Super Bowl Over Under US 2021

NFL betting also extends to the Super bowl which is by far the most popular bet of all major American sports league, boasting the most popular game of the year, the SuperBowl. After the yearlong wagers on NFL league games and college football, the super bowl is an amazing way to finish the betting season with cool wagers and make returns on your prop bets.  This article will explain in details the over under wager type which is the totals or over under as it is popularly known among punters.

Highlights of Super Bowl Over Under

  • It presents the punter with a 50:50 chance of winning a bet
  • Game overtime doesn’t affect the bets in Super Bowl over under
  • When there is a “push”, the wager is returned to the punter

An over/under bet in football is a technique in which a punter places a bet on the final score of a super bowl game. The bettor simply places his bet on whether the final score of the teams will be below or above a set score. When betting with this method you need not worry about the team that scores the points. What really matters is the final combined score of the two teams. Over-under betting is one of the most popular types of wagering in football betting It is only second to point spread betting. Over/under betting gives bettors the chance to wager on whether the final score of a game will be over or under a particular score predicted by a sport bookmaker. The over prediction wins if the score is higher than the predicted score and the under prediction wins if the score is lower.

Specifics of NFL Over Under

To get the total score, the punter adds up the final scores of both teams of a super bowl game. For example, the total score between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys in a particular Super Bowl game was 23-28. The total score is thus 41(23+28) points. You will often see a predicted total of 40 in American football betting unlike predicted total of 3 in soccer in over/under odds or NBA over under which can range anywhere from 170 to 230.

Sometimes, a sports bookie will present the odds with (-) and (+). The signs, (-) and (+), represent the less likely to win (the underdog with the positive sign) and the more likely to win the game (the favorite with the negative sign) as well as how much you need to bet and how much you can win

Let’s consider examples of over under bet

                                        B. Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys

Over 38.5 (-105)

Under 38.5 (-105)

The next number to the Over and Under is usually similar and it shows the game’s set total. In this scenario the games set total was placed by the sports bookie at 38.5. You will then be given the option to wager on the two teams scoring beyond 38.5 combined points (Over) or not up to 38.5 combined points (Under). “-105” represents the NFL betting odds.

If the final score is Cowboys 21 and B. Ravens 14, there will be a total score points of 35, thus the ‘under’ bet wins.

Another example is

In a game between the Patriots and the Browns

For this example, the over/under line is put at 40 points. As seen above, you will get the same amount for your bet, whether it is over or under. If the total score of the match are Browns 18, Patriot 22, the punter wins if the  bet was placed on over & lose and if the  bet was placed on  under, but the fact is that the team that scores the points are insignificant, the final score is the most important thing.

Let’s look at another example

Let us say the Oakland Raiders are playing against the Dallas Cowboys. In this match, Raiders are the favorites and Cowboys are the underdogs. A sports bookie predicts a total of 40.5, with the odds listed as follows:

Totals: 40.5                      Over (-110)                            Under (+110)

In this case, if you are betting $110 that the total score will be over 40.5 points, and then you could win $100. Similarly, if you are betting that the total score will be 40.5 points exactly or under, then you could win $110 by betting $100.

Super Bowl Over Under Betting Tips and Strategies

To be a successful punter in betting for the Super Bowl using the Over/under technique, some strategies need to be learnt and they are outlined below

  • Research on the team’s record, stats and performances. Checking the two teams head to head statistics and the final score between both teams during previous meetings is very important. If one of the teams has scored between 25 and 20 points in the last six encounters, then there is a possibility that they won’t score more than that in the next match. If the teams are regular or usual opponents and have played each other a great number of times in like 5 years, you can dig up their history for an educated reference of the final points scored by the teams. Not necessarily the team that won or lost.
  • Wager bets on the lowest total, you may come across multiple over-under totals displayed in a day. The odds of the listed games will be different from each other. They are usually low and far from the average totals of that day. The logic behind wagering on the lowest score and not the highest is that the teams will be on great pressure to score high points.

How to Bet Super Bowl Over under

When a punter decides to bet on an over/under for a super bowl match total, there are lots of factors to evaluate. You need to consider the defensive and offensive trends of the team and previous contests between both teams and the game environment.

The above factors should be considered before deciding and predicting the way the game will end.

Take for example the Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots contest with the final score at 39 points. The first instinct of a punter is to choose if the games total points will be Over 39 or Under 39 points. This simply means that if the game concluded with a score 15 – 23, it will combine to 38 points.


Another example is the Patriots vs D. Cowboys contest with a final point of 39.5, the odds may be laid out the following ways:

For the above example, the final point is still 39.5, however you are required to place a different sum of money. To place your bet on the 39.5 Over (-110), you must risk the sum of $110 to win a return of $100. While placing your bet on the 39.5 Under (+105) will require you to risk $100 for a return of $105.

Push Scenarios

PUSH scenarios in super bowl over/under betting occurs where the total & the combined final score of the game are exactly the same. If the Cowboys and Patriots total point is placed at 41 and the games total score is 41. The game will be regarded as a push and the sports bookies you placed your bet with will refund your wager irrespective of whether you predicted the contest to be under or over.

This scenario is usually common in sports betting. However, assuming the above example had a 41.5 total score, the game will be regarded an under. Some punters usually feel that betting on total scores with round numbers are more advantageous to betting on total scores with (.5) because it provides fewer risks for the punter.

Overtime Scenario

Your bet does not change if this kind of scenario happens in a super bowl game. Your over/under wager is similar to a spread bet or moneyline because your bet depends on the total score of the game irrespective of when it ends (whether in multiple overtimes or in regulation time).

Which bookmakers offer the Best Super Bowl Over Under Deals?

For expert Super Bowl over/under odds and sports betting NFL service, live Super Bowl odds changes from the major sports bookmarkers, find out which sport bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information on our sports betting comparison page is researched critically to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from betting for the Super bowl. Thus, it is important to use this service to have an eye-opener and edge over Super bowl over under betting odds. Our sports betting comparison page now offer a variety of Super Bowl over/under betting odds

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Conclusion: Best way to bet Super Bowl Over Under

Successful super bowl betting punters usually place their concentration on one betting market and in some circumstances two markets. It is very common for professional American punters to concentrate on the total points only. The secret to continuous profit is in the specializing and focus. One tactic to adopt has got to be over/under tactics. Discover which super bowl betting markets you find value in and continue to place your bet with them. Definitely the NFL season and ultimately the Super Bowl will be something you will always look forward to.


At, we provide multiple articles and guides to help make you the best bettor you can be. If football betting is not your thing, you can always explore our tips on soccer betting, basketball betting strategy, or best bachelor odds article.

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