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Tennis Betting US 2022

Betting on tennis is one of the most interesting and robust markets for bettors, it offers a lot of events for bettors to bet on and probably make some profit. That is a lot of opportunities for bettors as there are a lot of events to bet on. There are quite a variety of bets in tennis, but a nice strategy is to bet on who will win the majors held throughout the year, which are, US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, and the French Open. Bettors get the chance to wager on the favorite  tennis players. Among the top star players that punters find delight in wagering on are Coco Gauf, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Stan Wawrinka, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Andy Murray. So while the majors are on and the top stars are battling it out on the clay and grass arena, let the punting be enjoyable.

Important Facts to know about Tennis betting

  • Unique variety of betting not very commonly found in other sports.
  • Majority of the bets in tennis betting are two-way markets.
  • Tennis double result is the only tennis betting that is not a two-way market.

Tennis betting Explained

To fully grasp the nitty-gritty of tennis betting, it is imperative to understand how the sport itself operate. Let’s do a quick dive into the game of tennis (you may already know this, so, you can just skim through this part or just have some fun). Tennis contests consist of sets and a series of games make up a set while 5 sets makes up a match for males and 3 sets for females. In a tennis contest or match, each tennis player will serve the ball with a racket to begin a game; likewise the same for the other player to start a new game as well. A game is ended when one player to reach a game point or 5 point. In a tennis game, scores are counted in steps of: 0, 15, 30, 40, and a game.

A deuce corresponds to both players been on 40 points each during a game. To win a set, a player needs to win two games more than the opponent (7-5, 6-4, etc.) A tiebreaker is used when the result falls to 6-6 game point scenario. A tiebreaker will be played until a player is two points clear.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and got you acquainted with the world of tennis and the various betting opportunities therein, let us discuss how odds work in tennis betting.

Tennis Odds and What They Mean

Like in any other sports, bookmakers publish odds for events in tennis for bettors to calculate how much will accrue to them on a correction prediction. In tennis, odds are presented in three major ways:

  • Fractional: This is a popular style in the United Kingdom and Ireland;
  • Decimal: This style is dominant across Europe and the southern hemisphere; and
  • Moneyline: This is popular in North America. (We discussed something about money line wagering in betting hockey ; feel free to check it out).

Now, let’s dive into what these odds actually mean. Say for instance you are interested changing taste for your next bet and you want to try betting expert tennis, you then found a player listed at odd of 1.85 to win a Grand Slam match. This 1.85 betting odd represents the likelihood of this particular player to win. Odds are referred to as implied probability of a particular outcome occurring. Let’s do a little Maths. To calculate the chances that this player listed at a 1.85 odd will win the match, we use this simple formula to convert decimal odds to implied probability formula:

Meaning that in the above example, the chance of our player listed at 1.85 winning the Grand Slam match is:

Now that we’ve understood what tennis betting odds actually mean, it is to show how they work. Every now and then, you will want to know how much you will win if you place a bet on a particular player that s/he will win or lose and your prediction actually come through. A very simple calculation is presented as follows:

So, back to our favourite player example who has been listed with an odd of 1.85 to win a Grand Slam match, let’s say you’ve decided to place a $10 bet on this player to win at this stated odd of 1.85, and for your sake, let’s assume the player did win (he’s that good!), your profit on this bet is calculated as follows:

In this example, you would make a profit of $8.50 on your $10 bet on a player listed to win at an odd of 1.85 who actually did win. Now, let’s took a quick look into some important concepts you should be familiar with in tennis betting.

Tournament Outright Bets

A significant portion of tennis matches are based around tournament. Tournament outright bet simply means you are betting on the outright winner of the whole tournament. For example, you can place a bet on Top players such as Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, to be outright winners in a tournament. You can also place you bet each-way (read more about this in one article on each-way bet). Most bookmakers offer an each-way for top two places as far as tournament outright bet goes.

Betting Tennis Match

This is wager on the winner of a tennis match. Your favorite/preferred player, on whom you are betting, must win three sets at least for Males and 2 sets for females. Tennis betting is simply a 2-way market; this means bettors can only wager on either player X or Player Y to win the match (the only exception to this is the tennis double result). Thus, many bettors consider using accumulator bet to boost their potential earning. Read a more in-depth explanation of accumulator bet in another article that we’ve prepared.

Betting Final Score

Another betting type offered by most bookmakers in tennis betting is an offer for bettors to bet on the final score of a tennis match, just like in soccer (see our article on goal bet. All that is required of bettors for this bet to make a return is to correctly guess the score of a tennis match.

Betting Set in Tennis

This is also a simple two-way bet. You can make a prediction of the whole sets or some of the sets. Bettors make predictions at the start of a game and bet on a player to win a particular set. If your selected player wins the set, then your wager pays out.

Totals Betting (over/under)

This might be a good time to read more in-depth about Over Under bet [Over Under bet] in another one of our articles. In tennis betting, bookmakers offer bets that allow bettors to bet on the total number of sets in the tennis match. Bookmakers often present this as a two-way market.

A bookmaker may offer an over or under 3.5 set in a game. This means that for an over 3.5 bet, there must be four set played in the match for that bet to be won. Having three sets or less in a match abd wagering on under 3.5  returns a win.

Total Games Over/Under

Similar to total sets over/under. For example, you can bet on over 31 games, in which case you would win if there are indeed 32 games or more; having 31 games or less means you lose.


In a match where a favorite and an underdog are paired, a handicap is used. With this type of bet, bookmakers place a handicap on the players, meaning that the favorite to win the game will start with a minus number and the underdog with a plus.

The Break in Match

Most bookmakers also allow bettors to wager on the probability of a tie break occurring in a tennis match. This is also a simple two-way market; it’s either there is or there is not.

Tennis Double Result

This is not a two-way market scenario. In this type of bet, bookmakers simply offer bettors odds on a player to win two collective markets. So wagering on a player to win a set and also the tennis match is a perfect example

Which Bookmakers offer the best Tennis betting?

We’ve seen that tennis betting can be a whole lot fun if bettors take their time to explore it. There are quite some interesting offers in tennis sports that can make some really decent profits for bettors. All that is now required is that bettors interested in tennis betting find trusted bookmakers and those with a wide range of offers in tennis betting. You will find very useful information in this regard on our sports betting comparison page. There you will find a list of trusted bookmakers that you can consider for your next tennis betting.

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Conclusion: Fun way to Engage in Tennis Betting

Majority of the bets offered in tennis betting are two-way market, meaning there are only two possibilities: whether it happens or it doesn’t. This can be a huge opportunity in disguise for bettors who know how to pay attention to details and clearly observe things that aren’t so obvious in tennis matches. Visit our sports betting comparison page today to join the league of this fortunate bettors.

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