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Both Teams to Score Bet 2021

Both teams to score or BTTS as often abbreviated to, is an extremely popular betting type popular to soccer where you bet on whether both teams in a match will score or not. It’s a situation of “Yes” or “No” or “On” or “Off” like the bulb switch. It’s a clear case of whether competing teams will both score or not before the final whistle. This betting type is very simple to understand and it is straightforward.

Important facts About Both Teams to Score Bets

  • High probability of returns on placed bets
  • Ability to control risk exposure due to variations of both teams to score bets
  • Simple strategies

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Both teams to Score Bet in Detail

There exist two types of this bet: “Both to Score – yes” and “Both to Score – no”. We have already mentioned the first type, and the second one implies one or both teams fail to net at least one goal. To understand both teams to score bet, let’s take a good example.

Both Teams to Score straight

For Yes, odd is 1.4 and for No, odd is 2.3

let’s say that LA Galaxy is playing host to Toronto FC

If you believe that both teams are going to score before the final whistle, you would want to take the "Yes" line at 1.4.

If you believe that one or both of the teams will be unable to score, you would want to take the "No" side.

So, if you take the "No" bet and the final score is 1-0 for LA Galaxy, you would win your bet. If Toronto FC ended up winning 2-1 and you took the "Yes" line, you would win your bet. So the final score line is of no concern to the punter, just that both teams must score at least a goal each before the end of the match. Whoever scored the goal is of little significance, as long as both teams have mustered a goal each, the bet is a profitable one.

Advantages of Both Teams to Score Bets

The "both teams to score" bet is a good bet to make if you are unsure as to who is going to win the game. As long as neither team has nil you’re a winner. It’s not a complicated bet to place.

Placing your bet on Both Teams to Score is essential because it saves you the stress of predicting the winner of the football match. All you have to do is just to predict that the two teams will score against each other within the regulation time and if your prediction is correct, your return awaits you.

The Both Team to Score wager also keeps your bet alive until the end of the match while banking on one team to win might be very risky if the team you banked on is losing with a wide margin at halftime. Placing your bet on Both Teams to Score gives you a kind of assurance even if the team is trailing by 10 goals, a goal can be scored at any time even in the last minute of injury time resulting in a win for you

Most online bookmakers will credit your account almost immediately of the bet coming in. Therefore, you could be in cash just a few minutes after kick-off if all goes well. This can also be combined with a goalscorer bet to increase the odds and have increased profits.

Variations of Both Teams to Score Bets

A straight Both Teams to Score wager simply require that you place a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ bet on whether you think the two teams will score. But the BTTS bet has certain variations. These variations are explicitly explained below:

Result and BTTS

Results and BTTS mean that you are selecting a bet in the ‘Both Teams to Score’ market and also predicting the final outcome of the match. For example, you might select both teams to score and carry one of the teams to win. There are usually six options from which you can choose. The options include no and draw, no and away win, no and home win, yes and away win, yes and home win, yes and draw. This variation has a higher losing chance than a straight ‘Both Teams to Score’ wager. However, this variation has an advantage of offering higher odds.

Over/Under and BTTS

This variation merges an ‘Over-under’ with BTTS. This means that you are not only predicting that the two teams will score, you are also predicting the number of goals both teams will score which must be under or over a particular number of goals specified.

 “For a punter to win a both teams to score in both halves wager, the two teams competing must both score a goal in the opening 45 minutes. To win the bet, the two sides most both score at least one goal in the second 45 minutes as well”

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

This variation offers very high odds, if you place your bet on ‘yes’. This practically means that the two teams must score in either halves (first and second half) for your bet to come. With this bet, the match will end in at least a score of 2 – 2 because the two teams must score at least a goal in the first and second 45 minutes of play plus injury time.

For example, New York Red Bulls and New York City FC play in the Major League Soccer with the score   finishing 2-2 in full time.

New York Red Bulls opens the scoring in the 18th minute through Alejandro Romero. However, New York City FC levels the match on 30 minutes. At halftime, the match score is 1-1.

In the second half, Alejandro Romero scores the second on 62 minutes. New York Red Bulls is headed for victory when Maximiliano Moralez scores in the 78th minute.

A punter who wagered on a both teams to score both halves result would definitely win big.

In another example, LA Galaxy plays Dallas FC with the score line finishing 2-2.

LA Galaxy opens the scoring with Zlatan Ibrahimović in the 17th minute. Bressan levels on 20 minutes, and Bressan adds another in the 45th minute.

LA Galaxy ties the match in the 75th minute thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimović second goal.

The match finishes 2-2, but remembers, Bressan scored just before halftime, so the score was 2-1 at the interval with Dallas FC already in the lead. Therefore, you lose the bet.

Advantages of Both Teams to Score in both Halves Bets

  • Big odds is the main advantage of both teams to score in both halves
  • Huge returns is another advantage of the both teams to score in both halves

Goals in Both Halves Bet

The ‘halves’ in ‘Goals in Both Halves Bet’ does no refer to the demarcation of the field into two equal parts but to the duration of the match. A ‘Goals in Both Halves Bet’ simply means that at least a goal must be scored by both teams in the first and second 45 minutes.

Are Own Goals Counted in BTTS?

This is the most asked question when it comes to ‘Both Teams to Score’ bet. The answer to this question is Yes, they count.

However, sport bookies regulate and set their rules differently. So while it is normal for own goals to count in BTTS, the sport bookie may reel out a different rule.

Strategies for “both teams to score “

Strategy One – Careful Consideration of the Statistics

The first both teams to score strategy we will look at is to dive down into the stats and use the findings to assist your betting on the BTTS market. This can form the basis of your selections, but it is probably worth drilling down a little deeper in to past statistics of both teams playing to get some more detailed information.

Strategy Two – Placing Your Bets during the Game

Another alternative in BTTS strategy is to be patient until the game starts and bet during the game taking full advantage of the situations happening during the game. This is also known as in-play bet. You are merely searching for a situation where one team scores and there is a higher opportunity for the other team to score.

Also, waiting until half time or 55 minutes to place your in-play bet will make the odds on BTTS increase and you will obtain a decent return.

Why not place your wager, relax and anticipate the goal.

Which Bookmakers Offer the Best Odds for Both Teams to Score?

For advanced sports betting odds comparison service, live odds changes from the major bookmarkers. Find out sports betting bookies which offer the best odds on both teams to score bets at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets.

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Conclusion: Is the Both Teams to Score Bet a worthy Option?
Do you want to bet with the power of controlling your risk exposure and still make a decent return? Then Both Teams to Score betting offers you a chance to do just that. Both teams to score – also known as BTTS – is a fun market to bet on and it means you want two teams who are strong in attack but weak in defense, increasing the likelihood that they will both score a goal. There are different strategies you can employ, including using stats or playing during the game. We’d also like to remind you of our Sports Betting Comparison page, where you’re free to find the best sports bookmakers who offer amazing odds. And good luck with your bets!

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