves a sound research

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The goalscorer bet market offers odds on all players listed on the team sheet for a match, whether or not such a player is selected to start or listed as a substitute. The sportsbooks offer odds on a player based on that player’s recent form and goal-scoring ability. It’s as easy as selecting a player among those listed on the team sheet. When that player scores, your bet gets paid out. In other cases, there are certain conditions laid down for when the player should score. For instance, you can bet that such a player will score the opening goal or the last goal of the game. Let’s take two good examples to illustrate this concept.
Example 1:
USA takes on Brazil in the World cup. The odds of Neymar scoring during the match are 2/1. After researching on Neymar’s form, a punter resolves to bet on the Brazilian at the slated price.  Neymar scores a goal and the match ends in a draw between Brazil and USA. This will result in the bet being paid out at 2/1.
Example 2:
Chile faces Argentina in a Copa America match. Among the starting players, odds of 7/1 are placed on Alexis Sanchez to score a goal during the game.  A punter selects Alexis Sanchez among his chosen players to score.  However, finding a goal is difficult and the match ends 0-0, a goalless draw. In such an instance, this punter has lost his bet.

Variations of Goalscorer Bet

Goalscorer betting has several variations which are popular on the betting market.

First Goalscorer bet

As the name implies, the first goalscorer bet means you’re predicting the first goalscorer in a game.  When making a first goalscorer bet this entails betting that the first goal of a match will be scored by a certain player. Since there’s a higher possibility of error in this sort of betting, the first goalscorer bet carries higher odds than goalscorer betting. According to the first goalscorer bet rules, where a player scores in a game but is not the first to do so, the bet won’t pay out. Some sports bookies offer what is referred to as insurance bets on this market, in this instance, if the player you had selected doesn’t score the opening goal but ends up on the scoresheet, your money gets refunded. Also, another case in which you’ll have your money refunded is where your player is benched throughout the game, is subbed on later in the match when there’s already been a goal or when the player is not even listed on the matchday team sheet. Though, you should note that own goals do not count in goalscorer bets, therefore if the first goal was an own goal, your selected player’s goal will win you the bet if he scores the next goal, but failure to score means you’ve lost the bet. So with this first goalscorer rules, it’s evident that the first goal scorer bet is a medium risk and so it racks up quite some odds. Winning the first goalscorer bet is sure profitable.
In a European championship final, Netherland plays Spain.  A sportsbook offers 5/1 odds on the first goal of the game being scored by Memphis Depay. If the Oranje score first and the scorer is Memphis Depay, then the punter wins and the bet gets paid out at 5/1 as offered by the sports book.

First to score for their team

It’s possible to also bet on the first player from a certain team who’ll put the ball in the back of the net. This type of bet is almost identical to the first goalscorer bet but still differs in the sense that even where a goal had been scored in the match, it does not necessarily mean a team has gotten its  first goal.  This sort of betting involves a way lesser risk since it focuses only on the players from one team, therefore it offers lower odds compared to first goalscorer betting.
Dallas FC takes on LA Galaxy in MLS. A sportsbook offers odds of 1/1 on Zlatan Ibrahimović being the player to open the scoring for LA Galaxy. A sports bettor lays his wager on Zlatan Ibrahimović to open the scoring for his side, LA Galaxy. In the match, the opening goal gets scored by a Dallas FC player before Zlatan Ibrahimović opens the scoring for his own side, LA Galaxy. Because Zlatan Ibrahimović scored his team’s first goal, the punter wins and the bet gets rightly paid out at 1/1.

Last goalscorer betting

In Last goalscorer betting, as a sports bettor, this involves you predicting the player to score the final goal of a game. The last goalscorer betting is similar   to the first goalscorer betting since it involves a higher risk than the general goalscorer betting hence it also carries higher odds. In the last goalscorer betting, if another player ends up scoring in regular time, the bet won’t pay out. Similarly, to the first goalscorer bets, insurance bets also exist sometimes under last goalscorer betting, so your money is refunded where your selected player gets on the scoresheet but isn’t the last to get a goal.

For instance

Germany plays Italy in a cup match. The Sportsbooks predict Mesut Ozil as the final goal scorer and place odds of 15/1. Whereby a punter had wagered on the last goal being converted by Ozil, if Ozil got awarded a set-piece in the 89th minute and scored, the bet is won and gets paid out at 15/1.

Goalscorer betting tips

Form: Form: Prior to selecting a player, you should always check the , for instance in soccer, you can research on the recent scoring rate of such a player, you need to know whether such a player is on a goal drought or in great goal-scoring form. Also, researching a player’s pattern could be helpful, as some players may have a mini goal drought for a couple of games, only to come back to form banging in the goals steadily. Most times, betting favorites could give players which are in good form to always find the net.

Fatigue: Even when you’re super sure of your selection, you should consider fatigue. Many clubs partake in several competitions over the course of the season and this causes fatigue where adequate rest is not given to such player. A fatigued player is very likely to perform below standard. Therefore, it’s best to pick fresh players and avoid those playing another game in between days.

Record: Some players just love to face the defense of certain teams, and  set records against such defense, for instance whenever Manchester United play against Arsenal, Jesse Lingard usually features on the scoresheet, so a punter who bets on him is already a step ahead Therefore, you should consider head-to-head statistics to know whether such a game is one where you can expect a certain player to find the back of the net.

Goal timing: This may not be necessary when you’re making a general goalscorer betting, but timing is very essential in first or last goalscorer bets. Some players are known for scoring early goals while others love to leave the drama for later by scoring in the dying minutes of the match, some even prefer to do this off the bench coming in as super subs and absorbing the glory. Therefore, if a player is known for coming off the bench to score, then it might turn out to be a good choice if you wager on this player when involved in last goalscorer betting.

Consider Team line up: Most goals are converted by a player after a brilliant teamwork. Therefore, certain players are instrumental in another getting on the score sheet. Goalscorers need some assistance from their teammates. So, before making your choice, look at the team sheet to check if the combination of players involves those with telepathy-like communication on the pitch. Thus, checking the team line up will show if the synergy between players will result in a goal from the player your bet is on.

Which bookmakers offer the Best Goalscorer Bet Odds?

For advanced sports betting goalscorer bet odds Comparison service, live odds changes from the major sports bookies. Find out which bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information is created to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from your bet. Thus, it is totally in your best interest to give a glance at this page and do yourself a priceless favor. It's also beneficial to look for any betting bonus offers before getting started, such as the DRF bets promotions or the latest TheScore bet promo code.

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Conclusion: Tricky but extremely lucrative bet option
This type of betting may take a little more research and luck than most other traditional betting options, but it is indeed very lucrative and a little stroke of luck could land in top bucks for you. It is advisable that you know the ability of the goalscorer viz a viz the strength of the team at the given time.

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