Goal Bet 2021

There is really not much fun in watching a sport game that eventually ended up in a goalless draw. Take soccer for example. Yes, there are some soccer matches that ended up goalless, and this occasional 0-0 draw can be entertaining to some extent. Their occurrence, however, is moderately common. A simple fact we can both agree on is that goals are the most exciting part of any soccer match. They trigger the excitement in fans. To loyal and true soccer fans, goals are entities that can never be enough.

Goal Sport Betting: Key Points

  • Over/Under total goal is a goal betting on whether the number of goals scored in a g
  • An exact total goal is another variation of goal sport betting.
  • Goals by team/half bets on the number of goals scored by a specific team in a game.
  • Both teams to score (BTTS) is a goal betting on whether both teams will score in a game.

Goal Bet: Deep Dive

There are quite a number of goal sports betting whose wagers are placed on goals. Some of these goal betting are in fact among the best of all wagers. Punters who take their study to study goal sport betting and the various type there has a very good chance of making some cool profit. Let’s cut right to the chase and explain the five goal sport betting that we highlighted in the previous section above.

Over/Under Total Goals

This is perhaps the most popular goal bet. Its popularity has something to do with the fact that it is very straightforward and probably the easiest one to make profit with. In this goal sport betting, there will be a specified total that punters will have to bet against. With this wager, bettors will bet on whether the number of goals that will be scored in a particular game will be higher or lower than this specified total. Bettors would choose a specified total by bookmaker and decide whether to bet Under or Over. Placing the under bet means you believe there will be fewer goals that the number of goals in the specified total. Placing the Over bet means you believe there will be more goals than the total number of goals in the specified total.

By way of example, a bookmaker may publish an Over/Under total goal bet for a match game between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas with the following odds details: Over 0.5 is 1.08 odd and Under 0.5 is 7.00; Over 1.5 is 1.35 and Under 1.5 is 3.00; Over 2.5 is 2.05 and Under 2.5 is 1.85; Over 3.5 is 4.00 odds and Under 3.5 is 1.25; Over 4.5 is 7.00 and Under 4.5 is 1.08. Notice that each of these total goals include half-goal. Because it is impossible to score a half-goal, the goal here is make sure that the actual totals of the game are indeed either higher or lower than the specified totals. Let’s say you place an Over 2.5 goal bet, this means that there must be a total of three or more goals scored in the goal to win, regardless of the club scoring the goals. With a wager of $10 for this, winning would return $20.50. You would forfeit these Over 2.5 bet and lose your stake if there were two goals or less at the end of the game. The only thing that matters in an Over/Under total goal bet is the number of goals scored in total.

Total Goals Bands/Brackets

This is just slightly different to the Over/under total goals. The difference here is that there is no specified total. There is a specified/exact range of goals to bet against. In a total goals bands/brackets, bookmakers and betting sites present choice of goal bands/bracket for this wager. Bettors then place their bet on whether or not the total number of goals to be expected at the end of a particular game selected will fall within the particular goal band/bracket that they’ve bet on. Let’s use an example.

A betting website has offered a total goals bands/brackets for a match game between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas with the following total goals bands and odds details: 0-1 with 3.00 odd; 0-2 with 1.55 odd; 0-3 with 1.20 odd; 1-2 with 2.60 odd; 1-3 with 1.40 odd; 2-3 with 2.20 odd; 2-4 with 1.35 odd; 3-4 with 2.10 odd; 4-5 with 2.30 odd; and 5+ with 7.00 odd. This means that if you stake $10 on the 0-1 goals band, you profit if zero goals were scored in total or if just one goal was scored in total for the game. You lose the stake if the total number of goals for the game exceed one.

Exact Total Goals

This is yet another goal sport betting that uses exact number of goals in a game as opposed to goals bands and the Over/Under predictions of specified total in previous goal betting types discussed. The rule guiding this goal sport betting is simple and straightforward. You win if and only you are able to correctly predict the exact number of goals in total to be expected in a game (not Over, not under), otherwise, you lose you stake.

Goals by Team/Half

This goal betting is a little different from the previously highlighted goal sport betting types in that its wager is not based on the total number of goals scored in a game. With goals by team/half goal betting, bettors bet on the number of goals scored by a specific team in a particular game as well as the number of goals this team will score in one half of the game. Goals by team/half actually shares a property with Over/Under Total Goals. This is because bettors bet on whether the number of goals to be scored by their chosen team in full time or one half of the game will be higher or lower than a specified total. Let’s explain with examples.

For a “goals by team” goal bet, you as a bettor can decide to split an Over/Under total goals goal bet by team. Let’s say you believe one of the teams playing, your favorite, will score three goals in total for that particular game, you will place a Over 2.5 goal bet for your favorite team. In another vein, if you strongly believe the opposition team does not stand a chance of making just a single goal, maybe because they are playing away, you will be an Under 0.5 goal bet for the opposition team. In another twist, if you believe the opposition team may try and score one goal against your favorite team, but definitely not in the first half, you will place an Under 0.5 goal bet for the first half for the opposition team.

Both Teams to Score

Most times this goal bet appears as both teams to score. This goal betting needs no further explanation, really. The details are in the name already. It is a bet placed by punters on whether both teams playing in a particular game will score in that game or not. Period!

How Safe are you with Goal Bet?

Goal betting affords punters ample opportunities to play safe and still win. For example, as a bettor, you can choose to play safe by betting under on high total. You can equally bet over on low total. The clear logic here is that though the associated odds may be low, there is a pretty good probability of winning. If you expect one, or both, of the teams to set up very defensively, you really should consider placing an Over/Under total goal bet. Realizing the one or both of the teams is also in desperate need of a win and thus like to play very offensively is a very good signal or indicator to place an Over/Under total goal bet. Another safe practice is staking on wider bands as they provide lower risk and lower reward. You should opt for one of these.

Which Bookies Offer the Goal Bet Deals?

The Goal bet is very attractive in that it does not present high risks to the punter bets on teams which are prolific in scoring. There are many bookies out there who offer odds, some cool and some not quite. But the good news is, you can still find sports bookies who offer nice odds and fast payment and we have made it really easy for you to do just that. To find good sports bookies that are trusted, just visit our sports betting comparison page to choose the sport bookies that will make your bets profitable. It’s also worth researching any potential bonus offers before betting – we’d recommend you take a look at the current DRF bets promotions or the generous TheScore bet promo code.

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Conclusion: Simple Flexible Strategy

Another advantage of goal bet is that there is quite a number of goal sport betting types under it. The ones highlighted in this article are just the primary types of goal betting. The point to hold at the back of your mind is that goal betting provides more flexibility for punters to make a significant return on their goal bets.
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