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Best Betting Strategy Guides 2024

If you’re looking to make the most of your betting experience, then you’re going to need the bets you place to be bolstered by a sports betting strategy.

Strategies shape the way that you bet, allowing you to make informed decisions — and potentially improving your chances of a decent return to boot. Always keen to serve, we at have provided an overview of the best betting strategy guides out there.

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Why should you use a betting strategy?

Sports betting can sometimes be seen as little more than guesswork; something that people do based on intuition, gut feeling, or sometimes simply as a way to show support for a particular team or athlete. While it’s admittedly possible to bet in this manner, guided by heart rather than brain, doing so is unlikely to result in a decent long-term profit.

Sports betting winning strategy concepts have come into existence in order to try and introduce betting that is powered by the brain, not the heart. Rather than going with a whim, the best betting strategy seeks instead to prioritise cold, hard numbers, statistics, and clever betting patterns. The bets themselves are still important, but how those bets fall into a long-term overall strategy is more vital still. The goal is sustainable success; enjoyment is preserved, but there’s a solid, reliable structure behind it thanks to the use of a betting strategy that works.

Strategies are therefore an integral part of anyone’s experience when betting on sport. They help to ensure clear, consistent decisions about every aspect of betting, from bankroll management to the selections that are made on a betslip. Not only does this ensure an orderly betting process, but many sports betting strategy guides are expressly designed to help enhance profitability at the same time.

Who can benefit from our sports betting winning strategy guides? 

When compiling our sports betting strategy guides, we at have made a particular effort to ensure every word we commit to page is as inclusive as possible. Our goal here is to educate, dig into the details, and detail the nuances of a strategy without bamboozling the reader. It’s a tough ask, but it’s one we think we’re capable of, and we’d therefore hope that newcomers to betting will be able to enjoy and learn from every article.

With that said, we also feel it’s important that we walk a careful line. We’re not going to dumb anything down: we trust the intelligence of our readers, and we also understand that many will have prior betting experience and are looking for the best betting strategy to try something different. If you fall into the latter category and are concerned our strategies will be a little too beginner-focused, then worry not.

Before you bet: essential foundational betting tips

Our best betting strategy articles provide the opportunity to dive deep into a particular strategy. We go beyond the basics and into the micro details, helping those who are curious to discover answers to questions such as “how does pick 6 work?”, find out the mechanics of learning how to hedge bets, or simply allow people to definitely answer the age-old question of, “what is the best sports betting strategy for me?”. Such an in-depth focus is critical when trying to create the best betting strategy guides, but we also think it’s important that every reader is familiar with the core tenets of betting — the truisms that will always apply, regardless of which strategy you choose to use.

So without further ado, let’s look at our top five betting tips that will always be useful when utilizing betting strategies:

Find the right operator

The number of sportsbooks offering betting markets is seemingly endless, from established names to newcomer brands seeking to find their own place in the marketplace. It can be easy to see each brand as largely one and the same given the baseline functionalities tend to be similar, but nothing could be further from the truth in practice. Operators are variable: most are good, some are less so, and each one has its own unique service offering. Finding an operator who offers a consistent, secure, and reliable service is just the first step; it’s also advisable to make sure you find an operator that offers the unique attributes you require, such as your preferred payment method or the markets available for you to utilize the best betting strategy for your particular preferences.

Be disloyal

Everything that we said above is 100% true: finding an operator is important, and we strongly encourage you to research and make sure you find a brand that meets your needs. However, we’d also advise that you don’t restrict yourself to a single bookmaker. Finding multiple operators that meet your criteria, with the help of our handy bookmaker reviews, is a great way to access the widest range of bonuses, VIP clubs, loyalty schemes, and the best odds — all of which can offer a significant boost to your betting. So cast a wide net and avoid betting with the same operator every time out of habit; there’s a lot of fish in the sea that are worth exploring.

Familiarize beyond the basics

At its most simple level, betting is straightforward: you pick a team or horse to win, select the amount you want to wager, and then collect your winnings if your prediction is ultimately correct. However, the world of betting beyond the standard “to win” market is huge; there’s countless different bet types, markets, and even options such as accumulators. Many of these lesser-used elements are key to any betting strategy, so familiarizing yourself with the world beyond the baseline betting options is always going to be a good call.

Establish a budget

Even if you are using a betting strategy and are thus confident every bet you place has a purpose, it’s still important to ensure you have a betting budget established — and that you don’t stray from it. Budgetary management is as much a part of betting as selecting what you’re going to bet on or which option will be the best betting strategy for you, so make sure you determine exactly what you have available each month and keep a tally to ensure you remain within your self-determined limits. Not only does effective tracking make sense from a financial perspective, it’s also helpful for determining if the strategy you are using is working as planned.

Keep records of every bet you place

While always helpful, this tip is particularly pertinent if you are placing bets with multiple operators in order to access as many bonus offers as possible. Keeping a record of every bet you place allows you the best possible control over your betting from an holistic point of view, and also helps to guard against mistakes such as betting twice on the same match with different operators. You don’t need to devise complicated records in order to track your betting; a simple spreadsheet, or even just a notepad and paper, that you fill out with basic bet information will suffice. For an extra boost, it’s advisable to screenshot your betslip when the bet is confirmed, so you have an indisputable record of each bet and its unique transaction number. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need this information, but there’s no harm in taking a quick screengrab as an extra layer of confirmation.

Insider information: a quick guide to key betting terms

To the inexperienced user, betting terminology is often opaque and difficult to penetrate. For those looking to follow a strategy for the first time, this lack of clarity can make the effort far more challenging than it should be, as you first have to look up each term and then determine how it functions within the strategy itself. So let’s shine a light on some of the most common betting terms that you may encounter when reading our strategies, so you can build and reinforce your background knowledge.

As many of our betting strategy guides are focused on helping bettors to find the best horse racing system, we have focused much, though not all, of our terminology predominantly in this area.

  • Ante-post - betting before the markets have officially opened,
  • Bankroll - the funds you have available to bet with at any given time.
  • Even money - an event that is thought to be exactly 50:50 in terms of the potential outcome. As a result, returns are exactly the same as the stake: bet $10, win $10
  • Exacta - a bet type that predicts the first and second place finishes in a race, most commonly seen in horse racing betting.
  • Hedging - using a second bet to offset a potential loss if a first bet goes awry, or (on occasion) in order to maximize possible profit
  • In-play betting - betting when a match or a rest has already started rather than prior to commencement
  • Place bet - a bet type that allows you to bet a horse will finish in one of the “places”; first or second.
  • Show bet - similar to a place bet, though the bet will also return a win if the horse finishes third — though the payout will be smaller.
  • Win bet - the most straightforward kind of bet, betting that a horse or team will win the event they are participating in. Also known as “moneyline betting” at US sportsbooks.

Notes of caution when using betting strategies

We’re proud of every article about a betting strategy that works on this site, and we’d hope that you will find something useful when reading. However, we’re also pragmatists, and we want to be honest: strategies do have their downsides, and tricky, though undeniably advantageous, strategies such as an in play horse racing strategy may take time to get right.

In the betting world, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Even the most meticulously-researched sports betting winning strategy can go awry at times. We always make sure we cover these potential pitfalls in our content, so you are always able to bet with the full knowledge of what to expect.

We don’t want to undermine the potential betting strategies we discuss on this site. Instead, we want to provide you with all the information you genuinely need — and that means covering the downs as well as the ups when it comes to strategies. It wouldn’t be right if we were to pretend every strategy will definitely, 100% work, or that you’ll immediately be able to pick a strategy up the first time you try it — and we’d advise being cautious of any website that does tell you that.

What we can say is that betting with a proper strategy, one that you truly understand and put the time into using consistently, is the right choice for a consistent betting experience. Placing bets at random will only ever be able to deliver random outcomes; in contrast, a betting strategy that works allows for more linear, clear betting choices, and will ultimately give you the control you need with your sports bets.

Conclusion - find a great sports betting strategy with

It’s easy to love the idea of being able to pick a bet at random and see a return; it’s carefree, simple, and could prove to be successful if luck is on your side. Unfortunately, betting without a solid strategy is unlikely to be a particularly enjoyable or profitable experience: the probability won’t be in your favor, and the chances are that you’ll find yourself on the rough side of the house edge.

Strategies, however, give bettors a chance to increase the potential of every bet they place — and there’s no better place to learn than right here at All of our best betting strategy guides provide the clear, concise information that a bettor needs, and we hope you will be able to stop wondering “what is the best sports betting strategy for me?” and find a strategy that suits you.

Sports Betting Strategy FAQ

💯 What’s the best sports betting strategy when betting?

Determining the “best” sports betting strategy is a complex task, as the answer is highly dependent on factors such as individual sporting interests and experience when betting. Rather than looking for ‘the best’ overall, it’s advisable to look for the best strategy for you specifically — something we at can help with!

❓ What are the sports betting strategies that work?

For as long as betting has existed, people have looked to strategies in order to try and increase their chances of a favorable return. Some of these strategies have been found to be unviable, while others can offer a decent chance of success. To find out which strategy applies to which of the aforementioned categories,’s range of guides is the ideal place to find the best betting strategy for you..

🧮 What are mathematical betting strategies?

To an extent, all betting that takes place at the best US sportsbooks is mathematical in nature — that’s how odds are compiled, after all. Many of the most popular betting strategies will use math to help seek a way to counteract the house edge, as we discuss in more depth with our coverage of the latest sports betting strategy concepts.

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