Draw no Bet Explained 2021

Draw no bet is a bet type that eliminates the option of a draw from the options that a punter can bet on. Thus, the punter only gets to bet on home win or away win. The Draw no bet practically gives punters insurance against sudden draws or certain mistakes in a soccer game for example, that could lead to both the game ending in a draw. The punter gets his stake money back should in case there is a draw. Safe to say once we have a draw, no need for panic.

Relevant facts about the Draw no bet

  • Draw no bet deletes the option of betting on a draw from a bettors options.
  • The punter can only bet on home win or away win.
  • If there is a draw in the game, the bettor’s stake is returned
  • The formula (1-1/1X2 draw odd)*home or away odds is used to calculate his potential odds.
  • To calculate returns, a punter simply uses this formula; home stake*(home odds-1)-draw stake.

Draw No Bet Explained

There are many different two-way bet markets in the industry. Draw no bet is just one of its variations. The draw no bet has been around for years and is still very common today because of its property of being low-risk and stake refunding if there is a draw, which is why this bet type is tagged; “draw no”. The draw no bet provides the punter a chance to place a bet on a team, could be a soccer team, to win a match knowing full well that he or she get their stake back if the game ends in a draw. However, on the event that the team on which the Punter placed his bet to win, loses, then the punter has lost all his returns and so the draw no bet rules are as simple as this. Although, the odds in Draw no bet is reduced because of its high chance of winning, the punter still gets to earn a lot of profit given that the bookie offers cool odds, better than the odds offered by bookies in the double chance betting.

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Odds

The draw no bet market is a very common one hence; there are a lot of bookies who offer great odds. However, a punter can decide to create his own odds using the 1X2 odds, especially if the bookie he or she uses does not offer the draw no bet market.

1 means home win

2 means away win

X means draw

The punter can calculate his home or away odds by using this formula;

(1-1/1X2 draw odd)*home or away odds

Let’s assume that a soccer game between two teams;

Cardiff city (home team) and Chicago fire (away team)

Where the odds are;

Home win: 1.71

Away win: 5.7

Draw: 4.8

Home win draw no bet odds would be calculated as;

(1-(1/1X2 draw odd)*1.71

1-1/4.8*1.71= 1-0.20*1.71=0.80*1.71= 1.37

How to Calculate the Draw No Bet Stakes

This section, explains how punters can calculate how much of his or her money he or she should use as stake on each outcome to make it the equivalent of a Draw no bet market.

To calculate the amount to stake on the draw; Total stake/draw odds. Let’s assume that the punter intends to put in $300.

Hence this would be calculated from our example as; Draw stake: 300/4.8= 62.5

Home win: total stake-draw stake

Home stake= 300-62.5= 237.5

Away stake= 300-62.5= 237.5

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Profit

This section highlights how bettors can calculate their payout from the Draw no bet market.

Home win: (home stake*(home odds -1)- draw stake)

To illustrate: $237.5*1.71-1-62.5= $106.1

Draw win: Draw stake* (draw odds-1)-home stake

To illustrate: $62.5*4.8-1-237.5=$0

Therefore, if the home team, Cardiff City wins, the bettor profits $106.1, if there is a draw, he wins $0 and his stake ($237.5) is returns to him. If the away team wins, sadly the entire $300 is lost.

Alternative to Draw No Bet

Another alternative to the draw no bet should in case the bookie does not offer the draw no bet and the punter does not want to calculate his own odds, the punter could make good use of the double chance bet. Here, you can back one team to win as well as back the draw option. This means that you get to bet on two options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Draw No Bet

Draw no bet is a low-risk or risk averting bet type. It has more than a fifty percent chance of being won and even better, if the game ends in draw, the punter’s stake will be returned. The punter only needs to fear the team which he has backed to win, loses. Then, he would earn no profit. It is an insurance to make sure that the punter does not loose in all places if the team he backed to win loses. If you do not like placing double bets which are quite risky and the bettor stands to lose a lot and in two places at that if the first bet wins.

However as advantageous as the Draw no bet is, it has a disadvantage, which is that it means a reduction in the odds given compared to other 3-way betting types, since it has very low risk.

Best Markets for the Draw No Bet

The Draw no bet sport bet offers the win market most especially in the soccer draw no bet. This also offer draw no bet live betting during the game

Draw No Bet Strategies

The punter can back a team that has a better winning record, most times betting favorites against the underdogs as this has a considerable probability of turning out to be a win.

Which Bookies Offer the Best Draw No Bet Deals?

The draw no bet is very attractive in that it does not present high risks to the punter unlike the double bets, and the punter, stands a chance to win lots of money as long as the team the punter backs to win does not draw. Even if the game was to end in a draw, the punter’s stake would be returned back to him.

Draw no has become very rampant in the last few years and as a result of this, there are many bookies out there who offer odds, some cool and some not quite. But the good news is, you can still find sports bookies who offer nice odds and fast return payment and we have made it really easy for you to do just that. To find good sport bookies that are trusted, just visit our sports betting comparison page to choose the sport bookies which attracts you the most and you won’t be disappointed.

The information contained in our Sports Betting Comparison page avails you of a lot of choices and you get to choose according to your own taste and preferences. Hence, we advise that you visit the sports bookie comparison page to make your betting money!

Conclusion: Draw No Bet; A Great Way to Tone down the Risks.

The draw no bet offers the options of winning in two ways; winning your bet and earning your profit or the game ends in a draw and your stake is returned to you! This is peculiar to the draw no bet. Hence, if you would like to engage in some safe and low risk betting and earn your cool cash, Draw no betting is just for you!

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Conclusion: Draw No Bet; A Great Way to Tone down the Risks.

As discussed in this article, the draw no bet is quite generous and low risk. To make it even better the bettor can create his own odds if his bookie does not offer the draw no bet odds. All he needs to do is to calculate it from the odds of the game he wants to bet on as highlighted in section; “How to calculate draw no bet odds”. The draw no bet is a 3-way bet that offer two out of three chances to earn, therefore individuals are encouraged to take part in this bet type. And to find a nice operator, just visit our Sports Betting Comparison page and select the best operator according to your own standards. If you'd like to explore more low-risk bet types, read our guides that cover betting on both teams to score and Double chance bets.
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